January in Squares

In a bid to spruce up the blog a little, and since it’s the start of a brand new year (perfect for new traditions), I’ve decided to do up instagram compilations by month and do a month-in-review with these photos. Today’s post features my first ever instagram compilation, all the photos you see today have been posted on my instagram in the month of January. I’ve also included some more personal, non-instagram photographs as well.

I guess these monthly reviews will help with my personal growth as well: I would like to see these reviews as a way to count my blessings, and with these reminders, live day by day to the fullest.

January has been quite an eventful month, it has seen me travel to Tasmania and Bangkok (Bangkok blog post coming up soon on the blog!), places which I’ve been to more than thrice each, and places which I still love and can never get bored of. Tasmania with Lenne was amazing, we rented a car, road tripped, had our first hitchhiking experience, trespassed into numerous farms and fields in order to get that “perfect” photo, and got introduced and sung along to so many new songs which kept repeating on Tasmanian radio.

I had the lovely company of Christabel and Willabelle during my Bangkok trip, courtesy of AirAsia; it was a short 2 day 1 night trip, but it was more than enough time for us to fit in a spa and shopping session.

January also saw me attending my first ever Laneway Festival, all thanks to the lovely people at H&M. Lenne and I paid the H&M showroom a visit, where we got to pick out a “musical festival” outfit – I ended up with a pair of long black chiffon pants with side lace panels, and a gorgeous tropical-printed kimono. I also got to be Lenne’s assistant for a while at the festival, where she shot and documented other fashionable people’s outfits on behalf of Nylon Japan.

Not forgetting, January was also one of the busiest periods I’ve ever experienced, where I dealt with  3-4 photoshoots a week as tons of blogshops were rushing to launch collections in a bid to generate and drive sales prior to the Chinese New Year holidays. Speaking of collections, January also saw me collaborating with All Would Envy to launch a mini capsule collection, response for which has been overwhelming, so major hugs and kisses to everyone who supported this collection and bought something from it.

That’s January for me! How was yours? I’m pretty excited about these instagram compilations now, till the end of February for the next update! (:

Much love,

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