Today’s Outfit:

Top: Fox-Out
Skirt: Missypixie (Upcoming)
Shoes: El-ska
Bracelets: From Korea

Photography: Lenne Chai
Editing: Me

Just a short post from me this afternoon to show you guys what I’m wearing today! I can never get enough of white-coloured tops, especially this one from Fox-Out that just launched last night. It’s now out-of-stock, but I’m pretty sure if enough of you join the waiting list, Sarah (Fox-Out’s owner) might just re-stock the top, so go show your support! (: The Topshop-inspired skirt is an upcoming piece from Missypixie, it is such a gorgeous and feminine piece!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Kate Spade Saturday giveaway by the way, do keep the entries coming! I’ll be announcing the winners tonight. (:

I also want to let you guys in on an exciting personal pet project that I’ve embarked on:

So about two weeks ago, I chanced upon a beautiful (in terms of wood grain and colour) but old, abandoned, broken-legged table located at a dumpster near the Missypixie office. I contemplated taking it, but figured it might be too old and well, dirty, so I just drove away and decided to ignore its existence, and that I’ll just have to buy a new wooden table instead. But as I drove off, I just couldn’t keep my mind off it, like somewhere inside me, I knew that if I did not take that table, I would regret it forever, it was as if the table was calling me to take it home, yes, it was that dramatic. So in a desperate bid to make that table mine, I called the Missypixie owners, Sharon and Kelly, and begged them to carry it back to the office for me (thank you so much my ‘mommies’!!). And I’m so glad I did!

I brought the table home, scrubbed it clean, removed the broken legs and replaced them with new legs I got from IKEA. Table cleaned and restored, I decided to start styling accessories on the table and taking pictures with them:

[Shoes from El-Ska, Clutch from Dopestreet Boutique, Earrings from Sort and Pepper, Necklace from Present Perfect, Liquid Foundation/ Lip Gloss/ Eau de Toilette from Benefit Cosmetics.]

[Nikon D7000, Shoes from Missypixie, Raybans Aviators from Lumière Days, Watch from Naked Glory, Studded Bracelet from Bangkok, Gold Nail Bangle from Just Tangy.]

I’ve only taken two photographs with the table, and I am so happy with them! The wood looks so amazing in pictures, and it instantly makes anything on it pretty. Do let me know what you think! Do you like them? Would you like to see more? What else would you like to see my style? Besides accessories, I will definitely be photographing pictures of food as well, and I cannot wait to share them with you! I will definitely try to make this wooden-table feature a regular thing on the blog, so stay tuned!

Much love,

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