Review: The Marie Dalgar Holographic Collection That’s In Stores In October

Marie Dalgar Review

Lovers of all things high-shine and holographic rejoice, because Marie Dalgar is dropping in Sephoras around Singapore on 11 October 2018! But before you hit the stores, we thought we’d try out some of these glittery goodies to see how they’d fair!

We tested the longevity, pigment and texture of their eyeshadow palette, highlighter palette and lipstick set, so keep reading for our opinions, and some helpful tips on how to work these bold beauty buys into your collection!

The Pigment


These eyeshadows were designed to show up in full holographic glory in any lighting, and on selfies as well! While the darker eyeshadow shades were pigmented enough to give me a smooth finish over my lids, I found their lighter shades gave a patchy and uneven finish.

While the dark shade does appear (though much less than in real life) on camera, the holographic effect we were hoping to see was lacking. If you’re looking to create a high-impact look for parties and special occasions, this product wouldn’t be my top recommendation. However, it would make for a fun and colourful addition to your makeup collection that’s brighter than the usual palette, without being absolutely over the top.


These highlighters are packed with pigment and should be applied with a light hand. I had expected a pigment much like the eyeshadow but was surprised that just one swipe gave me full and extremely high pigment and shine.

Of all the shades, I’d recommend the pink highlighter for an everyday look that’s appropriate for the office as well! Another thing to note is that the pastel yellow highlighter appears on the skin as a gold shade, which makes it great for warmer or more tanned skin tones! While purple gives off a more “festival makeup” vibe, we found that the highlighter blended well into the skin, and is surprisingly wearable (depending on how experimental you are of course).


The lipstick set features 4 holographic lipsticks and 2 natural shades that are supposed to mimic a natural glow. Much like the eyeshadow, the holographic lipstick wasn’t as pigmented as I would have liked, leaving little to no colour on my lips (just loads of glitter).

The natural shades, though much more pigmented, gave uneven coverage and had a matte finish, which wasn’t the natural glow I was expecting.

Next, I decided to try layering the matte and the holographic shades to see if it would help the glitter pop on my lips. While the glitter wasn’t made much more obvious, the layering did give the matte lipstick a slightly glossy finish, so I’d recommend using the holographic lipsticks as a top coat instead!

The Texture


The eyeshadows don’t feel dry or grainy on the lids and go on rather smoothly. The thing you just have to be careful of is fallout. And especially since these shadows have loads of glitter in them, the fallout will be pretty hard to get rid of. Another thing to note is to dab your brushes into these shadows carefully and lightly, because though they don’t feel dry on the skin, the shadows tend to break up easily.


Marie Dalgar’s highlighter is pretty impressive, especially for one that has such high shine and pigment. Firstly this product goes on smoothly, and blends just as easily. The thing that impressed me the most is how even and glossy the highlighter appears on camera.

For a highlighter that’s this glittery, I was pleasantly surprised that there was no appearance of grainy porous textures on my face. When I ran my hands over my highlight, it felt like there wasn’t any powder product on my face either, which made me feel more comfortable throughout the day!


One of the first things I noticed about these lipsticks was the difference in texture between the matte lip colours and the holographic ones. The matte shades, thought creamy when swatched on my arms, quickly dried up when applied to my lips, which gave an uneven finish that highlighted the cracks of my lips.

The holographic shades, however, went on smoothly on both my arm and my lips! These lipsticks were much creamier and gentler on the lips, which was really surprising, and very comfortable. I could feel the glitter grains on my lips as I smoothed the colour over, but they were so fine that I could barely notice that it was there.

The Longevity


I have a tendency to rub my eyes throughout the day, so smudging can be a big problem for me sometimes. By the end of the day, some of the lustre of the glitter had faded, but the general colour didn’t budge at all!

This shadow lasted me 6 hours, and through Singapore’s heat and humidity as well! So if you’re a chronic eye-rubber like me, this would make a great addition to your makeup bag as a subtly glamorous day-to-night palette–just compliment it with more matte and neutral shades to let the glitter shine on its own!


This highlighter managed to last me throughout the day, without fading whatsoever! I was almost certain it would have faded after 6 hours, but it was just as pigmented as when I first applied it.

But while it didn’t fade, there was a significant amount of transfer when it came to the glitter. It was all over my arms, my hands, and even my pants! It didn’t look bad or messy, but it’s just something that became more apparent to me and might bother some throughout the day.

When testing, I didn’t set my face with any powder or setting spray, so that’s definitely something you guys might want to remember when trying out their highlighter!


These lipsticks, like most that have a creamy consistency, are not designed to last for hours without budging. But with that said, after one meal, most of my lipstick was gone even though I had gone over with 2 coats of lipstick.

It’s really easy to re-apply these lipsticks because they don’t stain or seep into the cracks of your lips, but as you lose the lipstick throughout the day, the glitter tends to smudge outwards onto your face and chin.  For greater longevity, definitely consider using a long-wear lipstick as your base, and these shades as a topper!


So there you have it! We really enjoyed reviewing Marie Dalgar’s holographic line, and encourage you to try out some bold new shimmery shades! My personal favourite from this makeup line has to be the highlighter for its amazing pigment, longevity and texture.

But of course, don’t just take my word for it. The product appears very different when applied to the face, and will differ even more when applied to different skin tones. Marie Dalgar will be hitting all local Sephora stores on 11 October 2018, so get out there are try it on yourselves too!




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