• Hair Trends Spotted At Fashion Week
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  • Brought to you by Dyson Supersonic

  • We enjoy tuning in and keeping updated with fashion shows as they can provide inspiration for when you are looking to change up your look/ style, be it outfits, makeup, or even hair! Here, we share with you some of our favourite 2017 September Fashion Week hair looks and also, a simple tutorial on each hairstyle.

    We noticed a re-emergence of the 90s style: leather berets, velvet ribbons and encrusted hairpins graced the catwalks of fashion houses like Dior and Roberto Cavalli.

    1. Leather beret

    A simple headwear can really pull an outfit together. Paired with airy curls, this hat lends a chic and Parisian charm to any outfit.

    Structured Waves with leather beret

    Note: This is a slightly modified version of the curls featured on the runway.

    1. Begin with damp hair. Dry your hair using the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer fixed with the smoothing nozzle on low air flow and low heat.
    2. Section the top half of your hair with a clip.
    3. Taking one-inch segments, use a small to medium-sized rounded brush and roll your hair around the brush in an outwards motion.
    4. With the styling concentrator fastened to the Dyson Supersonic, start with medium strength and medium heat. Unroll and work the hairdryer from the top to the end of each .
    5. Once done with blow-drying each section, curl each section around your finger and pin.
    6. After all sections have been pinned, take the diffuser attachment and turn on the hairdryer, blowing towards your hair in an upwards direction.
    7. Now, it’s time to gently unveil the curls!



    2. Velvet ribbon

    Velvet ribbons adorned on a low ponytail is one way to achieve a pretty and sophisticated look.

    Temperley London FW 17
    Tory Burch FW 17
    Emilia Wickstead FW 17



    Versace SS18
    Simone Rocha SS18
    Bottega Venetta SS 17

    3. Encrusted hairpins

    Another way of adding a hint of drama and statement to your ensemble is by securing your hair with encrusted hairpins! Get creative with a bold colour or design!



    4. Sleek gel look

    This rendition of the 90s gelled hair trend is fitting for our high humidity, and low-maintenance enough that no touch-ups are required throughout the day.

    Prabal Gurung SS18
    Jason Wu SS17
    Etro SS18

    Sleek Gel Look

    1. Distribute/Coat the top half of your hair with gel.
    2. Blow-dry your hair with the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer on medium heat and medium strength till gel hardens.
    3. Secure the ends of your hair with any hair accessory.

    What were some of your favourite hairstyles from September Fashion Week? Share with us some of your fashion choices that have been influenced from fashion shows in the comments below!


  • #RethinkPink – Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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  • It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I’m proud to support The Estée Lauder Companies’ #RethinkPink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. The campaign started in 1992, and aims to get fellow Singaporean women to take charge of their own breast health.

    Did you know, breast cancer affects 1 in 4 of all cancers worldwide, making it the most common cancer among women? It is therefore encouraged for women to go for regular screening (i.e. Self-Examination, Clinical Breast Examination, Mammography). Early detection offers more treatment options and a better chance of survival and recovery. Being physically active, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetable and whole grains, limiting alcohol intake, and breastfeeding your children, are some of the ways you can protect yourself against breast cancer.

    To aid breast cancer research, brands like Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estée Lauder, La Mer, and Origins are donating part of the proceeds on an exclusive range of products. Visit rethinkpink.sg to find out more information on how you can create a breast cancer-free world.

    If you know of someone who requires support, or if you have general enquiries about breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Foundation runs a free helpline at 63560123, they also have schemes and programmes dedicated to providing sponsorship for prosthesis and bras for lower-income women, wigs for women diagnosed with breast cancer, and counselling sessions for survivors and patients.


  • 3 Everyday Hairstyles You Can Learn
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  • Brought to you by Dyson Supersonic

  • I normally style my own hair myself on a day to day basis, but whenever I have major shoots or events, I can always turn to a few hairstylists I can trust to doll me up and transform me from my usual potato state.

    For today’s post, I am working with my dear Pari (find her on Instagram @beautifulfaces_bypari). Pari and I have worked together for almost 4 years, and she styles my hair beautifully. She’s also a braiding goddess in my opinion – give her any Pinteres tpicture of a braid, she can replicate it!

    To depart from the usual bun/ ponytail/ side braid styles that we turn to everyday, Pari came up with three styles that are really easy to achieve and learn! All you need: A comb, hair bands, bobby pins, and a trusty hairdryer – in my case, the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer (:

    The Twist-and-Pin

    1. Start off with damp hair, I highly recommend applying heat protector cream if you style your hair often.
    2. Blow-dry your hair with the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer on medium heat and medium strength. Work the comb in a rounded, inwards direction.
    3. Once hair is dry, it should have an overall wavy look.
    4. From either side of your temples, take a 1-inch segment of hair and twist it inwards, secure with a bobby pin. Pull hair out gently to create a little bit of volume and texture.
    5. Repeat step 4, this time securing the segments at the bottom of and close to initial twisted segments.
    6. Style with a scarf if you wish!

    Side Braid with Bun

    1. Pick your best side, and create a braid from the fringe down to the side of your ears. Tie the rest of your hair with a rubber band.
    2. Grab the remaining of your hair and roll it inwards into a bun. Secure with bobby pins.
    3. Take the ponytail from the braided section, and wrap it around the bun. Secure and accessorise with decorative bobby pins in an X-shape.

    Inverted Half-Ponytails

    1. Create volume with the diffuser attachment on the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer.
    2. Create a half ponytail, create a hole in the middle, take the tail-end, put it into and through the hole.
    3. Take two 1-inch segments from either side of your temples, secure with hair band and invert the ponytail. Secure this ponytail as close as possible to the previous one with bobby pins. Pull hair out gently to create volume.
    4. Repeat Step 3 with hair gathered from either side of your ears.
    5. Take the remainder of your hair, twist and blow dry to create a wavy curly texture.

    There you have it! 3 super pretty and easy hairstyles to learn. I found myself turning to the Inverted Half-Ponytails look quite often after learning how to do it! If you’d like to see more of these kind of blog posts, do let us know! (: