My Get Ready Routine (Overseas Edition)

Whenever I’m traveling, it’s impossible to bring all my skincare, hair styling tools, and makeup with me. So I make it a point to pack efficiently and only what’s essential. You can bet this list includes all my favourite products rolled into one. We recently went to Bangkok to shoot a F/W 2017 campaign video for Pomelo, so here’s taking you through what my mornings while overseas at work usually looks like!

First 8 minutes: An 8-minute shower that will definitely involves these two products: 1) Facial cleanser – which all of you would already know, I’m not fussy about. 2) Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner because my hair cannot keep colour to save its life. No really, my hair is terrible at keeping colour. Also, recently I just found out certain shampoos I’ve been using can cause breakouts on my skin, especially my hairline area, so if you are experiencing hairline breakouts that will not go away no matter how much product you apply, change your shampoo!

Next 2 minutes: A quick skincare routine that involves my ultimate swear-by moisturizer, Philosophy’s Take A Deep Breath Gel Cream, Calvin Chan Sunscreen, and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. If I’m on the go, then the day mist will do!

Next 8-10 minutes: I must put it out there, my hair is pretty damaged because of the intensive bleaching I’ve done over the past 2 years, so drying my hair can take longer than usual. But with the Dyson Supersonic, my hair dries way faster than usual because of its intense speed and airflow. I also get to minimize damage to my hair with the controllable heat-settings which ensure my hair doesn’t get burned. The other thing I love about the Dyson is its super cool accompanying attachments. There’s one to create volume in your hair and get air to flow through your roots more evenly (don’t ever forget to dry your scalp – I find that if you don’t dry your scalp thoroughly, your hair gets this really oily texture and your scalp and hair will start to smell throughout the day, so dry it well!), and another one for precision-drying, which I use for my fringe (see the gif we created!)

If I have time, I will normally spend another 10 minutes curling my hair with a curling tong, but we’ll skip that for another day!

Next 10 minutes:
I normally do my makeup within 10 minutes – pretty proud of that! – and my recommended list of makeup definitely includes: 1) Lâncome’s Ultra Teint Cushion Foundation (I’m wearing Shade No. 4), 2) Benefit Cosmetics’ Browzings 3) Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara.

And there you have it! My get-ready routine in less than half an hour! If you know me, I’m always about having efficient, simple get ready routines, just because I would rather get out of the house or the hotel as quick as I can to accomplish as much as I can!

Coincidentally, while we were at the photoshoot studio in Bangkok, the hairstylist and I each brought our own Dyson Supersonic to the shoot! I have noticed – ever since the Dyson Supersonic was launched – that it is the hairdryer of choice for all my hairstylists. John Tham from Salon Vim, Dexter and Junie from Hair by Duo, and Pari (lovely freelance hairstylist I mostly get for my events!) all use it while working on my hair, and they never go back to their old hairdryers! So when the moodboard and styling direction for the Pomelo campaign video was “tossled wavy” hair, the hairstylist simply took some texturizing spray, and the Dyson Supersonic, and started grabbing my hair by the bunches to create that “beach hair don’t care” look – a look you can achieve on your own too!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and that you took away some tips – especially hairstyling and hair-related tips! Till next time! x

Andrea Chong

I'm Andrea but you can call me Drea, I started this website with the intention of sharing my love for fashion, beauty and travel with all of you! There is more to this site, we have lifestyle-driven articles, some on wellness, fitness, tech, and decor, so go explore around! P.S. Some fun-facts about me: I can always be constantly seen cleaning, and I have too many scented candles for my own good.

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Hi drea! Just curious but what’s the blonde shampoo and conditioner that you’re currently using?

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