Fashion – Jeannie Mai + Maxi Skirt Love

Hey guys,
Before i blog about my OOTD, I have some exciting news to share! While having dessert with friends at Ion Orchard, I bumped into Style Network’s “How Do I Look” host, Jeannie Mai! Joyce and I (and my dad!) really enjoy watching her show, so to get to see her in Singapore was pretty major. 😀 To those who are unfamiliar with Jeannie and her show, on “How Do I Look”, Jeannie transforms drab-looking people into glamourous swans by teaching them what to wear and how to do up their hair and make-up.
She’s known for her signature blue streaks, so when I first saw her from the back, I was all “that’s so Jeannie Mai” then she turned around and I was all “HOMG THAT *IS* JEANNIE MAI”. While taking the photo with her, I was so Starstuck my heart was about to explode from beating so fast. Best thing is she retweeted my tweet (i posted a photo of us on twitter), you can check it out on my twitter page at @dreachong!
Okay, enough of my fangirl moment, am blushing and smiling to myself so hard while typing this my cheeks hurt.
Today’s outfit was shot at Seletar again, this time we went to the colonial houses to shoot them. I’m doing another maxi-skirt post cos I’m absolutely in love with my new ASOS A Wear maxi skirt I got on sale for about S$40. The sheerness of the material makes it really flow-y and you just want to twirl around in it all the time.
Top from Zara. Hat, bracelet, and necklace from Topshop. Shoes from DKNY.


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