Fashion – Jane from Tarzan

Since Joyce has to monitor her younger brother’s revision for his PSLE Prelims, she sadly doesn’t have much time to hang out, so i had to approach some kind soul who would be willing to go for photoshoots with me. I imagine it would be a hassle, since I’m making that person travel all the way to some god-forsaken place with me just to press a button multiple times. Anyway, the person that I managed to find was my younger brother (see: family as source of cheap exploitable labour for your projects). Though i didn’t actually ASK him per se, it was more of “eh, this Sunday evening you’re helping me with a photoshoot”. Okay so maybe I coerced him into doing this, but i must say, i am really impressed with his shots! Kudos to him for having a delicate eye for photography, it will definitely get better with time! (:

We went to Seletar this time round, i was kinda inspired by the colonial houses that are built around the area, and I thought the outfit I picked out today was pretty colonial-esque, something that Jane from Tarzan would wear. I’m wearing my Topshop white shirt you’ve seen in my previous fashion post Neon (Pink) Obsession, and a maxi skirt from Catwalkclose (a skirt I wish was in chiffon). Shoes are from Far East Plaza and they are incredibly comfortable, accessories are from Topshop and Diva.
Speaking of skirts, I intend to buy fabric from Arab St/ Chinatown and send it for tailoring to make maxi skirts cos I’m not really a fan of spending $100 for a long piece of cloth. I will try to get the best quality for a reasonable price and let you guys know how it goes!


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