Home Accessories That Will Make Your Space Kinfolk-Worthy

Having recently shifted into my new place, I’ve been looking out for home accessories to make my home look cosy and of course, to reflect my clean and simple-living philosophy. I’ve been taking notes from the Kinfolk Home book, and it seems like de-cluttering IS the way to go. Colour accents of white and rustic brown, with marbled and rattan surfaces are essential picks when it comes to a minimalist approach to home decor.

From our recent International Women’s Day shoutout (you can read our jewellery post from the series here), we discovered two homeware brands you can shop at for your living space.

Kraft Storage Paper Bag and Straw Weaved Basket from In Calm Repose.

Gold and Behold, founded by Art Director Winnie Wong, houses contemporary home decor pieces that are inspired by nature and simplicity. Joey Low began In Calm Repose as a response to her passion for home interiors and simplicity. She stocks products both aesthetic and functional, and you can see how her business reflects her ethos about life.

Today’s post will give you a glimpse into how their products help beautify your space without having to do any renovation works. After careful analysis and flipping through tons of magazines, here are three space décor tips that I hope will come in handy for you, especially if you would like to aspire towards living the Kinfolk life.

Also, do read till the end to stand a chance to win some homeware!

  1. Explore and experiment with textures

Texture is important because it creates depth, especially when you only have a tiny space to play with. Don’t be afraid to use a variety of materials, be it pairing marble with velvet for a luxe feel, or shagreen together with fur… The options are endless. In the images below, the egg-shaped magnetic paperweight acts as a great conversation starter, and so do the candle holders!

Egg Magnetic Paperweight from Gold & Behold

Zen Candle Holder from Gold & Behold. 

  1. Go green

Most Singaporeans spend their time cooped up indoors, so it helps to look at some green and have some form of nature around us, just so we remember to stop, breathe, and be calm. Plants are not just for our parents’ generation (did I mention my father gifted me with a tomato plant recently?), and cactuses shouldn’t be the only option for those who aren’t green-thumbed. Is it any wonder why tropical prints and monstera leaves are all the rage now? A little planter by the bedside or a large indoor plant can makes a lot of difference, as pictured below.

  1. Creative storage solutions

You can be a hoarder, but if you learn the art of keeping everything unsightly away, it frees up your space so there’s lesser distractions. It just takes a lot of discipline sometimes, especially when it’s so much easier to dump everything on the nearest available corner rather than sort and pack things up neatly. Well, who says storage options are always boring? You can re-purpose old boxes, or even use a lovely paperbag like the one below to disguise what you need to hide.



While there are endless ways to decorate and style your crib, it should reflect how you want the space to make you feel. For those who want their space to evoke happiness, fill it with things that you enjoy, like photographs of fond memories or loved ones. If busy bees would like to feel calm and focused, the best way is simply to de-clutter and have one or two key items in cool colours. You don’t need to spend lavish amounts of money to renovate your space, sometimes, all it takes is a few simple touches.

To get you started, we’re doing a giveaway of certain products from Gold & Behold and In Calm Repose.

Set 1: In Calm Repose Basket Bag
Set 2: Gold & Behold trays 2b, 3b, 3c.
Set 3: Gold & Behold Planter 2a, Gold & Behold tray 3a.

The giveaway is now closed – thank you all for participating. The three lucky winners are Zhi Ying, Vivien, and Wan Qing! We will be emailing you shortly, so do check your inboxes.

Separately, for those keen on shopping at Gold & Behold, you can make use of this shopping code “STAYGOLD” which will give you 15% off storewide. The code expires 31 May.

Off to spruce my space now!

Priscilla Liu

Contributing Editor

Priscilla here! I’m a firm believer in living meaningfully beyond the now, and extremely excitable when it comes to exploring and doing things new and novel. Sometimes I think there’s an older soul living inside me – hit me up with vintage posters, dresses, oriental anything and everything. My latest penchant is watching Chinese movies (with English subtitles please); colours and prints inspire me as much as fiction and travel!

