Aide de Camp

Today’s Outfit:

Top: A for Arcade
Bottom: Missypixie
Bag: Aide de Camp’s Valencia
Shoes: ASOS
Sunglasses: Visual Mass
Belt: Zara

Photography: Lenne Chai
Editing: Me

It is really hard finding a camera bag that is glamourous enough to bring for meetings, to town, or even to events. Which is why Lenne and I are so grateful and amazed by the genius brand that is Aide de Camp – a camera bag brand that prides itself in integrating both practicality and design into their bags. I wouldn’t have guessed that the bag that I’m carrying in today’s blog post can double up as a camera bag that protects and secures my DSLR, camera lens, and my compact digital camera.

Currently, Aide de Camp houses 5 camera bag designs, ranging from smaller compact bags for dinner parties, to larger tote bags like the one featured in today’s blog post for people like who need to lug their entire existence around with them to function throughout the day. As of now, all their bags are only available in sleek and chic black, they are all equipped with premium, lightweight and water-resistant nylon exteriors, designed with genuine cow leather handles and trim, and to top it all off, embellished with 14-karat champagne gold plated hardware. If that doesn’t sound fancy enough for you, I don’t know what will.

I’m carrying the Valencia Camera Travel Tote in today’s post, and ask any of my friends and traveling companions, they’d tell you I bring this bag around everywhere. ADC’s Valencia has been a trusty overseas companion: it has followed me to my trips to Langkawi, Tokyo, Tasmania, Bangkok, Chiangmai and Pai so far, and it is really the perfect hand-carry bag. Valencia is so incredibly travel-friendly: as demonstrated in the photos above, one of the side pockets has double zips which allow you to slip the bag into the handle of your luggage, so the bag is secured onto your luggage and it will never fall off.

I personally love tote bags in general because they allow me to fit a million and one things inside – for instance, I’m always running a busy and tight schedule, and that means I cannot go anywhere without lugging my:

  • laptop and hard-disk around for work
  • cameras (Nikon D5000 DSLR and SONY NEX-3N) for events and shoots,
  • organiser lest I forget any of my plans for the day
  • portable charger because we all know one full charge cannot last you for the entire day

and on top of that, the usual school work, books, wallet, mobile phone, jackets, etc. Point is, I’m bringing around a lot of things, and I’m really so thankful for having the Aide de Camp Valencia because not only does it double up as a camera bag that protects my cameras (previously I used to wrap my cameras in scarves or shawls and stuff them into my normal going-out bags), but it also allows to fit all of the above into it.

Other reasons why the Valencia is truly, a work of art (as with the other ADC bags):

  • It comes with another smaller bag that can double up as a sling bag
  • It has so many compartments and pockets you have no excuse not to get your life organised.

To get a better idea of how amazing and versatile the Valencia is when it comes to making space, and making your life more convenient (and glamourous at the same time), watch this really fun and interactive video done up by the ADC team:

So if you’re looking for a camera bag that doesn’t look “unglam” or “bulky”, Aide de Camp is the brand to go to. Lenne and I are so proud of our ADC bags, and if you own one, you’d be a proud owner too.


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