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When I told friends I stayed in an Art Gallery during my Bangkok trip in June, a lot of them were perplexed and intrigued at the same time. (Can you even live in an Art Gallery?!) To clarify things, the art studio – owned by a French guy named Thomas – is housed in a 3-storey building, with the third floor converted into an apartment which Thomas Airbnbs out to guests!

As you would already know if you follow me on my travels, I Airbnb a lot. But this marks my first time booking on Airbnb in Bangkok! I’ve always opted to stay in hotels in Bangkok because 1) hotels are relatively cheap in Bangkok, and 2) I prefer to be situated near the Sukhumvit area so that I can get to shopping destinations more quickly.

As usual, Airbnb always proves me wrong and I am definitely opting to Airbnb whenever I go now, especially after scrolling through all the spacious Instagram/ Pinterest-worthy apartments available (I’ve created a wish list of all my favourite picturesque Bangkok Airbnb apartments). Plus, my misconception that anything outside of Sukhumvit would be too far for me was debunked. This apartment is situated near the Chao Phraya river, which is about a 20 minute drive to the central Platinum Mall area, which would be considered ‘far’ for people looking to shop or hang around the Siam area. But with taxis and cabs being so affordable, and essentially, what is a 20-minute ride but the same time taken to edit one or two Instagram pictures?! Traveling to the central area where we spent most of our holiday at was a breeze!

The great thing about this apartment, was that we got to experience a different kind of apartment living, who knew we could stay in an art studio?! While there weren’t any exhibitions open and ready to the public concurrently during our stay, we got to hang around tons of art work and previous exhibition pieces which definitely served as good enrichment for the cultural side of our soul. We stayed at a pretty localised area as well, which meant we got to experience tons of yummy non-commercialised local street food – as you can tell above, we got fresh coconut ice cream from a push-cart vendor!

All in all, a wonderful stay! Sara and I truly felt at home and we definitely wouldn’t mind staying in this unique apartment the next time we’re back in Bangkok. Be sure to follow me on my Airbnb adventures using the hashtag #dreaairbnb when on Instagram! x

Photography by me, photos of me by Sara. 


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