Yunomori Onsen Singapore

I tried out the spa earlier this week and I loved it! Once you enter Yunomori you will be asked to place your shoes in your own private shoe locker, afterwhich you will proceed to the receptionist to register and get your own tag, which will: give you access to your own locker, “store” your purchases from the Yunomori café, and help keep track of your massage appointments (if any). Perhaps the best thing about Yunomori has always been its accessible price points, in their Singapore branch, for $38, you can spend the whole day in Yunomori and enjoy the gender-seperated onsen, relaxation room, and shower facilities for as long as you want. Additional charges apply for the café and massages.

*If you’re going with your significant other, do note that the Onsen is gender-specific, but massage treatments come with ‘couple room’ options.


To celebrate the opening of Yunomori, we’re giving away 5 pairs of Onsen passes. These passes will allow you to stay in Yunomori for the entire day, you can hop into the onsen anytime and for as long as you like. You will have to pay for your own meals at the Yunomori Café, and for any massage treatments. Otherwise, if I were you, I’d bring a book or a laptop and just relax at the dressing area or the relaxation room in between my onsen sessions!

In order to win a pair of Onsen passes for yourself, simply leave a comment in this blog post with your Name, Age, Email Address, and Reason for why you would like to win. Winners will be announced by the 8th July 2016. x

*** Update 8 July 2016 ***: Thank you everyone for participating in the Yunomori Onsen giveaway!
The five winners of the complimentary passes are:

Sharon Woo
Jesz Ang
Jessica Tan
Vera Chua
Mona Tan

Winners will be contacted via email. Thank you everyone once again! x – Drea

Andrea Chong

I'm Andrea but you can call me Drea, I started this website with the intention of sharing my love for fashion, beauty and travel with all of you! There is more to this site, we have lifestyle-driven articles, some on wellness, fitness, tech, and decor, so go explore around! P.S. Some fun-facts about me: I can always be constantly seen cleaning, and I have too many scented candles for my own good.

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Annabel Huang

A 23 year old who wish to spend a day of relaxation with my other half at Yunomori Singapore. ?✨

lee su ling

Lee Su Ling, 22,,
I would absolutely love to win a pair of tickets for my mum and I to head down to an Onsen spa! We wanted to try it in Bangkok the last time but due to some clashes in schedule we had to cancel our booking. Now that it’s less than a 10 minute drive for my place, it would be a lovely opportunity and chance for my mum and I to bond and catch up (:

Berlindia ong

I want to win this for a spa session soon with my Best Friend because her birthday is coming soon!! And I love this place when I visited it at Bangkok the other time !!!
I hope I win this omg!<3 Berlindia, 18 years old


Name: June Lim
Age: 21
Reason for why I would like to win: Would definitely enjoy a day over there to detox and relax myself, personally never been to any Japanese hot spring before so would like to take this opportunity to!

Marissa Tang

Marissa Tang, 23.

I’d like to win a pair of passes so I can bring my significant other and I to a birthday treat this month! We both just started work and I think having a day at the Onsen will relief quite a bit of stress and tension! It would be a relaxing day out on our birthdays, to catch up, enjoy each other’s company and be rejuvenated!!!

Amanda, 24

Hi Drea!!! I’ve actually never been to an onsen before and would absolutely love the chance to visit one in Singapore. I would bring my mother, who would be able to benefit from the spas offered – I hear that they are perfect for relaxation and unwinding, which is exactly what my overworked mom and I really need 🙂

Jessica Tan

Jessica Tan, 24

Working in the social services and being on call almost 24/7 keeps me constantly on my toes and unable to really take a break unless I take a trip out overseas. I wouldn’t trade this emotional roller coaster of a job with anything just yet because I love working with people, but a day to shut down and relax my mind together with my loved ones is all I really need once in a while. Crossing my fingers!


Cheryl, 23, i would like to win the pass so that i can bring my mother whos working as a nurse out for a relaxing day on her off-day 🙂

Goh Mei Hui

Dear Andrea,

I would love to win a pair of Onsen passes to Yunomori so that my best friend and I can pamper ourselves using the facilities there!:) And especially since we have not tried soaking in an onsen before, this would definitely be an amazing experience!:)

Thank you!:))


Onsen Passes

My mum passed on Xmas day. Wanted to end my life without my mum. God gave me a wife that depressing period and she us there for me everyday. Not easy but I am still recovery. I have not done much for my wife. Your pass will make her happy.

HI ! i would love to win these passes to the Onsen ! My Husband to be and I went once in Bangkok and we love it! we are about to get married on 9th July and this will be the best gift ever for him if i could surprise him with this. we are having the hardest time organising the wedding with all my work trips overseas and only coming back 3 days before the wedding. hes been working so hard to get this wedding organised for us. I really wanna thank him for all his hard work and… Read more »
Norine Liana Juri

Norine liana juri (24)
Would like to try out a new experience and rejuvenate after a long week of work and school.

