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I Want A Fashion Blog

Amanda and I wearing clothes from ALESCERE
Video by Rainer Chia
Photos by Jon Liu

Read Amanda’s Blog Post here

So my partner-in-crime in life and notable fashion photographer Amanda and I held a fashion photography and fashion blogging workshop entitled “I Want A Fashion Blog” (IWAFB) at *SCAPE three weeks ago (as you would have already known from the shout-outs on our blogs and social media)! The workshop was the first of its kind in Singapore – a lot of hard work and late nights went into planning the workshop, but we are so glad and proud to have a list of amazing sponsors, partners, and helpers involved, without whom this event would not have been a success.

Rewind back to 2 months ago:

While in the car driving home one day, Imran said to me: “why don’t you hold a workshop with Amanda, I’m pretty sure people will be interested to know what you guys do and how you guys do it”. Inspired by his comment, I texted Amanda and pitched to her the idea of holding a workshop together, since she had already conducted a fashion photography workshop before, I’d knew this workshop could possibly happen! As we talked more about it, we got more excited, and before we knew it, it was thinking of names we should call our workshop, consulting friends for advice and help, going into meetings with event sponsors and partners, conducting photoshoots for the event poster, filming a promotional video (which you see on the IWAFB website) with our good friend and videographer Rainer Chia, and setting up our website with our friend and website designer Yoko Yeap from Hire Calling.

Fast forward to three weeks ago the night before the workshop:

Amanda and I arrived at *SCAPE at 9pm to set up as much as we possibly could so we wouldn’t have to rush and panic (if anything went wrong or missing!) the next morning. Adrian and Nizz from Give Fun, our event decorations sponsor, were there to meet us to decorate the pillars and reception table, as well as to set up the gigantic symbols of happiness that is the IWAFB balloons you see floating prominently in the event space. Our gorgeous girlfriend Christabel was there with us as well to help with us with packing of the goodie bags, while Amanda and I took turns to pack as each of us went down to Alescere (located at level 2 of *SCAPE) to select our outfits to wear for the workshop! Decorations, goodie bags, and outfits settled, Amanda, Bel and I headed for my home to work on the final bits of our presentation slides, rehearse, and pack whatever is needed for the next day.

Morning of the workshop:

Manda, Bel and I were at *SCAPE by 7am, where we awaited the delivery of our pretty Tiffany Chairs from The Pixie Box. Our friends and lovely receptionists-for-the-day Charlotte and Nerissa met us at *SCAPE, followed by Jonathan and Rainer, our photographer and videographer for the day respectively. My dad and Imran were on site to help as well, lending their hand wherever help was needed, and Imran took to tasking himself with the responsibility of vetting our slides quickly once through before the workshop started. The setting-up was smooth as we cleared most of the setting up the night before, shout-out goes to Maurice from *SCAPE for helping us out with the projectors and microphones!

Upon registration, every participant received a goodie bag filled with vouchers and goodies from Camera Rental Centre, Aide de Camp Camera Bags, Alescere, Benefit Cosmetics, and Give Fun!

Workshop Time!:

While I would like to consider myself pretty comfortable with public speaking, the initial pre-presentation jitters will always surface: “Will my audience like me? What if I say something wrong? What if my jokes are not funny? Do I look okay?” I’m so thankful for Manda, who is always in sync with me, to host this workshop with me, so she can finish my sentences or expound on my ideas if I ever do get stage jitters. We tried to keep the atmosphere as vibrant as we could (I hope we did!), often cracking jokes and being our animated selves. Pardon the lack of any “glamourous” talking-face photos you see in this blog post, I realised it’s impossible to get any nice pictures of me talking because 1. I get quite animated when I talk 2. When I’m talking about work (i.e. fashion blogging), or when I’m really into a certain topic, I kind of have this perpetual frown on my face.

Amanda started the workshop first, talking about her experience as a fashion photographer, pre-shoot considerations every photographer should take note of, how to shoot under natural light, and sharing some basic editing techniques. We then had Charles, Senior Beauty Artist from Benefit Cosmetics, share with us the latest Benefit products, as well as teach us makeup techniques best suited for outdoor photoshoots. After Amanda’s photoshop tutorial, we went for a short break, where participants enjoyed amazingly delicious delectables from Kreme Couture Bakery, wonderfully photographed by Jon (maybe you should be a food photographer Jon!), some of our favourites include the Duck Rillette Quichettes, Creme Brulee Shots, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Poached Mushroom Bruschetta, and Fruit Tarlets which you see in today’s post!

After the break, it was my segment, where I shared the dos and don’ts of blogging, how to generate hits/ views/ gain followers for your blog and social media channels, and public relations in the blogging industry. We had the pleasure of having two significant guest speakers: Don, owner of accessories label Faburikku (located at *SCAPE Underground) talked about how he feels social media has helped his brand, and his thoughts on engaging social media influencers for his brand – a client’s perspective Manda and I felt was important to hear from. We also had Kenny Yap, Public Relations (PR) Director of Vibes Communications come on board to talk about why public relations is important in the blogging industry and what PR firms are looking for in bloggers when pitching influencers to clients.

