Our Top Picks from the Upcoming H&M x Morris & Co. Collection!

It’s high-end street style meets vintage interior design. H&M’s latest collaboration with Morris & Co. is launching in October, and there’s plenty for print lovers to be excited about. Morris & Co., the renowned British interior brand that was founded in 1861 by William Morris–a major contributor to the revival of traditional British textile arts.

This striking collection features some of his most iconic wallpaper and interior textile prints, which gives these pieces a great vintage vibe (that’s also on trend this season). So read on to find out our top picks from the upcoming collection!





Originally block-printed onto cotton, Snakeshead was one of Morris’ favourite chintzes (a printed calico in India). Chintz was originally a popular print used for bed covers, quilts and even as clothing for maid-servants.  Fast-forward 50 years, chintzy prints have evolved and become a whole lot more chic and stylish with its cleaner lines and cuts. 

Don’t be afraid to try out the elaborate prints in this collection, you’ll be surprised how wearable they are! Just pair this blouse with a tan skirt and some maroon ankle boots for a fall-inspired vintage look.



The Pimpernel print was originally a wallpaper print hung in Morris’ very own dining room! H&M has since drawn inspiration from the print, incorporating it into a bold botanical co-ordinate set.

With the mirrored symmetry in its design and the oversized floral prints, this statement print is something that is both captivating and charming–guaranteed to make you stand out this season!


Love is Enough



This printed T-shirt is one of the key pieces from the collection. “Love is Enough” is the title of the poem that Morris published in 1872, focusing on the idea that love is more important and valuable than power or wealth.

Unlike the other pieces in the collection, this shirt has was kept simple to fully capture the essence and meaning of Morris’ poem. You could also top this tee off with a blazer and pair of red heels for a cute and semi-casual holiday look!


Woodford Plaid




Plaid is a pattern that tends to get more hype during the fall and winter season, but it’s one of the trends that has remained stylish throughout the year. I love this pattern for its versatility and classic style, reminding me of Cher Horowitz’s iconic outfit in the movie Clueless.

Morris’ Woodford Plaid textile has the perfect fall palette, giving this scarf a timeless charm that transcends trends and seasons. While we may not usually use scarves here, it’s fast become an accessory to mix prints with this season–just tie one around your bag of choice to get in on the print-on-print trend that was all over NYFW!

In the words of Morris himself: The past is not dead, it is living in us, and will be alive in the future which we are now helping to make.’  This is especially true for the upcoming H&M x Morris & Co. collection, bringing classic prints to life once again. This collection will be dropping internationally in all H&M stores so keep a look out!

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