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This is one beauty review I’m excited to share with you guys about – the Nu Skin ageLOC Me. I recently brought the ageLOC Me (the super sleek device you see in this post) with me on my trip to Greece, and I thought it’d be good to give this product a go while I’m traveling – my skin gets sensitive when it’s in other climates, and especially with a dry and hot climate like that of Greece’s, I get to really see how effective the products are!

The ageLOC Me is essentially a smart device that carries 5 essential airless cartridges for you. The cartridges include a 1) Day Moisturizer with SPF 2) Night Moisturizer 3) 3 Serums that can be customized according to your skin’s needs and preferences. For first-time users, myself included, a general starter kit of 2 moisturizers and 3 serums (which I tried for today’s post) will be issued. After using the ageLOC Me for 2 weeks, you will have to take the ageLOC Me Skin Assessment (more about this later), and a customized regimen will be created just for you!

I know, this smart device may look rather bulky compared to small tubes of moisturizers and serums which you can pack in a Ziploc bag and go. But what I like about the ageLOC Me is products are dispensed via airless cartridges, which means your products don’t get exposed to air, and are kept in its pristine condition. The ageLOC Me also dispenses just the right amount of product onto your hands, and indicates how many doses you have left so you know exactly when to refill your cartridges (this versus my sometimes-feeble attempts at gauging how much moisturizer I need when I’m traveling). Each set of cartridges are meant to last you a month. The ageLOC Me comes with a travel lock feature too, so you will never run into situations where your tubes/ containers leak, situations that have been applied to me one too many times.

As mentioned earlier, it is recommended to take the ageLOC Me Skin Assessment after 2 weeks, so let me touch on experience for the first 14 days.

Before using the ageLOC Me, I remove my makeup with Micellar Water and wash my face with a facial cleanser – two extra products to bring/ have aside from the ageLOC Me. During the day, unlock your ageLOC Me, select the Day Regimen, and a dose of Day Moistruizer and a dose of the serum will be dispensed. Another great thing about the ageLOC Me is you never have to worry about opening and closing tubes and containers of products, simply unlock your device, place your fingers in the archway, and the product gets delivered onto your fingertips when th e machine senses them! The same routine applies for your Night Regimen (the moisturizer dispensed will be the Night one)! While there is a power base (which you need to connect to a wall socket) available, I chose to power my ageLOC Me with 4 x AA Batteries instead since I was traveling, and it has lasted me for the past 2 weeks (and counting!), apparently, it can last for up to 4-5 hours with those batteries, which is a lot since you technically only need the ageLOC Me for 30-60 seconds at any one time!

Results during the first 2 weeks: I felt that the products did great in reducing any redness on my face. I had a really obvious pustule on my forehead, and the products helped reduced the size and visibility of the pustule over 4 days (it got smaller and less red day by day). The texture of the products are non-sticky, and they get absorbed into the skin fairly quickly! I felt that the moisturizers could have been a little bit stronger, my cheeks didn’t feel as supple and soft as they normally would with this formula. But as I’ve mentioned before, the products that I’ve tried for the first 2 weeks are part of a general starter kit, I plan to customize and select a more intense moisturizer during the assessment!

After my 2 week mark, I took the assessment online, where I responded to questions about my daily exposure to pollution and the sun, my skin type and condition, and my preferences regarding fragrance, SPF and moisturizer feel! Since I felt that I could do with a stronger moisturizer, I chose to try a medium cream formula with mineral spf for my day moisturizer (mineral sunscreens have a whitening effect!), which is more richer in texture than the starter kit one. I don’t know if I’m the only one that believes in this, but I feel a richer, dewy moisturizer helps in boosting radiance, especially when you apply makeup after! For my night moisturizer, I stuck to the current “Medium” texture, as the “Intense Cream” – which is the only option after, has an oily finish, and I’m not too keen on having the product get all over my pillow when I sleep!

After completing the assessment, I got my unique code of CV65, where I got a more tailored combination of products: Day T2 Medium Cream Moisturizer with SPF 20, Night K7 Medium cream Moisturizer, and serums Q5 (Firming of Lines and Wrinkles), X9 (Hyperpigmentation), R3 (Cellular Turnover)! All of which, except the Q5 serum, are different from the current starter kit, so I’m hoping for better results in terms of hydration and radiance!

All in all, the ageLOC Me is a great and fun beauty device to try out: it’s easy to use, travel-friendly, portable, hygienic! Give the starter kit a go to see how it works for your skin, then customize it according to your preferences! The good thing is you can always take the assessment again and again, till you get the right combination that meets your needs!

If you’ve tried the ageLOC Me, do let me know what you think, and if you have any questions or need more informaiton, visit ageLOC Me’s website!

Till next time!



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