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Kelly Sim

Would really love to win set 2 for my future home and photoshoot purposes! they just goes well with everything! 🙂
Name: Kelly sim
email: danlleya@gmail.com


Kimberly leong

Hi andrea! I would love to win set 2 because I’ve been really into redecorating my room lately and have been looking for the perfect tray to place my trinkets. Gold & Behold’s trays are so pretty and kinfolk / cereal mag-esque which is the styling direction I’m heading for for my room redecorating.


I would really love tO win set 2 as i will be moving house really soon and the trays will be great for organising and displaying my jewellary and jazzing up my new bedroom! Love the tips in the article that i Will be sure to follow when Doing up my new room!!

Tan Yi ling

I Would lOve to win set 1 🙂 Would be yet another motivation to wash my clothes (am planning to use it as a laundry basket) on top of my daily reminder “laundry today or naked tomorrow”.

Pick me 🙌🏼 Thank you! 🙂

Joey ng

I would love to win set 3, as I can put my accessories on the tray and place a little plant in my room, I can also use it for my flatlay pic 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!


Hi! I would really like to win set 3 cos my dad is obsessed with plants and he wouldn’t mind more planters! And I love the simple hexagonal shape of the tray so winning this will make both of us so happy! 😄


I would love to win set 1 as i can foresee the basket bag sitting nicely in my minimalist concept toilet. This would BE great as a laundry BASKET for 1 and lend A nice rustic feel to my rather empty bathroom.

Name: Annabel
Email: anything_whatever@live.com

Valerie Ang
Valerie vvalerieang@gmail.com Hi Andrea & team, Thanks for holding this giveaway! I would love to win Set 3 as the products are just what my boyfriend and I are looking for. We’ve been into gardening recently and have been buying/ growing our own little plants. The usual brown pots that we have now are just not that ideal, and this cute planter would be perfect for our room!! The Gold & Behold tray is so pretty and it’s just the right size – perfect for me to keep my accessories, which currently is just all over the place… It would… Read more »

Hello Drea and team! what a tough choice to make haha but I’d love to win set 1! i love how rustic and natural looking it is, yet super functional for keeping my room tidy without the usua look of your usual storage options.

If I could win it, I’ll definitely pick up some tips from this article and play around with textures using textile, or even place a pot of plant in it for a pop of liveliness in my room 🙂 excited about the whole look already!

Name: Zhiying
email: unheartedly@gmail.com



I would LOVE to win SET 2 because my new home will be ready real soon and those gorgeous tray fit my bedroom theme to a t!

(Also coz my husband nags at me all the time for my messy dressing table.)


Name: Jamie Ng
Email: shop.jaimelavie@gmail.com


My room just went through a little renovation and i would love to have these decors to finally do up my dream room!

Krista, kristagoh-@hotmail.com

Vivien yeo

Hi Hi!
I would really love tO win set 2! as i will be moving house really soon, and for the first time in my whole life i am going to have my very own room! :,) been sharing room with my brother since forever. Now that i can finally have my own room, i can spice it up and design every corner of my room my own style! thought that the trays will be great for organising and displaying my stuff, minimalistic yet chick at the same time!
Thank you for the tips too! Im so excited!


I’ve been searching high and low for the basket bag! It’s a perfect item for me to keep all my totes. It’s such a beautiful and functional piece to enhance the look of the room as well. Would really love to win Set 1!
Name: Jacquelyn
Email: jacjacjacquelyn@gmail.com

Stella zhang


i would love to win set 2 as this is perfect for PUTTING JEWELLERy and decorating the vanity table.
Thank you!


i would love to win set 1! im going to move in my uni dorm soon and it will LOOK SO CHIC YET FUNCTIONAL for my laundry! 🙂


Hi Drea and team! Would Love to win Set 1 as a Laundry basket which will look stylist at my future home!

EmAil: emily_woh@hotmail.com

ERica RodRiguez

Would love to win set one because I think it’s a versatile pieCe that would go well in a home that has a minimalist/rustic concept and also can be carried as a day bag. WoUld love to bring this with me to my holiday in sRi lanka!

