Andrea Chong, born and based in Singapore, is the founder of Digital Advertising Agency DC Creative, and blogger behind

The blog started in 2013 and is an online collection of articles about Andrea’s love for fashion, beauty and travel. Having studied English Literature at Nanyang Technological University, Andrea seeks to build a reading community that is equally excited about her passions.

The blog marries Andrea’s pursuit of creating quality reading content with her love for photography. and it is her hope that the resulting images and articles on her blog capture world perfectly – affectionate, familial, and above all, fun.

  • has been ranked 1st on Digital Advertising Agency HippoNetwork’s “Top 50 Fashion Bloggers in Singapore” list.
  • is currently ranked under The Influencer Media’s “Top 50 Bloggers in Singapore” list.
  • In the recent Singapore Social Media Awards 2015, Andrea has been voted and presented with the Fashion Icon of the Year Award.
  • Andrea was part of the judging panel for the Singapore Fashion Awards 2016 organised by the Textile and Fashion Federation (Singapore).
  • Andrea has appeared as a Guest Stylist on How Do I Look? Asia Season 2 alongside host Jeannie Mai, and has appeared as a Guest Judge on Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5.

How did start?

Andrea: Ironically, I got ‘forced’ into it, blogging was seen as another platform for me to connect with viewers of a YouTube series I was hosting. I never really thought of being a blogger, and I honestly had no idea what to write about. I figured, since was doing some modelling at the side, that I should talk about fashion, and that’s how it all began!


What do you love most about blogging?

I love how it trains me to be versatile and teaches me not to be complacent. Apart from staying up to date with social media (of course!) and the latest in consumer trends, I have inadvertently become a jack-of-all-trades: from honing interpersonal skills when I meet new people, picking my creative brain through heading campaign pitches or proposals, playing secretary whilst sorting out tedious administrative work, to… learning and being proficient with photography, videography, and post-processing (whew!). I like to believe that it’s never good to be ‘comfortable’, being a blogger pushes me to be better.


What equipment do you use?

I mostly shoot on my Canon 5D Mark III, using my 50mm, 24-70mm, and 85mm lens.

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