Exploring South Australia (Part 3)

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Exploring South Australia (Part 3)

Besides the scenic hills and wineries of the Barossa, or the natural wonders of Kangaroo Island, Adelaide city is not to be missed nor neglected! There is a hip and vibrant café-scene you wish Singapore had, situated in the alleyways of Adelaide city. There are also enough shops to have me unleash my inner shopaholic, my particular favourites will have to be Aussie labels Bardot, Zimmermann, and Fashion Bunker.

If you are foodie, you have to embark on a Adelaide Central Market Tour! As you can tell from the images from this blog post, there is just SO MUCH food to try. Guides from the tour will personally bring you through the stalls at the market, and let you try a variety of food from Australian-grown products, Kangaroo Meat from the butcher, to the most amazing Pirags (pastry pillows filled with Bacon and Onion) from The Latvian Lunchroom, and the best button mushrooms marinated with Porcini Salt. I was half wishing my foodie boyfriend was there with me, but alas, small-stomach me can only handle so much!

After the Adelaide Central Market Tour, we embarked on a Australian version of a Trishaw – the EcoCaddy – for a tour around the city. It’s a really intimate and eco-friendly way of getting to know Adelaide city. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable about all the hipster-ish coffeeshops and around Adelaide, and the saved us all the trouble of google-ing places to eat and chill by bringing us through all the main shopping streets and quiet seemingly-nondescript alleyways of Adelaide. This tour is the best option to go for if you 1) are not driving 2) are unwilling to pay for parking 3) feel like walking will take too much effort and you’d rather go on an EcoCaddy so you hunt down the best spots (perfect for me, since I like to travel efficiently).

I hope you have enjoyed my South Australia postings the past few weeks and I hope the images Daryl and I have shot have and will inspire you to want to travel down-under. As always with all my travel posts, our list and recommendations are not exhaustive, and I believe there is still so much South Australia has to offer. If you have more recommendations, leave a comment in the blog post and share it with me!



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