Taipei with Philosophy

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Taipei with Philosophy


philosophy‘s new beauty aim: give your mind, and your skin, a moment to breathe. It was all about finding that inner peace in “me” time, and giving my body a breather during my recent trip to Taiwan with philosophy. The skincare brand planned a wellness retreat at Taichung’s Sun Moon Lake to celebrate the launch of their oxegenating skincare series, Take A Deep Breath, which now comes in an eye cream, and a larger oil-free form for the face.

The campaign message is #dontforgettobreathe – this skincare series is perfect for anyone leading fast-paced lifestyles in congested cities. The creams are made with clean-air technology (a photosynthesised barley leaf extract), which means oxygen is delivered onto the skin to keep it hydrated, energized, radiant and protected from pollution so it can breathe freely. If you feel like you’ve been in the air-conditioned office the whole day, or if you’ve been exposed to fumes and pollution smog from city life, then this moisturiser is perfect for you.


During the wellness retreat, apart from getting taught yoga by the picturesque Sun Moon Lake with celebrity Taiwanese Yoga Instructor, Lulu Lao Shi, I got the chance to interview philosophy’s Head of Scientific Communications Muriel Pujo. I go skin-deep – literally – with Muriel in this short interview with her:

Me: Tell us about the inspiration behind the Take A Deep Breath series
Muriel: The inspiration was to really address the problems faced by the urban skin, we had women complaining about their stressful lifestyles and environments, and how that in turn affects their skin. Because of pollution as well, they feel like their skin is not as good as it can be. We wanted then to bring to them something natural and include properties of nature, because nature is the main provider of oxygen.

Me: Take us through the science behind what happens when more oxygen is released into the skin.
Muriel: When the skin is oxygenated, the oxygen has the ability to improve energy synthesis of the cells. When the cells have more energy, they are able to boost their normal metabolism and eliminate what is bad. Our cells need oxygen for reproducing and replicating as well, and when they have oxygen, tissue density is improved. Our skin also needs more oxygen when the environment is polluted, as cells will need to boost their synthesis to produce antioxidant enzymes to defend themselves from pollutants.

My personal review of the gel cream

I love the fact that the gel cream is intensely hydrating, and has chlorophyllic properties in it so your skin constantly stays oxygenated. I’ve used the moisturiser everyday, twice daily, for close to a month now and it has does wonders to boost the radiance and hydration of my skin. It is definitely one of the best beauty products I’ve tried this 2016!

24 hours in Taipei

We had some time in Taipei after the philosophy retreat, and we found some really cool Instagram-worthy spots! Here are my recommendations on where to go, eat, shop, and stay if you are in Taipei for a bit!

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hello would just like to know what camera or phone you use to take your pics? thx !