• Fashion – Payless
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  • Want to win yourself a $10 Payless Voucher? Joyce and I are giving away Payless vouchers to 5 readers, and all you need to do is leave a comment with your name and email address, and tell us what kind of shoes you’ll be getting from Payless and why!
    *Contest only applicable to readers from Singapore
    *Winners will be announced on the 29th January 2012
    Payless has arrived and dominated Singapore! Shoe-holics like myself nearly fainted when I saw the Payless store at Tampines 1. To the uninitiated, Payless is an American discount footwear retailer, that basically means Payless sells shoes of great designs at incredibly affordable prices. Just take a look at their name! You pay less for shoes at Payless! All their shoes are priced at $49.90 and below. 
    Plus, Payless – like H&M – frequently collaborates with renowned designers such as Christian Siriano (winner of Project Runway Season 4), Isabel Toledo, Lela Rose, and Silvia Tcherassi – another great way to get designer items at non-designer prices! (:
    Payless is a shoe retailer targeted “for the family” as well, they have shoes for kids, flats for ballerinas, sports shoes, canvas shoes, and even shoes for men! They have outlets at Centrepoint, Tampines 1, Suntec City, JCube, Changi City Point and Exclesior (next to Funan IT Mall).
    I visited the Tampines 1 branch recently, so here’s a little virtual tour of the store:
    Walking into a Payless store is like walking into the walk-in-shoe-wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of. The shop has rows and rows of shoes, all catered to different ages and sizes!
    To fasten the whole shoe-trying process, just go straight to the aisle that indicates your shoe size, pick a shoe you like, and try it on immediately. I don’t need to go through the hassle of asking the sales staff if a particular design has my size or not – browsing through the size 37 aisle, I’ll immediately know what’s available and what is not.
    Since Chinese New Year is coming up, here are some red/ pink/ orange hued shoes I picked out for your viewing pleasure.. and hopefully buying pleasure. (: The photo-list is not entirely exhaustive, I only picked designs that I personally liked, so if you want to browse through more designs you can visit the Payless website at www.payless.com or head down to the stores for the full shopping experience! (:
    For those who love black shoes – I picked out two wedges, one pair of sandals, and a pair of studded flats.

    For those who prefer a little animal print party down there:

    If you are looking for something metallic and shiny, perhaps these gold and silver shoes might pique your interest! If you want something casual, go for the gold and silver wedges seen on the left hand side. If you are going for more formal occasions, I suggest the gold and silver stilettos on the right.

    Here are 4 brown wedges that I’ve picked out. I think brown and nude are great colours to begin with if you want to start expanding your shoe collection because they are very verstaile, and they can match plenty of colours and outfits. Plus, you probably have noticed that I’ve taken pictures of A LOT of wedges, that’s because I absolutely adore wedges. For those who have watched my videos or read my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I really like my wedges. They are great not only because they give you the added height, but are incredibly wearable for long hours because of the less inclined arch.

    Other designs available at Payless:


    Aside from the gorgeous shoes, what I found really impressive was the shoe-care and feet-care products Payless offers to customers – and you betcha, at affordable prices! You have everything from leather care, rain-proof sprays, to gel arch supports, gel heel cushions, gel massaging insoles, sole pads, and comfort grips! Most shops don’t usually offer this service, and I have to buy these products at drug stores like Watsons or Guardians. Though this shoe/feet care section may tend to be looked over, I think this speaks a lot about customer welfare, and gives Payless that extra value-addedness.

    Payless does not sell just shoes, they have socks, hats, knitten wool caps, shawls, bags, and accessories! So while you’re there, it’s pretty easy to lose yourself – as if the shoes section wasn’t enough! This might just exarcebate the shopaholic-ness in you – you might want to buy accessories or shawls to complement your shoes, like I did :/


    So here’s a little photoshoot Joyce and I did with our shoes, Joyce went for a black wedge which she paired with her Zara skirt, Uniqlo spaghetti top, Topshop Leather Jacket and a gold clutch from Gnossem.com.

    I paired my pink wedges with Levi’s Jeans, H&M Top, and pink clutch from Gnossem.com. Love how my shoes and clutch match, plus they give my outfit that extra pop of colour, which I personally find very refreshing! (:

    *Don’t forget! If you want to make any purchases at Gnossem.com, just key in “drea10” at the discount code section and you’ll automatically get a 10% discount (:






    I hope the photos will excite you enough to head down to Payless. If you do buy anything, feel free to share them with Joyce and I, either by tweeting or instagramming us at @dreachong and @joyceroxanne.
    Have a great weekend guys!

  • Fashion – Soiree
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  • This has got to be one of my favourite outfit posts of all time. For several reasons. The first, SAY HELLO TO MY NEW JEFFREY CAMPBELL SOIREE SHOES! AHHHHH! I had to buy the shoes when my friend, Sipei, posted an instagram picture of the same heels – how sexy are they?! I never want to part with them ever, and I predict you’ll be seeing them more often on the blog *Sigh*Second, AMAZING LIGHTING! I loved how the sunlight white-washed the walls and produced a flare in the later pictures. Plus check out the shadow of the palm-tree – Love! Also, Alvin brought his 50mm 1.4 lens to help me shoot this outfit, and I’m so happy with the results I might consider getting one soon. If you know of anyone who wants to sell their Nikon-compatible lens, do let me know, I would greatly appreciate it! (:

    Today’s Outfit:
    Bag from Missypixie
    Shades, Shorts and Necklace from Bangkok
    Jacket from Her Velvet Vase







  • Fashion – Minty Wishes
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  • Joyce and I met for brunch at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier at Wessex, and here’s a post of what I wore that morning (:The Meal

    Joyce had the omelette and I had the cod-potato main (which costs $22). I think you are better off with the omelette regardless of whether you are on a budget, because the cod-potato dish basically tastes like potato mash, and I reckon your tummy and wallet will not be entirely satisfied. But then again, Laurent Bernard is a chocolatier after all, and I’ve heard their chocolates are really good, so try the chocolates, and let me know what you think of them! I didn’t get to try the chocolates because I’m weirdly, not a fan of chocolates – I just don’t like how I have to drink so much water to get rid of the rich taste in my mouth after that! Oh and if there is another reason why you should pay Laurent Bernard and the surrounding restaurants a visit, it would most probably be for the ambience. The environment is exactly like what you would expect from Backyard@Dempsey – the place is incredibly peaceful, quiet and laid-back – a really good change from the usual Orchard Road scene (:
    Today’s outfit:
    Top, Skirt, Flower Head Band from Bangkok
    Shorter Wishbone Necklace from Glisten Jewel, retailing at $5.50
    Longer Necklace and Bracelets from Topshop
    *get a 10% discount when you shop at Gnossem.com – key in “drea10” at the discount code section during checkout (: