The Future Of Fashion: RISING FASHION

Here at DC, we’re always on to the next new and exciting thing. That’s why we’re turning our attention to RISING FASHION, a collaborative initiative to empower and strengthen both Indonesian and Singaporean talents in the fashion industry. As part of the initiative, a curated selection of 14 Indonesian designers will be showcasing their designs at a month-long event held at Paragon Shopping Mall from August 1 – 30 2018.  

We were given the opportunity to shoot pieces from a handful of these exquisite collections. So join us as we dive head-first into this heady tropical dream, as we uncover the allure and infinite potential of regionally inspired design.

Photographer: Zantz Han | Stylist: Martin Wong | Hair: Sean Ang | Make-Up: Rick Yang

Vest: D.Tale | Pants: Danjyo Hiyoji

Vest and pant set: D.Tale

Luxury womenswear brand D.Tale combines the best of feminine sensuality and masculine tailoring. As a set or statement piece, these office-appropriate ensembles are reinventing the way women look at our clothes, and ourselves. The boyish charm that exudes from their pieces are an especially rare find and is what makes this label one to look out for.

Top: Danjyo Hiyoji | Necklace: Oaksva

Bracelet: Oaksva | Vest: D.Tale | Earring: Oaksva

Oaksva was born from the desire to show the potential of Indonesian-themed products to be modern and contemporary in design. The brand incorporates spices and sands from, all over Indonesia; as seen in these pieces featuring chilli flecks and sand from Kakaban island, to create truly awe-inspiring jewellery.

Earrings: Oaksva | Poncho: Bermock Warm Embrace

Made for the boho-chic traveller, Bermock pieces are a celebration of colour and print. With a touch of homey comfort, Bermock seeks to combine form and function within all their pieces, from wearable outerwear to home decor.

Top and pant set: Danjyo Hiyoji

Danjyo Hiyoji tows the line between modern streetwear and traditionally inspired Indonesian garments. Drawing on Japanese influence, their signature unisex style is a celebration of androgyny and makes their collection uniquely fluid between male and females wardrobes.

Robe Dress: Purana

Purana brings together the best of old and new by collaborating with local artists to design one-of-a-kind textile prints to weave into their contemporary designs. With sleek and modern silhouettes to fit and flatter all body types, Purana is an inclusive example of what fashion can be for everyone.


Learning about the designers and the inspiration behind their creations was an eye-opening experience for us. So to get a real sense of what these designers have to offer, we suggest heading over to Paragon Shopping Mall, Orchard Road to check out this year’s RISING FASHION showcase from the 1 to 30 August 2018.





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