Be Shameless with Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Latest Foundation

We were invited to the Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Shameless Youthful-Look 24-Hour Foundation SPF 25 launch at Capital Zouk last week. This collection is suitably named to serve as a daily reminder to never apologise for being you and for you to show off your skin shamelessly. Hosted by Marc Jacobs Beauty Ambassador Lucy Garland, there were also vivacious performances to accompany the cocktail party!

Remarkably, this 24-hour long wear foundation accommodates all skin tones! There are 29 different shades of foundation to choose from, so swatch your matching shade at any MJB counter at Sephora. Another key highlight about the Shameless foundation is that it promises exceptional hydration. Containing snow mushroom (the organic and au naturel version of hyaluronic acid), and blue daisy extract (to help soothe the effects of environmental stressors), the foundation not only provides coverage, but it will plump and hydrate your skin for a more youthful look.

My verdict? I had it on for 14 hours, and the foundation offers pretty decent coverage. I did not need to touch up my makeup too, so the fact that it is long-lasting is something to rave about! The petite shape of the foundation is ergonomic and easy to grab in your hands, especially if you’re also holding a brush or blender. Indeed, let your best self show – all day long. Thank you Marc Jacobs Beauty!


Priscilla Liu

Contributing Editor

Priscilla here! I’m a firm believer in living meaningfully beyond the now, and extremely excitable when it comes to exploring and doing things new and novel. Sometimes I think there’s an older soul living inside me – hit me up with vintage posters, dresses, oriental anything and everything. My latest penchant is watching Chinese movies (with English subtitles please); colours and prints inspire me as much as fiction and travel!

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