• 5th Year Anniversary
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  • Imran and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary yesterday. 5 years sounds like a really long time, but honestly it feels like I just met him. I know it sounds weird, but I guess I feel that way because I find myself constantly being amazed and falling in love over and over again with him. Speaking of falling in love, I got lucky the first time girls: I’ve always believed my first love should be my last love, and I’m so blessed to have Imran be by my side and hold my hand through everything.


    Alright, enough cheesiness for this post! So what did we do yesterday? Well, we just chilled at home, went to the nearby shopping mall and bought ourselves each a milkshake, and purchased a few PS3 games for him. That’s it really. And that’s the way we like it – no need for over the top romantics, just being in each other’s company doing the things we like to do suffices (:


    But we did have a dinner celebration though! On Wednesday, we went to Resorts World Sentosa’s L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon for an impeccable casual dining experience. Imran loves food, especially good food (god knows he must have watched every single episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations), and whenever he travels, all he does is just FIND food. This expensive hobby of his has led us to dine at L’Atelier in Singapore. The L’Atelier chain is owned and opened by 26 Michelin Starred chef Joël Robuchon, who has been dubbed “chef of the century”. Imran visited the L’Atelier in Tokyo, so do not expect him to give the Singapore outlet a miss!


    We paid $98 per person for a starter, appetizer, soup, main course, dessert, and coffee/ tea (pictures below). Every penny was worth it – I was transported to food heaven with every single dish. This was food-gasm on a whole new different level. When I tried the famous Joël Robuchon mash potato – which Robuchon himself said would be his last meal before he dies – I smiled so much because I was just so happy. You don’t understand, it was like, never mind, I will never be able to give heaven a justified description.
    After the dinner I had food coma and I just died in the car.
    For the casual dining side of L’Atelier, the counter seats – not the tables – are where you wanna be at, because you can see the food prepared right before your eyes, and have the servers interact with you and cater the dinner to your needs.
    L to R: My appetizer: Marinated Anchovies; Imran’s appetizer: Salad; Imran’s Soup; My Soup – which has the best prawn ball ever. You might think it looks simple, but wait till you get a taste of it.
    Our main: We both had the cod fish grilled in red pepper dish.
    Main served with the epic mash potato. It looks simple – but it blew our minds off. We were contemplating ordering a second portion!
    Because it was our anniversary, L’Atelier was so nice to surprise us with a sorbet party!
    Our dessert:
    Oh and in case you were wondering where I got the top I wore for my anniversary dinner, it’s the Starlight Starbright Top from Lollyrouge retailing at SGD$26. Here’s a close-up picture and direct link: http://lollyrouge.livejournal.com/146054.html
    The dinner part of this post is over, so I’ll end it off with a little preview of the card I made for Imran:
    Oh and Jemimah was such a dear – she remembered our anniversary and bought us 5 white roses to commemorate the occasion. :’)

  • Fashion – Floral Blazer
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  • I have this attraction towards floral-printed clothing: I’ve featured a pair of Topshop floral pants and a River Island floral shorts on the blog so far, and they all belong to a green/ yellow colour palette. (Maybe that’s why my friends constantly say “but don’t you have that already?”) I like these botanical prints because it helps give my outfit that extra edge without the need to accessorize much. And if you’ve noticed, I usually pair my florals with basics, so it’s a really easy trend to try if you are looking for something that can be paired with your simple tanks or bottoms!
    This post features the third installment of my shoot with the beautiful Amanda Wong from Amanda JR Photography and beautifuladieu.com.
    Floral Blazer from The Editor’s Market, Tank Top from River Island, Electric Blue Jeggings from Charmedon9thavenue.livejournal.com, Nude Pumps from Pedder Red
    (disinterested kitty is disinterested)

  • Fashion – Rock and Soft
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  • Hey guys, I hope the examination period is treating you well – it’s taking such a toll on everyone physically and emotionally, including my family and friends. My dad says I’ve been running an ambulance service lately – driving friends to go see doctors, cooking them porridge, and tucking them into bed. In Jemimah’s words (she is down with food poisoning, poor thing), i’m being a “mommy”. On one hand, I like doting on my friends, but I hope this falling sick trend doesn’t continue because who on Earth likes falling sick?! Jem had to get a jab on her behind because if she swallowed meds it’ll be puked out. And trust me, upon knowledge of her jab, our friends have been turning her into the butt of all jokes, in all sense of the word:
    Marcus: “keep the jokes coming guys, else you’ll fall BEHIND”
    Fiq: “i’m fine ASS long as I don’t get an injection”
    Juls: “if you ain’t got no money take your broke ASS home”
    Fiq: “i know that song, glamourASS”
    Juls: “BOTTOM! Midsummer Night’s Dream what uppppp”
    Humour is the best medicine, no?
    Examinations and illnesses aside, I’m looking forward to my post-exam activities. I’ll be attending art classes with Joyce, meeting up with girlfriends that I have not met in forever, and traveling of course –  Tasmania in December, and Bangkok in January with Jemimah and Cindy! What are you going to do?
    Today’s post features the second installment of my shoot with Amanda from Amanda JR Photography. I’m absolutely in love with the black-and-white photograph by the way. (:
    In this post, I’m wearing an Editor’s Market leather vest, Love Bonito maxi, bracelet from Far East Plaza, and my Hush Puppies Wedges.