Rachel yeo

Hi drea and team!
I would like to win set two as i recently redecorated my room! Walls, desk, bed and all (as a mini project for myself since i became a workng adult :D). And this collection would make a great PLace for my to store my jewEllery!
It totally matches my room too! It has sCandi vIbes and my desk is white with gold accents 🙂

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
<3 rachel y.

Tiffany tay

Wow. I wouLd love to win set 2!!! The marble swirls and stone teXture will be perFect to furinsh my new home! love It!

Email: duffany_19@hotmail.com

Wan Qing

I would really love to win set 3! I’ve always had a soft spot for all things minimalist and I think these would really add a nice touch to my room. would very much like to fill them up with my trinkets and a cactus 🙂


SET OnEEE!! ThT straw bag screams my name like crazy and look how pretty it is to head out and make a statement in a room!


Would love to get set 2 for my sister as a housewarming gift! It’ll complement her new place perfectly & i’m sure she will love it.

She also has a baby girl on the way and i think the tray will be so helpful in helping her organise all the tiny cute hair accessories for my little niece.

Name: felecia lie


would love to win set 2 b/c the living space is currently in the midst of a redecor & aesthetik vision is 100/10. Set 2 will 11/10 hit the sweet spot.


I would definitely be interested in winning set 1 because I’ve been looking for a cute basket bag as a house accessory, while it can keep my space a little tidier. It’s a win-win situation.

Rachel lee

I would love To win set 2 because mother’s day is on its way and i got my mom into the marble craze bandwagon. This would be a great gift alonGside the little jewelries im getting for her ThIs mother’s day😊


Hi there drea and team! thanks for organising this giveaway for all of us!

i woud really like to win set 2 as the trays would help me to organize and signal a home for my nit nacks (watch, earrings, keys etc) that are lying all over the place at home 🙁

thanks so much!!

name: regina koh
email: reginakohH@gmail.com

Lee hui jun

Hi! I would like to win set 2 for my new house. My wedding band almost went missing in the house once because i just blatantly left it on the table and that really taught me a lesson to keep them properly!
The beautiful trays in set 2 will come in handy when it comes to placing my assesories that i use daily. Besides it will be a lovely statement to my minimalist home 🙂


Hello andrea! I would really love to win the set 2 to decorate my new home!

I have an idea of what i should do with the good looking trays!

2b will be perfect to put my bangles and watches.

3b will be a good for my spouse to put all his loose coins in the tray because it is everywhere on the dining table. *sigh*

3c will be great to put the small items like my rings!

Chia YUN xin

Would love To Win set 3. Our New home is ready in late December And This Items Would Be GREat to Keep My Accesories by The Bed Side (possibly My fiancee Items Too).

Name: YUN Xin

Chia YUN xin

Would love To WIN set 3. Perfect Items To store our accessories (possibly my Finacee Items Too) When we Move into Our home in December.

Name:yun Xin


I LOVE THIS POST FOR IMBEDDING IN US THE IDEA OF SIMPLE YET JOYFUL LIVING. every new space is a blank canvas isn’t it, that we can call a place of our own through our designs, inspirations and expressions.
i love set 2 for its functionality yet simple design. i can imagine using 2a for trinkets, 3b for a small potted cactus and 3c for a tealight candle! woohoo for the possibilities!
Keep your posts about anything and everything going!



Set 2 would be just perf for flatlays and I’d be sure to share the two with mom and sis 🙂

NANCY kang

Hey There!..WOULD Love To Win Set 1 For My Homeless MONSTERSA Plant.. LOL. Besides The Basket Is A Very Versatile And Functional decor Piece…AND it Really Suits My New Home!

Chen Xinyi

Would love to win Set 2: Gold & Behold tray as we have just moved into our new house and still finding things to decorate our home


I would really like to win set one please. Having just moved into our new home, my husband and i are looking to liven up our home with some greenery. The In Calm Repose Basket Bag would be a really great addition to our home.

Name: Dawn
Email: dawnk.ciai@gmail.com

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