Post-Workshop and Thank-Yous:

Amanda and I hope all of you who attended had a blast of time at IWAFB, more importantly, we hope you’ve learnt something from us and the speakers, because sharing what we do and how we do what we do has always been the main focus of conducting the workshop. We didn’t expect the workshop to have such positive and overwhelming support, so thank you to all who came! Major shout-out goes to those who came up to us to take photographs, and thank you to all who hashtagged #IWAFB on instagram, Amanda and I love seeing the photographs you’ve taken, and if you did take any pictures from the event, do remember to hashtag #IWAFB!

We’d like to also take this opportunity to thank all our helpers, event sponsors and partners, and our esteemed guest speakers for taking time out to help make IWAFB a resounding success. Thank you Nerissa, Charlotte, Christabel, Mattie, Jon, Rainer, Yoko, Wilson, Imran, My Dad, Sylvia, Ying Han, Jabin, Shirley, Meiting, Charles, Christopher, Angeline, Adrian, Nizz, Nicholas, Gabby, Grace, Michele, Kenny, Don, Maurice for making IWAFB happen.

This will definitely not be the end of IWAFB, we hope to conduct future sessions, but we do not have a definite time in mind yet, stay tuned for updates.

I shall end off today’s post with a round-up of all our valued sponsors and partners and how they were involved:

Valued Sponsors and Partners

*SCAPE was IWAFB’s official venue partner. *SCAPE Co. Ltd is a non-profit organisation with its mission and vision rooted in support of youth, talent and leadership development. The organisation aims to facilitate youth-oriented programmes and support within various communities of youth interest. The youth of today will be inspired and empowered to DREAM IT AND LIVE IT at *SCAPE!

Benefit Cosmetics Singapore – we were blessed to have international beauty and makeup powerhouse Benefit Cosmetics as our official makeup partner. Charles – senior beauty artist at Benefit, shared makeup tips and tricks best suited for photoshoots. All participants walked away with a goodie bag filled with Benefit Cosmetics goodies.

Camera Rental Centre – Camera Rental Centre (CRC) is a Singapore-based one-stop centre for all your Camera/ DSLR/ Lens/ Video/ Studio Rental needs. Amanda, Lenne, and I have always turn to them whenever we need to rent specific lenses for our shoots for they offer top-notch service and their rates are really affordable. CRC kindly sponsored some amazing prizes for a giveaway held during the workshop, all participants went home with CRC vouchers.

The Pixie Box – The Pixie Box (TPB) offers Wedding Planning/ Event Design & Styling/ Floral Design Services/ Tiffany Chair Rental/ Wedding Styling & Décor/ Rental of Wedding Props services. The Pixie Box provided the comfortable and pretty Tiffany Chairs during our workshop.

Give Fun – Give Fun (GF) is Singapore first and leading E-commerce website for Weddings, Birthday Parties and Events. They provide creative and fun decorations for all special occasion with diverse product range. GF is IWAFB’s official event decorator, our reception booths and stage will be kindly decorated by them! All participants walked away with amazing GF gifts and decorations.

Kreme Couture Bakery – Kreme Couture Bakery (KCB) was set up in October 2013 by two food enthusiasts who both share a common vision and ground. Starting off the business through online orders, it gave them the blessed opportunity to build their very first shop front along Joo Chiat Road. At Kreme Couture, they express their love for baking through simplified and rustic recipes, yet delivering gourmet standards to their customers. KCB will be providing a sumptuous dessert table, where you will get to enjoy treats like Red Velvet Cupcakes, Apple & Caramelised Onions Quichettes, Kreme Brulee shots, etc.


Aide de Camp – Aide de Camp (ADC) is a camera bag brand that prides itself in integrating both practicality and design into their bags. Currently, Aide de Camp houses 5 camera bag designs, ranging from smaller compact bags for dinner parties, to larger tote bags for photographers who need to carry their equipment yet look fashionable on the go. I’ve done a review of ADC on the blog a few weeks back, you can check out the post here. All participants walked away with ADC vouchers. 

Vibes Communications – Vibes Communications (VB) is a full-fledged integrated communications agency that comprises of professionals from specialised communications fields. They provide strategic brand stewardship based on the belief that different concerns take lead at different periods of a communication campaign. Kenny Yap, the PR Director at VB, spoke at both sessions about what PR firms are looking for in bloggers, and how bloggers should market themselves in order to get noticed by PR firms.


Faburikku – Faburikku, which means “fabric” in Japanese, handcrafts a wide variety of accessories for petite ladies. They work towards creating valued-for-money and practical accessories for everyday usage. Each accessory is unique in each and every way: they start processing when order(s) is/are placed, so you are guaranteed to have brand new customised accessories! Faburikku is located at *SCAPE Underground. Don, owner of Faburikku, spoke at both sessions about how he feels social media and blogging has helped his brand, and his thoughts on engaging social media influencers to promote his brand.

Alescere – Alescere is a fashion boutique located at  #02-26 at *SCAPE. It houses not only apparels embodying the latest trends, but offers shoes, accessories, and bags for you to complete your Alescere outfit! To stay updated on all their new arrivals, Alescere regularly posts pictures of their latest stocks on their instagram account. Amanda and I are seen wearing outfits from Alescere during both sessions of the workshop, all participants went home with Alescere vouchers.


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