Sense of Home with John Varvatos Artisan Pure

Fun travel fact: Shanghai has become the ultimate city to go to if you’re on the lookout for beautiful apartments, including this Swiss lodge-inspired one I had the pleasure of staying at for a night. The combination of wooden pillars, hardwood floors, linen-lined sofas, and crisp white sheets had me going “I wish this could be my home forever”.

This sense of home, coupled with the rugged wooden interiors created the perfect setting for our editorial shoot for fashion house John Varvatos’ latest fragrance, Artisan Pure. The apartment at its best, embodies the Artisan Pure ideal: luxury in its most natural form.

The Eau de Toilette draws inspiration from the light, airy natural-tone fabrics of John Varvatos’ latest fashion designs. Combining a revitalizing blend of citrus notes (such as Spanish Lemon, Calabrain Bergamot to name a few), and fresh herbs (Orange Flowers, Coffee Tree Flower, Cardamon, etc.) with a woody base of Orris, Virginian Cedarwood and Primavera Wood from Mexico, there is a conveyance of a natural and laid-back vibe from the scent that is both rugged and luxurious.

To keep to its back-to-nature theme, the bottle’s is designed with a clean, bright and almond hue colour scheme. Sandblasted for a clean, frosted look, the iconic flask bottle is wrapped in durable hand-woven rattan stem. The cap and foot of the bottle is inspired by natural driftwood adding a touch of rugged luxury to the overall design. I mean, if Robinson Crusoe had a scent, this would pretty much be it.

Artisan Pure is available at Takashimaya, Metro (Paragon, Woodlands), Isetan (Tampines), BHG (Bugis) and Sephora (Available from 1st Dec onwards).


In this blog post, we are giving away 3 bottles of Artisan Pure, if you want to win one for
yourself, leave a comment with you Name, Email Address, and why you love this scent!

Congratulations Veronica, Glen and Rebecca!
We will be contacting you shortly 🙂


Andrea Chong

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Sarah Ooi

Hi Andrea! I would love to win me a bottle of Artisan Pure because the scent brings back A lovely memory of a hotel experience I had with my husband! 🙂

Veronica Lee
Hey Drea, I’ve always been a romantic at heart. A lover of candles, scents and all things home decor, this bottle of John Varvatos Artisan Pure would fit right at home among my house plants and home knock knacks. I bought my hubby a John Varvatos Vintage (brown wicker bottle that’s sadly no longer retailing in Singapore) last Valentine’s Day and the new Artisan Pure fragrance would be a seamless match (with the white wicker packaging) beside my husband’s bottle. So yes, we are definitely fans of the brand! Also, its Thanksgiving today.. hence I am thankful for this chance… Read more »
Xueh Wei

Hey Drea, I am exactly the kind of, simple, laid-back person, and this scent with refreshing citrus elements + calming fresh herbs sounds right up my alley 🙂

Rebecca Tung

Hello Andrea!
I love the description of this scent already. I’d very much like to win this scent to bring with me on my upcoming Positano trip, imagining the refreshing notes of citrus & fresh herbs has already got me all excited to pair it with my outfits for the trip. Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to you Drea!

Chu yi

The scent is rather refreshing, and allows one to calm down


hi andrea ! 🙂 I would love to win one of these Artisan Pure because of how it is designed. I like how the combination of scents feel relaxing, it definitely suits my personality !

Glen Tan

Hey Andrea! I’d love to win this as I’d recently participated in a perfumery workshop in France, and since then I’ve gained a huge understanding of the concoction of perfumes and scents. This Eau De Toilette has the array of my favourite layers of scents and citrus notes- it would definitely be a great spray-on for year end Christmas parties!!

Hello Drea! Gotta say the wooden panels and earthly tones to the picture was what attracted me to continue reading the article when I changed upon your photo on your ig. The apartment looks like heaven on earth for an all-things-wood freak like me, and the scent of Artisan Pure described sounds like pure perfection for a nature lover like me. The refreshing way you described the scent also has me wondering should Artisan Pure be suitable for men, it would be the perfect thanksgiving gift for my partner who is 5000 miles away from home, and have him think… Read more »

Citrus and fresh herbs? Yes please! I’m a fan of everything sour and tangy, and I’m often in the kitchen so I’m no stranger to herbs.

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