The Must-Haves of CNY

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CNY Must-haves: How to incorporate auspicious symbols!

The Must-Haves of CNY

Chinese New Year is approaching , which means you’ll spend the days house-visiting and nights playing mahjong and “Ban-Luck” (Chinese Blackjack). We compile a list of essential clothing items for the new year festivities- featuring romantic blush tones and adorable pineapple prints. Injecting auspicious colours or elements into your ensemble doesn’t have to be dull: play with various fabrics like satin and silk, or experiment with shades and tones to add dimension to your outfit.

We love a statement piece, and what better way to start the new year than with some auspicious “Ong Lai” (Pineapple in Hokkien) on you? Pineapples are known to be symbols of wealth for Chinese New Year, so let this usher in more fortune and wealth for all of us!

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