Dior Hydralife

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Dior Hydralife

It’s been a month of hectic traveling (we’ve covered Taipei, Cappadocia, Jaipur, Bawah, and soon, Sri Lanka), and amidst all the hectic scheduling and planning, I find myself enjoying my nights the best. It’s the only time I get to just sit down, have some me-time, and stay in my preferred couch-potato state – which is basically me in raggy comfy clothes my dad keeps telling me to throw out, hair tied up in a bun, and being makeup-free with my skin all prepped with its night-time regime ready for bed.

During my recent Bawah trip, we had such pockets of chill time in between snorkeling excursions and hiking tours around the island, and I made it a point to experience the ultimate “Dior Life” as much as possible, I mean, there is no better place to experience this than a secluded internet-free island 12 hours away from Singapore (2 hours by seaplane when the island officially opens 31 July).

Freedom is a luxury, and the Dior Life campaign is all about cherishing that. Its new Hydralife multi-masking skincare regime sets out to get you to be free – freeing your mind from life’s stresses, freeing your skin from city pollutants and the day’s makeup, and freeing you from the fetters of your workaholic self (very applicable to me). It’s only apt the hashtag #itsmylife is allotted to this campaign.

What I love about the Hydralife products is not just its composition of natural ingredients in their optimal concentration, but the “more with less” philosophy and belief behind the products: that we should all go back to what’s bare, minimal and natural, not just in our lifestyle, but our skin too. With this principle comes with it a desire to pave the way for more accountable and more eco-friendly beauty packaging to – the second thing I love about this Hydralife series – Dior has designed environmentally responsible packaging for its Hydralife products by removing all unnecessary elements (leaflets, corrugated cardboard and cellophane), decreasing the weight of glass, and by using inks predominantly of natural origin.

To “free” your skin and get it back to its natural, glowing state, Dior has designed a 5-step regime featuring its latest Hydralife Micellar Water and multi-masks. I’ve given this regime a try in today’s blog post and here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Cleanse with Micellar Water, using a cotton pad. The Micellar Water removes pollution and makeup residue, and balances the skin for treatment. The water is composed of antioxidant power from Echinacea Flower extracts and natural moisturizing agents to allow the skin to breathe.
  2. Plump your skin with the Smooth Balm Mask. The white pine oil and plumping ingredients in this mask revitalizes the skin, apply in strategic areas (i.e. cheekbones, lip contour, etc.)
  3. Pores away with Pink Clay Mask! Apply on the shiny areas of your face (i.e. nose, forehead, chin) to purify the complexion and minimize the appearance of pores.
  4. Get that glow with the Fresh Jelly Mask: This mask aims to sculpt radiance on the shadow areas of the face (i.e. Top of Forehead, Temples, Hollow of the Cheeks). In just 3 minutes, it works as a 1) gentle peel with fruit acids (lemon, orange, maple and blueberry); and 2) a mechanical scrub with crushed apricot kernel micro-grains.
  5. Complete your Hydralife regime by hydrating with the Sorbet Crème. Enriched in Mallow and Haberlea leaf extracts, the creme instantly nourishes the skin, stimulates its moisturizing ability and reinforces the skin’s balance.

Do experience Dior’s life-changing Hydralife skincare routine. Not life-changing just for your skin, but I do mean life in a general sense of the word: I hope the products and its philosophy resonate with you and will inspire you to feel free. Freedom is truly a luxury, and my only wish for you guys is to seek and attain that luxury in whichever form it takes. x




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