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Exams are over!!! I have so many things that I want to get started on, but I’m so mentally exhausted I just want to lie down on my bed and tumblr the night away. This gif-screenshot basically sums up my mood for the night:
I shall give myself a couple of days to recover from the academia madness, and start on some of my holiday plans, here’s a couple to name a few: master photoshop, master the sewing machine, cross-stitch (don’t laugh but cross-stitching was legit-ly one of my favourite hobbies when I was younger), complete an acrylic painting, and most importantly, travel! Amanda and I are traveling to Malaysia in a few days time and I’m so excited about our trip! You’ll definitely be reading about our Malaysian adventure soon (: Jemimah and I are intending to head to Hong Kong to shop (yes, we’ll be filming for That F Word there too!), but dates have not been finalized yet. Imran and I might either be going to Bangkok or Tokyo in July, depending on how busy our schedules are. I’m really excited about my summer plans, so far so good, this holiday is looking GREAT! 😀
Today’s outfit:
Hat from H&M
Denim Jacket from Zara
Two piece dress from Pieces of Summer (launching on their site soon!)
Photography by Amanda Wong, Editing by me (:


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