• Fashion – Grey for Chinese New Year
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  • Chinese New Year is coming up, and that means shopping for new outfits! I don’t usually limit myself to choosing dresses that are in the traditional red or pink in colour, I just wear what I feel good and presentable in. That also means I’m open to more wardrobe choices since I’m not limited by colour!
    So here’s what I would wear to my family gatherings for Chinese New Year: I’ve chosen a dress by Lace & Buttons and I accessorised this dress with a pearl necklace and bracelet, and a gold clutch from SUEDE by Devina Juneja, available at Gnossem.com. Shoes are from Pedder Red.Oh yes! If you do intend to make any purchases from Gnossem.com, you can get a 10% discount just by being a reader of my blog (: All you need to do is key in “drea10” under the promotional code section when you check-out. Enjoy!

    Photography by my brother, Chris.








  • Fashion – Furry
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  • Hey guys!
    I just got back from my Bangkok shopping trip with Jemimah and I am… so broke. Also, I probably have enough clothes to last me second lifetime. Maybeeeee a third as well. Coming back with two gym-bags full of clothes also means I’ll be showcasing a lot of my Bangkok goodies on the blog! You’ll be reading lots of “I got this and that from Bangkok”, and I hope my pictures will convince you to make a Bangkok shop-scapade yourself (:
    If you’re intending to head to Bangkok anytime soon for shopping, I highly recommend Pratunam Morning Market, Platinum Mall and Union Mall for shopping. And if you only have 1 day to spare, here’s a suggested timeline for you:

    • 5am – 8am: Pratunam Morning Market. Starts at 5am and it gets really crowded by 9am and by 10am, shops will be packed up and gone for the afternoon market. The Pratunam Morning Market is meant mostly for wholesale buyers (hence very “cheap cheap”!), but shops do allow personal shopping as well. Be prepared to push and shove your way around, as buyers will be pulling their luggage around the market.
    • 10am onwards – Shops at Platinum open at about 10am. I know a lot of things are cheap there, but that doesn’t mean you buy impulsively. The first time I went to Platinum 2 years ago, I bought clothes just because they were cheap and not because I felt that this item really suits my style and is made of really good quality which can last me years! It’s really easy to lose yourself especially since shops offer you “wholesale prices” if you buy 2 or 3 items from their shop (some shops allow you to mix designs). So be fully equipped with self-control and rationality for this trip.
    • 12pm onwards – Union Mall. Most shops open at 12pm. If you want more variety and a unique selection of clothing, definitely give Union Mall a visit! You can also put your bargaining skills to the test there – I managed to knock off about 100 baht at every shop I visited! Be armed with a calculator for this trip, most shop assistants do not know English, so communicate via numbers!
    And if you are looking to relax and get a really good massage after a day’s worth of shopping, you MUST try this Japanese hot-springs and spa called Yunomori Onsen. Jemimah and I felt like royalty when we stepped into the building, we were like, “please just bring us to the room now and heal our aching feet and shoulders”.


    On to today’s OOTD feature – I’m sharing two of my favourite buys from Bangkok: my black hat and my grey furry top. Skirt is from H&M, shoes are Jeffrey Campbell’s, and bag is from GEORGINE by Georgine Ratelband – available at Gnossem.com.
    Speaking of which, I’ve embarked on a lovely collaboration with Gnossem.com – an online luxury goods and artisan fashion boutique – so you’ll be seeing a lot of their bags and accessories in my posts too! Not only that, as my reader, you will get a 10% discount whenever you shop with them! Lucky goat you are! I’ll be announcing the promo code pretty soon so do check back for it (:
    Have a great weekend guys!Photography by my brother, Chris.












  • Fashion – Chinatown Tourist
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  • The winner of the Lace & Buttons red dress that I wore to my NYE dinner party is:
    Michelle Loke (michelle_loke0520)
    Congrats babe! For those who submitted your screenshots but did not win the dress, stay tuned for another Lace & Buttons dress giveaway next week (:
    On to today’s post: Since Chinese New Year is round the corner, I thought I’d do a shoot at Chinatown’s Buddha Tooth Relic Temple with Melvin from Multifolds Photography. As it was the first trip to the temple for the both of us, I felt – weirdly – like a tourist in my own country. It felt even more tourist-y for me as I was in a rather tourist-y ensemble, or at least I felt it was tourist-y.
    Btw, here’s another perk for being a 1blog2lives reader: just let Multifolds know you are a reader of my blog when booking a shoot with them, and they’ll give you at 10% discount! (: Recently, Melvin went to New York for a photoshoot, so for those who love romantic overseas couple shoots, you should check that album out at their facebook page here.
    In this post, I’m wearing a Modcloth Dress, Aldo Shades, Topshop Necklace, and bag I got from Malaysia.