Ariana Grande for M.A.C Viva Glam

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Ariana Grande for M.A.C Viva Glam

1. What’s the best part about being a VIVA GLAM spokesperson?

Being able to work with a company which has done so much for the LGBT community over the years, I think most of my followers and fans know that [LGBT Rights] is important to me. [I am also honoured] to be in such great company – the previous VIVA GLAM [ambassadors] that have been part of this campaign have been so amazing.

2. How did you end up picking the colours for your lipsticks? Where do you get your inspiration from?

The [latest Fuchsia colour] is kind of similar to [the one] I wore in the ‘Bang Bang’ video. I remember that colour was just so fun, and it was so different. It was really fun to play up that type of my personality and sort of try something different. I wanted to do something like that. I also love the contrast between this colour and the darker plum colour because I love doing things differently.

The cool thing is each of the lipsticks is paired with a gloss that is kind of the opposite. The dark lipstick is paired with a really sweet, lighter-looking gloss; and this [Fuchsia] pink is paired with a really cool, subdued nude colour.

3. Speaking of lipsticks and moods, you said that you like certain shades because they make you feel a certain way. What does lipstick do for you and for most women?

The cool thing about lipsticks, makeup and fashion is that it all goes hand in hand. I think that when you put on an outfit, you put on something that makes you feel good. And you accessorise with your makeup because you can get to express yourself. It puts up a vibe. When people see you and they see a statement lip they will be like, “oh that girl’s cool”, you know what I mean? Or you know they see a cute pink gloss, “oh she’s sweet, that looks nice”.

4. Are you ever without lipstick?

Yes, of course! Everyone has to have a natural time when they sort of take it all off, let your face breathe and feel beautiful without it. Of course, women are just as beautiful with makeup too. A lot of people say “oh you don’t need all that makeup” but you know, it’s a choice. Just because we like makeup doesn’t mean we don’t like being without it. And I like both!

5. You travel a lot. What is your one beauty travel essential?

Lots of good moisturisers You get so dry travelling, and it’s important to stay hydrated. I drink a lot of water. I also drink a lot of green tea and coffee [which makes you dehydrated] so I have to drink MORE water. So it’s important to take care of your skin from the inside out. Lots of water and lots of coconut oil on your skin is so good.

6. What do you do in your free time?

I’ve been on a reading kick lately, it’s a really healthy hobby. Also, I love nature. Anytime I get to go spend time with my pups or like go on a hike or go on a cool trail, I love that, that’s my favourite.

7. Any favourite hiking trails?

I used to – when I first moved up to LA – really like Runyon Canyon, but it [has] just become [this] “cool” thing, and now everyone’s there and they all take selfies at the top. It’s not cool anymore; it’s not what it’s about. It’s about nature. When I was on tour, Portland is a really beautiful place to go hiking. And [Portland] is one of my favourite places in the States that I’ve visited, I went to really great art museum there and the nature is so beautiful and there’s like lots of great opportunities to explore there.

8. What do value most in your friendships and relationships with people?

[My friends and family] keep me so grounded and so humble, and they kick my ass whenever I get out of line, you know? In my line of work, it’s so hard to be yourself. You are under so much scrutiny and there are so many people [and strangers] telling you to change things about yourself, [going] “eh, I don’t like this and that”. So it’s so important to have such a great support group of friends and family, people who trust you and people who will keep you healthy and sane and grounded, humble and you know, like I said, kick your ass if you ever get out of line. I owe everything to my friends and family. As Drake would say, “no new friends”.

9. What gets you upset?

Negativity, of all kinds. Violence. I’ve been really affected this week by the shootings in Orlando and of course, [Christina Grimmie’s passing]. That takes a really huge toll on me, and it’s very scary. I’m a very sensitive person and I’m an empath, I’m a Cancer. When I feel something I feel it hard, I feel it very deeply. That has been very heavy on my mind and on my heart all week this week and it’s definitely affected every minute of every day. It’s very scary. We live in a world where there is a lot of hate that needs to be addressed.

10. And what would you like to say to all these negativity and haters?

It’s not the answer. I’m sorry but it’s not. You will never be rewarded by hating someone, from hating, [and] you will never be rewarded for hating someone. Love is the absolute, only answer. Your intolerance, your judgment, your hatred will never be rewarded. That is just never going to happen. All I can do is sit here and like spread my message, and tell people to be more compassionate, tell people to be more accepting and loving.

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What an amazing opportunity! Congrats! So exciting. Her music is awesome and I love MAC. They originate from Toronto my home town and have greatly respected them for decades since the proceeds of their Viva Glam goes to AIDS research. Seriously amazing company.



She is so lovely! I am so happy for you for the wonderful opportunity too! XOXO