• Fashion – Taylor Swift Inspired
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  • I have this new found girl crush on Taylor Swift. I think she’s becoming more bad-ass, which is really refreshing! Good riddance to all those “woe is me”; “my life sucks”; “this guy is too good for me” songs. In her latest album, she’s all “Hell yea, let’s do this shit! We’re moving on with life! We’re never ever getting back together!” Loving the new Taylor!

    I felt like this outfit channeled Taylor Swift really well (minus the red lips cos I don’t think I can pull off red very well), poor Alvin had to endure a Taylor Swift playlist in the car after he helped me shoot these pictures because I was in such a Taylor Swift mood! Sorry dude.

    In today’s post, I’m wearing a LaModaVivo dress, my mom’s head scarf, and Jipaban shoes.

    Here’s a little more about LaModaVivo: Loosely translated, LMV stands for ‘The Fashion Alive’ in Spanish. It’s a humble online fashion boutique that sells both work and casual wear. This dress is featured in LMV’s very first collection, available from 11th November 2012 at 11am onwards. I really like the quality of the dress – the flare at the bottom half of the dress is to die-for as well. Check out LMV’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LaModaVivo (don’t forget to like their page if you like what you see), or alternatively visit their website at LaModaVivo.com (:


  • Fashion – Feeling All Librarian-ish
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  • Here’s how I would wear shorts to school. Not with a t-shirt or tank top, which in my opinion would be a tad sloppy, but with a button-up sleeveless top and a cardigan to prep up my outfit. And of course, with my spectacles to get that added “intellectual” look. Time to head down to the library to do some research!I got this cardigan from Lizzie-shop.com – check out the back of the cardigan (see pictures below). The flow-y gatherings at the back made it so fun to wear! To get this cardigan (retailing at $24), head on down to http://lizzie-shop.com/products/chiffon-mix-cardigan/.

    Black cardigan from Lizzie-shop.com, top from Topshop, shorts from Cotton On, shoes from Topshop
    Okay I know Halloween is over, but I couldn’t resist:

    Photography by Alvin Teo for Jujuphotography



  • Fashion – Peach Chiffon Blazer
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  • Going down the escalator at Far East Plaza, I spot a peach chiffon blazer at a shop
    I approach the shop, ask the sales assistant, “Can I try this blazer?”
    I try the blazer on, turn to Imran and ask him, “Is it nice?”
    Imran replies, “It’s very you!”
    I look in the mirror, satisfied with the affirmation, and declare, “Ok i’m getting it!”
    I head to the cashier to pay, but while reaching for my wallet, Imran whips out his card instead 
    All that happened in less than 3 minutes and a girl in the shop sniggered to herself when I left the shop. she must have thought I was the most impulsive shopper she had ever met in her life. And the cashier was really taken aback at how quick the purchase was, I bet she wished every shopper was like me: sales guaranteed with no customer service required!
    When we left the shop, Imran told me that girl in the shop was actually his classmate (perhaps that’s why he offered to pay). I felt so embarrassed after he told me that. What a way to make an impression man, now I’ll probably be known to his classmate as the “impetuous shopper-girlfriend who makes her boyfriend pay for her shopping”. What a dreadful title.But, it technically wasn’t that impulsive (I swear)! I’ve always wanted a peach chiffon blazer, and this was pretty much what I had imagined in my mind. Plus since I felt good wearing it, why not eh? I paired this blazer with my Missypixie white top, Missypixie denim high-waisted shorts, grey loafers from Malaysia, and ring from Jipaban.com

    So, here are the morals of today’s story guys:
    1. Know what you want beforehand so you can make a quick and decisive purchase – but not that quick, pretend to browse through the store for a while more, unless you want to be thrown a “this b**ch be crazy” stare like the one I received from Imran’s classmate.
    2. Never travel down to the ground floor via escalator in Far East Plaza – head to the lift straight away to avoid any eye contact with possible impulsive purchases.
    Photography by my brother, Christopher, editing by mexx,