Padi Field Sunset

Dress: Fash Mob

Cliche as it sounds, 2016 marks the start of a fresh new beginning for me. I’ve made a resolution to embark on trips and projects that are a true reflection of my personality – not that I haven’t, but towards the end of 2015 I sort of had a clarity in my vision and direction of where and how I want to pursue I want to build content that is me personified, I want to go to places where I want to go (2016 is my Asian-Invasion year!), and I want to share information that you as readers would want to know as well.

With that goal and belief in mind, I embarked on my first ever trip in 2016: to Chiangmai, Thailand. I’ve been to Chiangmai two years ago (how time flies!) and I’ve always loved the laid-back nature aspect of it. In my previous trip, we went to hot springs and rode on Bamboo rafts along one of Pai’s rivers, in this trip, we explore padi fields and treehouses (check out the next blog post for images of the treehouse!).

This dress from Fash Mob was shot at the padi fields of Four Seasons Chiangmai. We actually lived in an Airbnb 10 minutes away from FS Chiangmai, but since I heard that sunsets over the FS padi field were pretty awesome, the group of us decided to head to FS to catch the sunset and have an early dinner there. It was serenity at its finest if I must say.

Drea x

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