Introducing: VisaPure Essential, VisaCare, VisaBoost

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Introducing the must-have Philips Beauty tools to have in your beauty regime this 2017!

Introducing: VisaPure Essential, VisaCare, VisaBoost

Try this for a New Year’s resolution: taking good care of your skin. Be stylish as much as you want, but having good skin trumps all – your face is your first impression! I’ve shared that ever since I’ve started practicing good skincare hygiene circa early 2016, my skin has improved dramatically. I have also shared extensively on the blog how good Philips Beauty’s superstar product VisaPure Advanced can be your facial-to-go tool to achieve better, healthier-looking skin. In today’s blog post, I’ll be introducing three other Philips Beauty skincare tools you may or may not have heard about!

VisaPure Essential – Use twice daily

How this is different from the VisaPure Advanced is it does not come with the “Fresh Eyes” and “Revitalising Massage” attachments. So if you feel like an electronic facial cleanser is sufficient for you, then try the VisaPure Essential – it just comes with two cleansing attachments meant to clean and get rid of all dirt and makeup on your face.

It is so important to remove all traces of impurities on your face at the end of the day. In order to make sure you have everything removed, try swiping your face with toner or micellar water to see if there is any remaning dirt left!

In case you missed it, I did a whole skincare regime video for Philips earlier on this month, check it out here.

VisaCare – Use twice a week

To those who frequent facial clinics or spas, you may be familiar with the term “microdermabrasion”. The process basically involves removing a layer of dead skin cells, so your skin can naturally regenerate new skin cells, which will make your face look more radiant and youthful!

The VisaCare tool basically adopts the above technique, and allows you to skip the trip to your facial, so you can conduct your own microdermasion session from the comfort of your home!

VisaBoost – Use nightly

Besides cleansing, moisturising is so important! I use Philosophy’s “Take A Deep Breath” twice daily and I’ve seen such drastic improvement to the point where I will never take moisturising for granted ever.

To help the absorpotion of your favourite moisturising product into your skin, try the VisaBoost, the ultrasound and vibration technology that comes with the skincare tool helps by making sure your essential skincare products goes into the deeper layers of your skin!

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