Dress: The Tinsel Rack
Earrings: Lovisa
Sandals: From Taiwan

After spending 4 days in Zagora/ the Sahara Desert/ the Atlas Mountains, Amanda, our driver Youssef, and I are back in Marrakech to finish what we have not yet conquered: the old medina of Marrakech. The Medina is full of life, it’s home to several mosques, souks (artisan shops), tanneries, a palace, and even a university. We had to hire a local guide to bring us around the medina (local laws state that only local guides can conduct guided tours, since Youssef is from Casablanca, he wasn’t able to bring us), and Youssef introduced us to Abdullah, a tour guide by day, and philosopher by night. Each and every description Abdullah shares is so poetic and animatedly conveyed, we couldn’t help but note down all the adjectives and phrases he used so we can quote him ad verbatim in our instagram captions!

Today’s outfit features an upcoming The Tinsel Rack dress, we were lucky to have Abdullah bring us to the famous Medersa Ben Youssef, where today’s post was shot. Merdersa stands for ‘Islamic school’, and this particular Medersa was once Marrakech’s first university, housing 400 students at one go. Coincidentally so, we loved how the colours of the Merdesa completed the dress. Then again, I suppose Marrakech is beautiful everywhere you go!

Photography by Amanda Wong, Editing by me.


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