Route Less Travelled

Hat: From Bangkok
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: The Tinsel Rack

Sometimes, taking the road less travelled, or making the wrong turn can happen to be a blessing in disguise. Cycling en route to a waterfall within the vicinity of our Chiangmai countryside Airbnb, the group of us took a wrong turn which turned what was supposed to be a 20 minute journey, into a 40 minute one. Alas, life always has something up its sleeves and we stumbled across this rather picturesque padi field and wheat farm.

I would highly recommend opting for a countryside guest house rather than a swanky five-star hotel when it comes to accommodation because 1) you get to meet locals 2) you get to experience living like the locals 3) you get to experience the non-touristy side of a place! As you can tell, barefoot me felt really at home and relaxed.

Today’s outfit features a The Tinsel Rack pleated skirt. x


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