• Fashion – Time to Chill… Not
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  • EXAMS ARE OVER! Now, it’s time to drown myself in work before I fly off to Tasmania on Tuesday. And in this 5 day window, I have to somehow find a way to cram in and fit 2 weeks’ worth of work into my schedule. I’m working myself pretty hard, so much so that I’m going to still be working 2 hours before I need to be at the airport! It’s not going to be easy I have to admit, I mean, ideally, all I want to do is sleep, read, spend time with the family, Imran, and friends. But the workaholic in me refuses to take a chill pill – I’m going to be bumming around for 2 weeks in Australia, I might as well work my ass off now.
    On to today’s outfit, which is ironically, really relaxed, calm and peaceful. Alvin said I look like a “tai-tai” (a.k.a. rich housewife) in this outfit, which I shall take as a compliment! In this post I’m wearing a Topshop top, Mango shorts and Trendy Zone @ Far East Plaza shoes.
    I’ve also shared a song I’m pretty into right now. It’s a really slow jam by James Vincent McMorrow – which is what I need right now. If I start listening to some really fast-paced song, the rate of my heartbeat will just increase exponentially and give me additional stress that I don’t want.
    Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do, and have a good weekend everybody!
    Photography by Alvin Teo for Juju Photography

  • Fashion – Retrolicious Serenity
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  • Great news: Let Multifolds know that you’re my reader and they’ll give you a 10% off! 
    I chanced upon Modcloth – an American online retro clothing store – during my Junior College days, and I’ve always dreamed of wearing their dresses because they look so fun and unique, and back then, whenever I scrolled through the website, I would I feel like such a poor hungry puppy staring into a shop full of doggie treats, which I’m not allowed to go into.
    But now that I’m working part-time, I can afford the clothes AND the shipping costs (which is still,  absurd!). I bought 3 dresses from Modcloth last month and I can’t wait to share them with you! In this post, I’m featuring one of the dresses I bought, and I loved how the yellow belt that came with it finished off the whole retrolicious look!
    For today’s post, I’ve also collaborated with Melvin Lau from Multifolds Photography! Melvin and I went for breakfast at parisian pâtisserie and salon de thé Antoinette and he snapped a couple of pictures of my outfit and of what we ate. Check out their gorgeous and heavenly cakes – the strawberry shortcake is my fav!
    I was really excited about this collaboration because Multifolds is a really well-known local photography company. They cover everything from individual portraiture, friendship shoots, family shoots, to their renowned and reputable couple, and wedding shoots. Online magazine Cozycot has even accorded Multifolds the title of “Favourite Wedding Photography” of the year in 2011! If you wanna know what the hype is all about, you should head on down to their Facebook site to check out their work – which usually garners so many likes and shares it’s insane.
    I personally like Melvin’s photos because it always has a pastel and muted shade to them. The soft-hues give off such calming and peaceful vibes that you’ll feel a desire to want to be transported to that exact location in the photo to experience that exact same serenity. I’ll show you guys some of my favourites from Multifolds in another post, in the meantime, I hope you like the photos!
    And don’t forget, if you let Multifolds know that you’re a reader of 1blog2lives when you book a shoot with them, they’ll give you a 10% discount! (:
    Dress and Belt from Modcloth.com http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/drop-of-lemon-dress, Watch from ASOS.


















  • 5th Year Anniversary
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  • Imran and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary yesterday. 5 years sounds like a really long time, but honestly it feels like I just met him. I know it sounds weird, but I guess I feel that way because I find myself constantly being amazed and falling in love over and over again with him. Speaking of falling in love, I got lucky the first time girls: I’ve always believed my first love should be my last love, and I’m so blessed to have Imran be by my side and hold my hand through everything.


    Alright, enough cheesiness for this post! So what did we do yesterday? Well, we just chilled at home, went to the nearby shopping mall and bought ourselves each a milkshake, and purchased a few PS3 games for him. That’s it really. And that’s the way we like it – no need for over the top romantics, just being in each other’s company doing the things we like to do suffices (:


    But we did have a dinner celebration though! On Wednesday, we went to Resorts World Sentosa’s L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon for an impeccable casual dining experience. Imran loves food, especially good food (god knows he must have watched every single episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations), and whenever he travels, all he does is just FIND food. This expensive hobby of his has led us to dine at L’Atelier in Singapore. The L’Atelier chain is owned and opened by 26 Michelin Starred chef Joël Robuchon, who has been dubbed “chef of the century”. Imran visited the L’Atelier in Tokyo, so do not expect him to give the Singapore outlet a miss!


    We paid $98 per person for a starter, appetizer, soup, main course, dessert, and coffee/ tea (pictures below). Every penny was worth it – I was transported to food heaven with every single dish. This was food-gasm on a whole new different level. When I tried the famous Joël Robuchon mash potato – which Robuchon himself said would be his last meal before he dies – I smiled so much because I was just so happy. You don’t understand, it was like, never mind, I will never be able to give heaven a justified description.
    After the dinner I had food coma and I just died in the car.
    For the casual dining side of L’Atelier, the counter seats – not the tables – are where you wanna be at, because you can see the food prepared right before your eyes, and have the servers interact with you and cater the dinner to your needs.
    L to R: My appetizer: Marinated Anchovies; Imran’s appetizer: Salad; Imran’s Soup; My Soup – which has the best prawn ball ever. You might think it looks simple, but wait till you get a taste of it.
    Our main: We both had the cod fish grilled in red pepper dish.
    Main served with the epic mash potato. It looks simple – but it blew our minds off. We were contemplating ordering a second portion!
    Because it was our anniversary, L’Atelier was so nice to surprise us with a sorbet party!
    Our dessert:
    Oh and in case you were wondering where I got the top I wore for my anniversary dinner, it’s the Starlight Starbright Top from Lollyrouge retailing at SGD$26. Here’s a close-up picture and direct link: http://lollyrouge.livejournal.com/146054.html
    The dinner part of this post is over, so I’ll end it off with a little preview of the card I made for Imran:
    Oh and Jemimah was such a dear – she remembered our anniversary and bought us 5 white roses to commemorate the occasion. :’)