DIY Floral Arrangement with Club Monaco

Always fancied the idea of being a florist? Or giving floral arrangements a go? I’ve partnered with The Floral Atelier and Club Monaco to bring you this super quick and easy floral arrangement tutorial! In this blog post, I’ll be working with 5 different leaf and flower-types, and placing them in a recycled mason jar. The arrangement works as a great accompaniment to your living, work, or personal space. I personally would also gift this to a friend during her birthday, or send it to someone as a gesture of thanks or appreciation!

Materials You Will Need:

  • Recycled Mason Jar (Or you can buy a jar for $2 from Daiso)
  • Flowers
  • Stem Clippers
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Green-Coloured Cable Tie
  • Twine String (Available at IKEA, or Spotlight)
  • Decorative Ribbon with Lace (Available at Spotlight)

I’ve picked the following for today’s tutorial: (From left to right) Mahonia Leaf, , White Baby Daisies, Ivory Roses, Green Viburum, White Eustomas


  1. Work with a theme in mind so that you have a general idea of what colours and flowers to use. Here, I achieved a casual-elegant colour palette of whites and greens with spurts of sunshine yellows.
  2. Fill ⅓ of the mason jar with water.
  3. Remove leaves from the bottom-part of the stems, we do not want them in the jar.
  4. Arrange the flowers and leaves you’ve picked out to your liking.
  5. Secure your final arrangement with a cable tie.
  6. Cut the stem to suit the height of the vase, it is best if the arrangement just sits slightly above the mouth of the jar, to give a fuller appearance to the vase arrangement.
  7. Embellish your mason jar with any decorative ribbons and double-sided tape, and your flower bouquet is complete!

Tip: Let your blooms be the focal piece. Place any greenery at the corners, nicely spaced out and curled to create an elegant wall.

Tip: Rotate your arrangement to ensure it looks cohesive at all sides.

I hope you found this blog post useful, share with us what some of your favourite flowers are, and hopefully we can come up with another arrangement for that as well!

Andrea Chong

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