Our Top Picks from Zalora’s ZALIA and LUBNA 2018 Collection for Hari Raya

On Andrea: Zalia Kimono Sleeve Top With Lace Skirt in Chartreuse
On Sharmin: Lubna Tulip Sleeves Wrap Top With Tulip Skirt in Orange
On Shafiqah: Lubna Crop Top Tied Knot Skirt Kurung in Beige Gold

Hari Raya Puasa is coming up, and if you are as excited as me about house-visiting and the celebrations that ensue come June 15, then you would already be thinking of what to wear (I already got Imran’s family ready a month ago, talk about being eager!). It’s my 10th year celebrating Raya with Imran’s family, and every year, I love the process of picking my “Outfit of The Year” (OOTY). Click here to read about my 10 years with Imran and his family! To help you choose that important OOTY, we partner with Zalora’s modest fashion brands Zalia and Lubna to give you some inspiration! In this post, I recruited the help of my lovely reader and friend Sharmin, and my fellow “girlfriend-in-law” Shafiqah (she’s Imran’s younger brother’s fiancée!) to help me with this blog post, and we show you our favourite picks from the Raya collections!  

Andrea carries Zalia Small Box Clutch with Gem Stones in Green

DC: What is your usual Raya style?

Andrea: For Raya, I usually go for Kebayas with a nice silhouette and waistline. Some years I switch up the skirt with Palazzo pants because skirts are usually quite restrictive movement wise – especially when I have to go from house to house. As usual, my outfit will have to match the family’s “Raya colour” – this year’s theme is Navy Blue!

DC: What do you think of Zalora’s Zalia and Lubna collections? What items did you choose?

A: I like how there are more options online nowadays, I used to go to Joo Chiat Complex or Tanjong Katong Complex to find my outfits, but now I can select an outfit based on colour and size on ZALORA, and I can pick a matching bag or a pair of shoes to go with at the same time! On myself, we paired this Zalia Kimono Sleeve Top With Lace Skirt Set in Chartreuse, and we completed the look with a Zalia Small Box Clutch With Gem Stones in Green to act as a contrasting statement accessory.

DC: What do you hope to see in future Raya collections?

A: I hope to see more modern silhouettes (Blazer Tops/ Palazzo Pants/ Kimono Outerwear), and I would like to invest in pieces that I can wear outside of Raya!

Sharmin carries Zalia Small Box Clutch with Gem Stones in Gold

DC: What is your usual Raya style?

Sharmin: I prefer sticking to neutral colours such as white, grey and black, but I will wear more accessories such as necklaces and bracelets to make the outfit more interesting.

DC: What do you think of Zalora’s Zalia and Lubna collections? What items did you choose?

Shar: The collections have really pretty pieces but keeping in mind that my figure is rather petite, I will be tailoring my outfit to suit my body shape. I’m wearing a Lubna Tulip Sleeves Wrap Top With Tulip Skirt in Orange, and I’ve completed my outfit with a matching Zalia Small Box Clutch with Gem Stones in Gold.

DC: What do you hope to see in future Raya collections?

Shar: I hope that future Raya collections will not stray too far from its roots, I want to see traditional elements with a touch of modern flair.

Shafiqah carries Zalia Circular Sling Bag with Gems in Gold

DC: What is your usual Raya style?

Shafiqah: I will usually go for clean-cut minimal looks. I’ll veer towards loose and comfortable clothing, avoiding taut kebayas. I usually do last minute shopping for my Raya clothes (which I’m sure we have all been guilty of doing), if I can’t find anything, then I’ll dig out clothes I’ve worn before.

DC: What do you think of Zalora’s Zalia and Lubna collections? What items did you choose?

Shaf: I like how modern and adaptable Zalia and Lubna pieces are, as I can wear them for other events even after Raya is over. I’m wearing the Lubna Crop Top Tied Knot Skirt Kurung in Beige Gold. It has gem detailing on the front and bush detail at the sleeves. This is paired with a Zalia Circular Sling Bag With Gems in Gold.

DC: What do you hope to see in future Raya collections?

Shaf: Definitely more versatile pieces as I would like to wear my raya clothes for other occasions.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, to check out the full Hari Raya range on ZALORA, click hereZALIA and LUBNA features over 500 styles for women and over 100 styles for men. We know sizing and fit matters especially if you want to make an impression! Since Zalora has a free 30-Day exchange policy and a fuss-free exchange process, we recommend you order early so you can ensure you have the right size (or make alterations if need be) in time for Raya. Happy shopping and have a fruitful month-long fast!

Once again, thank you to Shaf and Sharmin for being such great models for our Raya feature!


Andrea Chong

I'm Andrea but you can call me Drea, I started this website with the intention of sharing my love for fashion, beauty and travel with all of you! There is more to this site, we have lifestyle-driven articles, some on wellness, fitness, tech, and decor, so go explore around! P.S. Some fun-facts about me: I can always be constantly seen cleaning, and I have too many scented candles for my own good.

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Hey Drea!
The Zalia kurung is really nice but when I went to the Zalora website, the color was completely different. Which picture is closest to its true color irl? The one here or in Zalora.

P.S. You look beautiful in the pictures.


gREAT cOllection and very pretty dresses! Now I am going to avail it

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