Hair Accessories To Own To Jazz Up Any Hairstyle

Whenever I’m overseas and I go shopping, I like to buy hair accessories that I feel are unique, or hard to find in Singapore. In this blog post, I share with you some of the hair accessories I’ve acquired over the years, and how I wear them! So forget hairbands or scarves, time to change up your hair-drobe!

Gold-Coloured Bobby Pins

I turn to these gold-coloured pins if I want something understated, but still eye-catching enough to give you an overall elegant look. If you have bangs, wear them on the side. If you have longer hair, try pinning your whole fringe to the side!

How to achieve this look:

  1. Take the Dyson Supersonic and the diffuser attachment, on low heat and low speed, dry your hair in a downwards motion from the roots to the ends.
  2. Once completely dry, backcomb the top half of your hair for volume.
  3. Side-part your hair.
  4. Depending on which side you want to pin, leave a one-inch hair section aside. With the remaining amount of hair, twist and roll it upwards, secure with U-shaped pins.
  5. If you have bangs, take a round-shaped comb, and blow dry your fringe inwards with the Dyson Supersonic and its styling attachment.
  6. Secure with your desired pin!


Large Gold-Coloured Statement Pins

For larger or more unique pins (i.e. A cat-shaped one for instance), I sometimes wear them centered on a low bun. This hairstyle will be perfect for a bridesmaid-role, or if you are heading out for a nice picnic!

How to achieve this look:

  1. Apply ­­­­sea-salt spray/ wave spray onto your hair and dry with a diffuser. Scrunch up your hair while drying to create texture and wavy curls.
  2. Split your hair into two sections, twist and roll your hair in an inward motion.
  3. Taking either sections, continue twisting the hair as you secure it with a U-Shaped pin. Don’t lose the curls!
  4. Top it all of with a statement pin, pull some hair strands out for that “ethereal” feel.



I was pretty excited to try these dumbbell-shaped pins because they are so unique. Whenever I wear them out people will always ask where I got them from, and how to wear them. You can wear these pins with atop a low ponytail as well, but for this post, I went for a more elaborate braided-bun. So suited for an engagement photoshoot or a garden wedding!

How to achieve this look:

  1. Apply sea-salt spray onto your hair and dry with a diffuser. Scrunch up your hair while drying to create texture and wavy curls.
  2. Work a French braid into the top half of your hair, secure with a rubber band.
  3. Tuck the end of the French braid in, securing with a U-shaped pin.
  4. Leave two small sections on either side of the braid.
  5. Loop the strands over the braid, secure with either a bobby pin, or a U-shaped pin.
  6. Accessorize with your pins!

In case you were wondering, most of the hairpins were bought from Taipei or Tokyo. If you are in Singapore, trying shopping at COS, they occasionally have really nice and simple hair pins! In Taipei, try the clothing boutiques at Zhongxiao Dong Lu, or Shilin Night Market. When in Tokyo, head to Shibuya 109 or Luminest!


Andrea Chong

I'm Andrea but you can call me Drea, I started this website with the intention of sharing my love for fashion, beauty and travel with all of you! There is more to this site, we have lifestyle-driven articles, some on wellness, fitness, tech, and decor, so go explore around! P.S. Some fun-facts about me: I can always be constantly seen cleaning, and I have too many scented candles for my own good.

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This is a nice hair accessories which is looking beautiful.

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