Taiwan Guide – 6 Things To Do In Taichung

In the final edition of my Taiwan adventure for hotels.com, I share with you my list of Top 6 Things to do in Taichung City. This list comprises of cultural spots, tourist attractions, and super trendy boutique establishments.

Taichung city is a 1 hour 15 minute High Speed Rail train ride away from Taipei. I would recommend staying at a hotel within Taichung city for a day, then head out to Sun Moon Lake for another night (or two, depending which you prefer). A day in Taichung will suffice, but if you are keen on hiking any of the Dakeng Trails in Taichung, then perhaps 2 days will be good!


Visit: Chateau In The Air

Address: No.33, Shifen, Dahu Township, Miaoli County 364, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm
Saturday – Sunday, 9am – 7pm

This attraction may be an hour’s drive away from Taichung train station but is (imo) worth the ride. Situated in the hidden forested hills of Maoli County, the main attraction of Chateau in the Air here is the castle named 天堂古堡 (Tian Tang Gu Bao). The choice of foliage seen on the exterior of the castle is the result of collaborative works with artists, and are replaced nearly every season. Tickets retail for NT$200 (~S$9) per person but you get two coupons (worth NT$100 each) to offset your food and drinks purchases at the establishments on-site.

Eat: Wu Wei Tsao Tang Tea House

Address: No. 106, Section 2, Gongyi Road, Nantun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 408
Opening Hours: Daily, 10:30am -9:30pm
For an immersive tea-drinking experience in this \tea-frenzied country, this Cha Yi Guan (Tea Art House) is the place to be. With man-made streams and a large koi pond located within the tea house, the calming and serene atmosphere is a refreshing contrast from the city sights and sounds just outside its doors. Lunch for us were the Salmon Steak Set NT$280 , Vegetarian Hot Pot NT$250 and Soy Sauce Beef Chafing NT$280. Fun Fact: The tea house was named a two-star attraction in the Michelin’s guidebook in 2011!
Visit: Rainbow village

The vivid and colourful paint on the walls of this veterans housing complex in Rainbow Village were painted by former soldier Mr Huang Yong-Fu – all by himself! This tourist attraction almost became a thing of the past until many wrote in to petition against the Taiwanese authority’s initial plans to demolish the housing complex. The elderly man (also known as rainbow grandpa) still calls the mini housing complex his home, so don’t hesitate to donate to upkeep the tourist attraction.
Eat & Read: Bakki handmade

Address: 403, Taiwan, Taichung City, West District, Wuquan West 6th Street 136 Lane 6-1
Opening Hours: Thursday – Monday, 1pm – 6pm
Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

This unassuming establishment also doubles as a library on the second storey, which offers a curated selection of art books. They’re also known for their bread and cakes, so go early before they’re sold out!

Shop: Artqpie Library

Address: No. 135, Zhongmei Street, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 4pm – 8pm
Sunday, 3pm – 6pm, Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays

If you can’t already tell, the name of this gorgeous shop and gallery is a play on the word occupy. (Art-q-pie, get it?) Leave your footwear at the door before entering and keep disruptions to a minimum. Here you can find a collection of photography, art books, zines and homeware by Taiwanese designers.

Eat & Shop: FengJia Night Market: 蔡大明青娃嗑奶+ 五路清蒸蝦仁肉圓+ The Ladywore +

End the night with a visit to one of Taichung’s most happening and buzzing night markets! The one-kilometer long night market is lined with an array of Taiwanese food and snacks. A definite must-try? 蔡大明青娃嗑奶 (Cai Da Ming Qing Wa Za Nai), a drink that does not your usual-bubble tea base: it’s basically filled caramelised pearls with plain milk, but oh so life-changing.

For Taiwanese comfort food: You won’t miss the neon signs at 五路清蒸蝦仁肉圓 (Wu Lu Qing Teng Xia Ren Rou Tuan) proudly displaying their winning dishes. One of their specialty is their award-winning Lu Rou Fan NT$35 – a dollop of braised meat sauce topped over diced pork belly in a mini bowl of rice.

For shopping, I got quite a number of pieces from The LadyWore, they offer affordable clean cut styles, so expect to get a lot of essential basics!


Taiwan has captured my heart once again this trip, I definitely want to re-do this itinerary when I get the time! I hope you enjoyed my 4-part series on Taiwan, this last post concludes my Taiwan trip with hotels.com, where you guys can head on to to book your hotels at exclusive deals and rates! To more travel guides soon!

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