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As a fashion blogger, taking photographs is incredibly important to me, so you can find me lugging my DSLR around most of the time. Sometimes the DSLR can get too bulky, especially when I’m going for events, so I’ve been meaning to find a digital camera that can fulfill the same functions as a DSLR and deliver similar, if not better quality images. My wish came true when SONY approached me to try out their 16.1 Mega Pixel NEX-3N for 3 months from May-July 2013, and I have to admit, it’s probably THE best digital camera that I’ve used up to date.

The camera could not arrive at a more perfect timing, I had my summer holidays from May-July, and had to travel overseas quite intensively. Having the digital camera was god-sent because I could just carry it around effortlessly while traveling. Here’s me with my NEX-3N in Bali:

My super pretty pink-coloured NEX-3N is quite the lucky one, it has followed me to – as seen below –  Bali (rows 1-2), Bangkok (row 3), Tasmania (row 4), and Paris (row 5-6), and my travels would have never been the same without them. Check out the clarity and vividness of the images!!! The camera came in particularly handy in Tasmania when my mom, who is not very proficient with cameras, had to shoot my OOTDs for me. The NEX-3N was so user-friendly that even my mom learned how to operate the Manual mode easily!

I’m going to try my best to give you a more detailed review of the specs and functions of the camera:

Styling and Build Quality
The design is super sleek and stylish, and the weight and balance of the camera is just right – personally I don’t like cameras that are too light because it does provide enough stability when taking photos.

Plus, the camera comes in Pink, nuff said really.

For people who like to shoot with less depth of field (f/1.8 and below), you’ll be happy to know that the kit lens is removable, and you can buy a lens with a lower aperture. For the uninitiated, less depth of field/ lower aperture means the background becomes blurrier – the lower the aperture, the blurrier the photo.

Display and Viewfinder
The display is incredibly wide and so clear. The great thing is you can flip it up when taking a selfie so you will never get photos where your friend at the side gets cropped out and left #foreveralone.

The NEX-3N is highly intelligent as well – once the display is flipped upwards, it immediately knows you are intending to take a selfie, so once you press the shoot button, it immediately counts down to prepare you for your selfie shot.

Another thing that I found really cool was the grid function you can use when taking photos. For all the instagram-addicts like myself, the grid function is definitely for you – you can shoot within a square so you can already envision how your instagram photo is going to turn out!

Image Quality
Incredibly sharp and super clear. I brought my DSLR overseas as well, but I found myself turning to the NEX-3N because the images produced are much more vivid compared to the ones taken in my DSLR.

Memory Card
Operates on an SD Card, perfect for me as I work on my Apple Macbook Air, which has an in-built SD card reader.

Low-Light Situations
This is one thing I have to rave about. The way the NEX-3N handles low-light situations is AMAZING. The pictures still turn out clear and non-grainy at night (see the Bali dinner shot above), even when I push the camera to shoot at settings of ISO1600 + shutter speed 1/20s. Usually the higher the ISO, the more grainy the pictures will get, but the camera is a gem when it comes to shooting in low-light, the images are on par, if not better, compared to the images my DSLR can produce.

Battery Life
If you’re shooting everyday, the camera can last about 2-3 days once charged till full.

Wi-fi/ Wireless
The only one downside to the NEX-3N is that it doesn’t have wi-fi connection, which means you cannot transfer the photos immediately to your phone. However, this wasn’t a concern for me as I usually import my photos into my computer to post-process the images before I post them up on my blog or social media platforms.


Overall, the NEX-3N is THE camera to get – I’m so satisfied with its performance, I’m definitely going to get one for myself. It was such a pleasure to use – especially when I was on the go most of the time during my overseas trips.

To view some of the images produced from my NEX-3N that I’ve posted on the blog, click here. To visit the official SONY NEX-3N page where you can view the full specifications of the camera, click here.

Thank you so much SONY Singapore (shout-out goes to Lavinia!), you guys are the best! (:

Much love,

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