Sze Rong

Hey!! I would really love to win this ticket to pamper my mum who has been working really hard. It would be great if I could give her this chance to relax especially since she really really loves onsen & spa!! 🙂


I’m turning 20 this year, and would love to win a pair of Onsen passes to indulge on my birthday! I fell in love with onsens in Japan, and being rather caught up with school/work, it is not often that i can travel to japan. It would be amazing to experience onsen in Singapore and perhaps I will fall in love with it even more 🙂


Name: Rez
Age: 26

Wohoo! Working is tiring. Working is stressful. I need a break. I need to pamper myself and give myself a little reward for staying strong and positive! 🙂

Fion Loke

Dear Andrea, if I win the Onsen Pass, I will bring my mummy to try out all the different pools , especially after so many hours of standing in her everyday job, its good that she can relax and refresh herself.

Name: Fion Loke
Age: 31

Tan Wan Lu

Name: Tan Wan Lu
Email Address:
Reason: Hello Drea, i would love to win these passes as my mum’s birthday is around the corner. I thought that
it would be great if i can bring her along for this pampering session. thank you for holding this giveaway 🙂

Yong Jia Wei

Yong Jia Wei

I wanted to win this giveaway as I wanted to give this onsen a try and since this is giving a pair, I will be able to go with my friend and enjoy it together. ☺

Ho Xiu Xian

Name: Ho Xiu Xian
Age: 23
Reason: I have heard so much about Yunomori, and it definitely seems like the perfect place to wind down. More importantly, my partner has been working almost everyday for the past four months, and he could do with a relaxing afternoon in Yunomori, while enjoying the amazing facilities that they have to offer. We sincerely hope to be given the chance to experience the onsen session that is uniquely Japanese, right at the heart of Singapore 🙂

Lim Jun En

I want to Win a pair of onsen passed because I’ve never been to Spa and I wanna relax my body after hectic time at work!



Yufei, 19

I hope I can win a pair of onsen passes for my parents. Mainly because they have never experience such a luxury spa contentment. It has been an exhausting year for my parents and i hope this little bit of surprise can wash away their fatigue and enjoy a day called, their own little “honeymoon”.


Would definitely need a break after a hectic & tiring 30 hours shift in hospital without sleep! I need it! :):):)

Sheryl ho

Hi i would like to win one pair of onsen passes so that my boyfriend and i could experience this, my boyfriend and i are currently in a long distance relationship and he will be here in singapore till 22nd of july, really hope i can win this so i can bring him to yunomori to relax ! Thank you 🙂 x
– sheryl age 23

Celestine Heng

Celestine Heng, 22,

I would like to win as I’ve always wanted to try the onsen experience with my best girlfriend! I can imagine how relaxing and therapeutic it will be! It will be able to relieve the stress we have from our hectic working schedules! ??


Monica, 23,
Hi Drea, I’d like to win the Onsen passes cos I miss going to the Onsen so much. My last Onsen experience was in Spaland in Busan, Korea about two months ago and my friends and I were jokingly saying how awesome it’d be if an onsen were to open in Singapore complete with food and massages. So this is like a dream come true! :”) Plus I really like how they allow some form of clothing inside to cater to conservative Singaporeans 🙂


hello Drea! I will like to win because i’ll be giving the tickets to my parents as appreciation for standing by me. also a form of advanced anniversary gift! parents have been grounded in Singapore cuz of my sister’s O levels, so hope this can allow them to wind down and chill. 🙂

Nuraidawati Abidin

I never been to an onsen and this is pretty much the nearest i can go to. Can’t wait to just relax and detox!
-Wati, 26

Ethel Lim


My name is Ethel and 22 this year!
I hope to win this for my best friend and give it to her as a graduation gift. I believe this is a perfect gift for her as she is always so serious and stress. It would be great if she could unwind a little before taking on the working life. A little girly time together would be great to go a long way!


I want to win this giveaway because I never been to Onsen before. I wanted to experience like how anime character had onsen. As it is Beneficial for your health and skin. Very relaxing and calming for after Long day of work.
-SJ, 19

Sabrina, 23

Thanks for holding this giveaway 🙂 I’d love to win a pair of passes to bring my best friend out for a lovely day of pampering as we’ve both never been to an onsen before and this would be the perfect place for some much-needed rest and relaxation.


Hi drea !

I wanna win this pair of onsen passes so I can bring my best Fren along as she is nursing a break up .

Hope to win.

Age 31


This looks amazing and i think my mom would love it as some mom-daughter bonding time. Hoping we win this awesome pampering session!

