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It was my uncle’s (my dad’s youngest brother) wedding last month, and I drove up to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate and be part of the ceremony together with my dad, my brother and Imran. I was really excited about this wedding for two reasons: firstly, this is my first official family wedding in like 13 years, and secondly, who doesn’t love a weekend getaway to the land of cheap food, taxi AND shopping!?!? Oh and in case I’ve not mentioned it before, my parents are from Kuala Lumpur, they migrated to Singapore after they got married, then along came me, and I was born and raised in Singapore.
I had so much trouble deciding what to wear for the occasion – I wanted something dainty, girly, fun, casual yet occasion-appropriate, and most importantly, affordable. I didn’t want to go to like Daniel Yam to buy a really expensive dress, only to wear it for a night and never wear it again. I did the next best thing I could think of and approached the gorgeous ladies from Love, Bonito for help with my outfits for the day. The girls were so gracious during the fitting I felt like a bride, my wardrobe woes disappeared immediately! The dresses featured in this post are from the online boutique’s Bridesmaid and Wedding Special collections.
The day started out with the day-ceremony, which involved my uncle fetching his bride, bringing her over to my grandpa’s place for the tea ceremony and heading to the temple for prayers. I wore Love, Bonito’s Seraphina Dress in Beryl.
The couple arriving in so much pizazz and style – in a Bentley Continental GT!
My uncle and his lovely bride.
My direct family, or as I like to call it, Table No. 1 hehe
Once the day ceremony ended, Imran and I couldn’t resist getting into the Bentley and milk the experience for all its worth. Imran was wishing he could drive it so bad, he kept on going “ooooh and ahhhh” every 5 seconds. Funny, he doesn’t even get all that excited when he sees me. Guys and cars – urgghhh!
Quickly came evening time, and I changed into Love, Bonito’s Ledea Dress in Periwinkle for the dinner held at DoubleTree by Hilton.
The thing I found pretty surprising and new was the introduction of so many relatives and cousins that I have never met before in my entire life. This picture has all the ‘Chong’ cousins – 10 of which I have never met! Same applies to the older generation of relatives, who constantly turn to me and say “Ah, Andrea, long time no see!” and I feel bad for having zero recollection of them whatsoever. I guess family weddings are good in a way since you get to meet up and reconnect with long-lost relatives.

Now these are the cousins I’ve known and love my whole life, so far, these three are my only first cousins from my dad’s side. The tall guy behind is my younger brother, Christopher!

The bride and gro- I mean, Imran and I (:

If you’re going for a wedding or a big family gathering, do checkout Love, Bonito’s Bridesmaids Dresses at They are have so many darling pieces that are so chic and so effortlessly easy to wear!
Speaking of Love, Bonito, the latest and third episode of my fashion show, That F Word is out, and Jemimah and I interview the owners of Love, Bonito at their warehouse. Check out what goes on behind the scenes of Singapore’s biggest online fashion retailer! (: By the way, Velda, one of the owners of Love, Bonito recently just got hitched too – congrats on your wedding Velda!


Geez, all this talk about weddings is making me fantasize about my own. If there’s one wedding I would like my wedding to emulate, it would be Sonia’s (from Jayesslee) wedding. You have to check out the stills from her wedding at Her wedding was set in a garden in Australia, which has lovely weather. When I told Cindy and Jemimah I want a garden wedding, they just rolled their eyes and said they will never attend my wedding if I hold it in a garden in Singapore because they will sweat and get mosquito bites 🙁


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