Heritage Suites Hotel Siem Reap – Exploring Cambodia

4 October, 2016   |    2 Comments    |   

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2 Comments on "Heritage Suites Hotel Siem Reap – Exploring Cambodia"

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These photos are breathtakingly beautiful. I wish I can wake up early like you did, but it’s soooo hard :/ Thanks for your suggestions, Beng Mealea is on my list now!



Wow! Realy great photos. We have friends living in Siem Reap and were planning to go back in September but unfortunately had to cancel in the last minute. From the look of it, we definitely need to make it there soon. I especially like your photos at Beng Melea where it looks like you were the first one to re-discover the temple. I heard the food is great in Siem Reap as well. Any suggestions?