Lisa Loo

Lisa Loo 24
Hi Drea, would love to win this much needed spa to relax my tiring soul and my mind after working 6/7 of the week with my sister. Enjoy reading your blog 🙂 thxs xx !

Angelina Chong

Hello Andrea!! I really really hope to win a pair of passes because it’s an experience I ‘d never had before! The whole Onsen idea sound really relaxing and what better way of knowing so I have to try it myself!!

Thank you!

Angelina, 22,

nadiah so

Nadiah, 24, Half the year has passed by so quickly, would love to try Onsen spa. Little time off from work and wedding preps. <3


Would love to receive a free pass to this onsen as I have never enjoyed any sort of spa treatments and also I am in dire need of a relaxation! Thank you for this giveaway! 🙂

Jesslin Tan, 22,

Luanne Tan

Hi!! I’m Luanne, 23 this year! I would rly like to win this giveaway as I want to surprise my Mother with these tickets so that she can take a much needed break from work and relax at this famous Yunomori facility!! I’ve heard much about onsen and would really love to try it with my mom so that we can have some lovely bonding time as well 🙂

Jayne Chin

Hi Drea, I would like to win a pair of Onsen passes. My hubby and I got married just a month ago and due to our work and busy schedule, we could not make it for a honeymoon trip now. So winning this pass could simply bring us to heaven and back, spending couple time and just relaxing. We’ll definitely be in the massage!!

Name: Jayne
Age: 30


Name: evonne
Age: 25
Reason: Being in service line, often listen to the complaints & orders yet have to face with smile & calm heart. Its stressful enough to reward myself with onsen visit, enjoy, relax & recharge myself. Release all the negatives & charge with positives to face everyday’s new challenge & peoples


Would really love to have some great onsen relaxation time with my girl friend in the midst of our crazy work schedules! Thank you 🙂 x

Gemma, 27

Jaime chan

Hope to win this as my birthday treat with my mummies Friends instead of the usual dinner and bingeing ! Because I turn 38 on Tuesday 5th July !

Jaime Chan 38

Joycelyn Chia

Name: Joycelyn Chia
Age: 21

Reason: Since the university holidays are ending, I absolutely love to win a pair of Onsen pass to Yunomori Onsen Singapore to have a good relaxation session to rejuvenate and prepare myself for the new semester that’s coming up ahead! As an athlete, the onsen session will also be useful in helping me to reduce the muscle aches and tension that has built up in my body from exercising 🙂

Thanks Drea!

Joycelyn Chia

I would* absolutely :p


My name is Hazel and I’m 24. I would love to win a pair of passes for my boyfriend and self!! He has been very stressed lately and spas/massages are one of his favourite relaxation activities. Please give me the opportunity to surprise him with a day of luxury and relaxation!


Hi Andrea!

I’m huimin 23 this year. I would love to win a pair of tickets for my mum and myself. I’m always looking around for ideas for my mum to relax and enjoy, and since she is afraid of taking planes i can’t travel with her. So by now, i’m running out of ideas to spend time with her, i hope that with these tickets i’ll be able to spend some quality time with her. Love to hear from you soon!



The two reasons why I would love to win the onsen are:
1. I have always envied my friends who posted their lovely trips to Onsen and never got to visit it because there wasn’t any Onsen in this HOT Singapore.

2. Growing up in a fast pace environment in Singapore, I never really get to relax myself in this beautiful city. This Onsen opportunity is an excellent choice for me to slow my pace down and relax with all the massages available in Yunomori and enjoying the Onsen. This is totally killing 2 birds with one stone.

Name: Samantha
Age: 24


Hi Andrea!! Really wish I can win this thing so I can enjoy a day w my partner. We have been spending too much of our time shopping in malls, maybe a change would be good?(;

Anyways, I’m Veronica.22years

Genevieve Ang

Genevieve Ang (Age:32)

Heard so much about Yunomori and would like to visit the place with my girlfriend for a girl’s day out. It’ll be a nice break away from work for a day to rest & relax and to do some catching up!


Hi Andrea! Would love the pair of onsen passes for an amazingly good time with my wonderful mom as we rest up at an onsen. Working has aged us so we want to be revitalized and continue working hard and charging forward.
Claire, 22

Soh Ming Zhu


I would love to win the pair of Onsen passes for myself, so that I can bring my friend along!
Both of us have been working hard this year and we have met our downs together. And i would like to take this opportunity to bring her for a day of relaxation!

I have done a little research on the Spa. And find that it has healing properties; detoxify and relax body, which is suitable for us, workaholics in this busy city. I hope we can take this chance/time to slow down our fast paced life!

Hope to get the giveaway!

william p samara

first time visiting your blog, andrea. and first to comment! 😀 cool stuff

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