The DC Team Shares their August Favourites!

August Favourites

As August has just come to an end, the DC Team has come together to share some of our favourite new finds and purchases for the month. From skincare to soundtracks, here’s what made the cut for our August Favourites!

Daph’s August Favourites

Hada Labo’s Gokujyun Premium Hydrating Lotion

When it comes to skincare, Daph has it all figured out. From her conscious effort to apply sunscreen every few hours, to her flawless complexion, she is definitely the person to go to for skin care tips or recommendations.

For her first August favourite, she’s chosen Hada Labo’s Gokujyun Premium Hydrating Lotion. Packed with 5 different types of hyaluronic acid, this lotion is really lightweight and perfect for day or night use, yet still manages to keep Daph’s chronically dry skin well-hydrated throughout the day! The best part about this product is that it isn’t oily, unlike many other hydrating lotions, allowing you to layer your makeup or other skin care products on top of it!

Excel Cosmetic’s Lip Care Oil in Shade Honey Peach

Daph claims she has really dry lips but used to hate lip glosses because of how thick and sticky they felt. This lip care oil, however, has totally converted her! Containing 7 types of natural beauty oils, it’s super moisturising without being sticky, and the product reacts with the pH of the lips to create a subtle colour al your own. Pro-Tip: Daph also likes putting this on her cheeks in place of a blusher. It creates a really natural flush as well as a dewy highlight on her cheeks!

Shilin August Favourites

Pony Effect’s Stay Fit Matte Colour in Shade #Magnificent

Ever since Shilin’s friends commented that her lipstick shades were way too red for her fair skin, she finally decided to step out of her comfort zone and try a more muted shade. With that, she purchased this matte liquid lipstick from Pony Effect (also one of her favourite celebrity makeup artists). This long-wear lipstick in the shade #Magnificent has a nice coral hue (which is great for Asian skin), and doesn’t dry out her lips, leaving them soft and hydrated through the day!

The Saem’s Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

This concealer has received lots of great reviews online and is even commonly compared to the cult favourite NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Upon first application, Shilin noticed that the concealer gave really high coverage and managed to conceal her huge dark eye circles (which according to her, has descended all the way down to her mid-cheek area).

The product is also really blendable and doesn’t cake easily, giving her a fresh-faced look throughout the day. The best part is that the concealer only costs $4.50 which is really rare for any makeup product! However, Shilin noticed that the product comes in very limited shades, which is the product’s only downside.

Steph August Favourites

Pomelo’s Gold Chain Link Drop Earrings

I love collecting earrings so much so that my mum has even pasted a handwritten note on my earring box saying ‘PLEASE STOP BUYING EARRINGS. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ (but evidently, I haven’t taken her plea seriously). Putting on these chain earrings really helps elevate my outfits, making it a little more glamorous and put together. Gold is also a such a versatile colour and I can pair these earrings with literally anything in my wardrobe!

Mama Mia’s Soundtrack

The long-awaited Mama Mia 2 dropped in cinemas earlier this August and became the talking point on many social media sites for quite awhile. I admit that I’ve never watched Mama Mia before because I don’t have the attention span for movies (the last movie I watched was Beauty and the Beast).

But I have, however, gotten hooked on the Mama Mia soundtrack when Andrea first played it in the car, which she now regrets because I can’t stop singing along to it in the office. I love how all the songs are so catchy and upbeat–perfect for me to belt out to in the shower (or even at work).

The Ordinary’s Buffet Serum

I learnt about this serum when Alice Kristiansen raved about it on her Instagram story, talking about how it was life-changing and that she no longer needed to put on any foundation after only 2 months of using this product. The serum is also meant to have anti-ageing properties, leaving you with a youthful glow to your face.

The serum was also really affordable ($23 SGD) so I knew I had to try it to see if it truly is as miraculous as people say it is. After using it religiously for about a month now, I can’t safely say that I no longer need to apply any foundation yet, but my skin does feel significantly softer and smoother. I’ve also recently purchased the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum from The Ordinary, which is supposed to help get rid of any blemishes on my skin so hopefully, it works just as well too!

Kat’s August Favourites

Mona Lounge

Most of my Fridays are spent catching up with my friends–which usually means dinner and drinks at our usual spots along Orchard Road. But recently, one of my friends took me to Mona Lounge, Sum Yi Tai’s back-room cocktail lounge.

I love theatrics and themes, so it’s a no-brainer that I fell in love with the 1980’s Hong Kong aesthetic they had going on. And if that doesn’t get you, then maybe their creative cocktails will! Like I said, I’m a sucker for themes, so I had to try their Pi Pa Gao cocktail which they named “Songstress” that comes served in a Pi Pa Gao bottle as well!

Of all the snacks I’ve tried there, my current obsession has to be the crispy pork chips covered in shrimp paste. If Har Cheong Gai and pork rinds had a delicious food baby together, this would be the result.

Herbivore Pink Cloud Moisture Creme

I’ve only recently managed to cultivate a consistent moisturizing habit, and it’s partly thanks to Herbivore’s Pink Cloud Moisture Creme! The thing is, I find most moisturisers either too thick or too thin, which leaves me with breakouts or skin that feels drier as the day goes on.

I fell in love with this moisturiser by “accident” when I was drawn in by the sleek bottle and its pastel pink contents. But after testing the jelly-like creme, I realised this moisturiser wasn’t just pretty–it was perfect for Singapore’s humid weather.

It feels and looks thick and lumpy, but once you spread this rose-scented moisturiser over your skin, you’ll realise it absorbs really well and leaves your skin feeling dewy but not sticky. It’s also aloe-based, which means it’s super soothing for the skin–and since aloe is high in salicylic acid, it’s also skin clarifying!

Topshop Leopard Print Mini Skirt

Animal prints started making their comeback on Spring/Summer 2018 runways, but quickly found its way to the streets (and onto Instagram) and haven’t shown signs of leaving soon. This print makes any clothing item an instant “statement piece” even if it’s just a t-shirt, and it’s also so versatile!

If you opt from a cream/brown based leopard print like I did, you’ll find that it’s as versatile as any other closet staple you have, just with a little more pizzazz. I also love the way I can dress my skirt up or down as I need, pairing it with sneakers to run errands in the day or a pair of sock boots for an event-appropriate look at night!

I chose a mini-skirt because it can take you easily from casual to semi-formal occasions with a few simple outfit tweaks. But if you’re new to working with these prints, you can start with accessories like a beret or belt!


I hope that this article has inspired you to go out and try some of our August recommendations. Who knows, some of these items could end up becoming one of your favourites too!

With Love,

Kat and Steph



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