Equipment Update – Touro

Touro S

For anyone who’s wondering what kind of equipment I use for blogging and social media postings, here’s a quick FAQ session. I’m primarily either using my iPhone 6 or, my a Canon 5D Mark II. My preferred lenses would range from a 50mm, a 35mm, to a 24-70mm, or a 200mm! To store all the huge amount of photos (in terms of both quantity and file size) whenever I’m on the go, I am deeply reliant on portable hard drives to secure and store my files. Remember the old adage “back up your files on a cloud storage/ external hard drive? FOLLOW IT. You will rue the day you lose important documents without backing them up, I’ve been there and it’s ugly.

Am recommending HGST’s latest stylish portable hard drive – the Touro S – in today’s post. Be it at home, at a shoot, or at a cafe, I always have my hard drive with me (I have this slight paranoia of not having my files with me should I need them urgently). The Touro S has 1TB of memory, which is especially useful for me since I usually shoot 30 GB per week whenever I’m overseas. The hard drive is also equipped with USB 3.0 interface and 7200RPM (usually hard drives come with 5400 RPM), which means transfer from my CF Card to my Touro S is so fast, quick and effortless, gone are the days of sitting in front of my laptop for hours waiting for files to be transferred.

The Touro S is available in all major tech stores, and comes in 4 fashionable colours.


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