DIY Spray Paint: Spruce Up Your Space With Just Spray Paint

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‘Upcycling’ your everyday items with a golden touch!

DIY Spray Paint: Spruce Up Your Space With Just Spray Paint

It’s a new year, so that means it’s time for a refreshed living space! You’d be surprised at how some spring-cleaning or sprucing up can drastically change your mood! I mean, don’t we all get that inspired and invigorated feeling by looking at a space or that reflects your personal aesthetic?

In this blog post, we introduce a very cost-effective way to spruce up your space, be it the study or the bedroom: Spray-Painting!

We spray paint a couple of everyday items to give your room a more decorated appeal. Most of the items in this blog post can be found in Daiso, Muji, and IKEA, and costs about $3-4 on average (minus the clothing rack from IKEA). Why spray-paint you might ask? It dries fast, provides a smooth finish and saves time!

Before starting, think about a theme or a colour scheme you would like to go for. We opted for feminine hues like rose gold, bronze and gold.

If you prefer a vibrant or bold effect, go for complementary colours (i.e. Red & Green, or Blue & Yellow). Use the colour wheel as a guide.

Masking tape, newspapers, spray paint, plastic table cloth, plastic gloves

Before starting, make sure to cover wherever you’re painting with newspapers. Have a 10-15cm space between the object and the spray can to ensure an even coating. Leave to dry once you get a pigmented layer. Once dry, repeat spraying process till desired colour comes through.

Clips from Typo; Book Stand from IKEA; Grid, Pencils, Pencil Holder and Plate from Daiso

Add personal touches to your study by including photographs or memorabilia like concert tickets. Use your coffee table books/magazines for decor too.

Tray, Watering Can from Daiso; Hangers from IKEA; and Lotion Bottle from Muji


We hope this blog post was useful in helping you think of ways to elevate your space! Spray-painting is affordable – a can of paint costs less than $10, and you can paint existing items you own – and can be a fun weekend project with your siblings, friends or loved ones! If you love this DIY idea and would love to see more, leave a comment below! x

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Brandon tan

Hi, where do you buy the rose gold spray cans from?

Mackenzie Ross

Wow, it is very fun and easy to do, and it works great.