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My life condensed into square grid moments.

  • Style Theory
  • style |    10 December, 2017  |    No Comments    |   

  • 1/ Elliat Dress

    Hey guys! If you’ve been following my IG stories, you would know that on my recent two trips to Phuket and London, I was all decked out in clothes from Style Theory (see above!).

    If you have never heard of Style Theory before, they are an amazing clothes-rental subscription company that lets you rent an unlimited number of clothing (3 at a time) for $129/ month. And these are not just your basic tops or dresses, these are clothes from our cult-label favourites: C/MEO, Elliatt, Few Moda, Finders Keepers, Karen Millen, Keepsake, Self-Portrait, etc. So instead of spending $300-500 on a dress that you will only wear say, 3 to 5 times tops, why not subscribe to Style Theory for dresses that you can keep rotating upteen times a month!

    The range of clothing caters to every type of style or occasion: from dresses that you can wear for work, to outfits that you can pack for the beach! So if you’re heading for a holiday and you are stressing out over what to wear, don’t fret. Rotate your workwear clothes with vacay-worthy ones! I mean, I was in Phuket for a week and London the next, and I had outfits all sorted out without even needing to head out to shop. You can easily rent and access available outfits all via the Style Theory mobile app. What’s even more perfect, is you don’t even need to care about laundry – Style Theory will pick up the clothes from you and handle dry-cleaning themselves, amazing no?

    Another feature I like about Style Theory is their review section – almost like an Airbnb-review, but for clothes. You can gauge if an outfit will fit you well based on users that rented the dress before you – in the review you will get to view the users’ height and clothing size for reference.

    So you’ve seen and read about my love for Style Theory, so now it’s your turn to sign up! From 9 Dec to 21 Dec, Style Theory is giving away exclusive beat-the-waitlist access to all my followers and readers. FYI, there is usually a waiting list for people who sign up to Style Theory, this is to limit the demand to create a comfortable “supply” environment, so they can reduce situations where people get frustrated when items they want to rent become unavailable too often. However, since this is the holiday season, Style Theory has expanded their wardrobe and are unlocking a limited number of slots for you guys! All you have to do is

    1. Head on to this link,
    2. Create a Style Theory account,
    3. Subscribe by keying in your credit card details,
    4. Download the Style Theory app on your phone,
    5. Start browsing and renting from the app,
    6. Once you have selected your first three items to rent,
    7. Check out and wait for the items to be delivered to your doorstep!

    Super simple and fuss-free!

    Happy renting you guys, you have just unlocked for yourself an “unlimited wardrobe”.



  • Taiwan Guide – 6 Things To Do In Taichung
  • travel |    8 December, 2017  |    No Comments    |   
  • In the final edition of my Taiwan adventure for, I share with you my list of Top 6 Things to do in Taichung City. This list comprises of cultural spots, tourist attractions, and super trendy boutique establishments.

    Taichung city is a 1 hour 15 minute High Speed Rail train ride away from Taipei. I would recommend staying at a hotel within Taichung city for a day, then head out to Sun Moon Lake for another night (or two, depending which you prefer). A day in Taichung will suffice, but if you are keen on hiking any of the Dakeng Trails in Taichung, then perhaps 2 days will be good!


    Visit: Chateau In The Air

    Address: No.33, Shifen, Dahu Township, Miaoli County 364, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm
    Saturday – Sunday, 9am – 7pm

    This attraction may be an hour’s drive away from Taichung train station but is (imo) worth the ride. Situated in the hidden forested hills of Maoli County, the main attraction of Chateau in the Air here is the castle named 天堂古堡 (Tian Tang Gu Bao). The choice of foliage seen on the exterior of the castle is the result of collaborative works with artists, and are replaced nearly every season. Tickets retail for NT$200 (~S$9) per person but you get two coupons (worth NT$100 each) to offset your food and drinks purchases at the establishments on-site.

    Eat: Wu Wei Tsao Tang Tea House

    Address: No. 106, Section 2, Gongyi Road, Nantun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 408
    Opening Hours: Daily, 10:30am -9:30pm
    For an immersive tea-drinking experience in this \tea-frenzied country, this Cha Yi Guan (Tea Art House) is the place to be. With man-made streams and a large koi pond located within the tea house, the calming and serene atmosphere is a refreshing contrast from the city sights and sounds just outside its doors. Lunch for us were the Salmon Steak Set NT$280 , Vegetarian Hot Pot NT$250 and Soy Sauce Beef Chafing NT$280. Fun Fact: The tea house was named a two-star attraction in the Michelin’s guidebook in 2011!
    Visit: Rainbow village

    The vivid and colourful paint on the walls of this veterans housing complex in Rainbow Village were painted by former soldier Mr Huang Yong-Fu – all by himself! This tourist attraction almost became a thing of the past until many wrote in to petition against the Taiwanese authority’s initial plans to demolish the housing complex. The elderly man (also known as rainbow grandpa) still calls the mini housing complex his home, so don’t hesitate to donate to upkeep the tourist attraction.
    Eat & Read: Bakki handmade

    Address: 403, Taiwan, Taichung City, West District, Wuquan West 6th Street 136 Lane 6-1
    Opening Hours: Thursday – Monday, 1pm – 6pm
    Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

    This unassuming establishment also doubles as a library on the second storey, which offers a curated selection of art books. They’re also known for their bread and cakes, so go early before they’re sold out!

    Shop: Artqpie Library

    Address: No. 135, Zhongmei Street, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403
    Opening Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 4pm – 8pm
    Sunday, 3pm – 6pm, Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays

    If you can’t already tell, the name of this gorgeous shop and gallery is a play on the word occupy. (Art-q-pie, get it?) Leave your footwear at the door before entering and keep disruptions to a minimum. Here you can find a collection of photography, art books, zines and homeware by Taiwanese designers.

    Eat & Shop: FengJia Night Market: 蔡大明青娃嗑奶+ 五路清蒸蝦仁肉圓+ The Ladywore +

    End the night with a visit to one of Taichung’s most happening and buzzing night markets! The one-kilometer long night market is lined with an array of Taiwanese food and snacks. A definite must-try? 蔡大明青娃嗑奶 (Cai Da Ming Qing Wa Za Nai), a drink that does not your usual-bubble tea base: it’s basically filled caramelised pearls with plain milk, but oh so life-changing.

    For Taiwanese comfort food: You won’t miss the neon signs at 五路清蒸蝦仁肉圓 (Wu Lu Qing Teng Xia Ren Rou Tuan) proudly displaying their winning dishes. One of their specialty is their award-winning Lu Rou Fan NT$35 – a dollop of braised meat sauce topped over diced pork belly in a mini bowl of rice.

    For shopping, I got quite a number of pieces from The LadyWore, they offer affordable clean cut styles, so expect to get a lot of essential basics!


    Taiwan has captured my heart once again this trip, I definitely want to re-do this itinerary when I get the time! I hope you enjoyed my 4-part series on Taiwan, this last post concludes my Taiwan trip with, where you guys can head on to to book your hotels at exclusive deals and rates! To more travel guides soon!


  • Taiwan Guide – Crystal Resort Sun Moon Lake
  • travel |    5 December, 2017  |    No Comments    |   
  • In this third segment of my Taiwan adventure with, the team and I set forth on a 3-hour journey to Nantou County, spending 2 nights at The Crystal Resort Sun Moon Lake. It is my second trip to Sun Moon Lake, and I don’t think I will ever tire of this picturesque serene place. If time permits next year, I definitely want to re-do this Taipei-Taichung Itinerary with my dad, especially so that he can enjoy what Ri Yue Tan (“Sun Moon Lake” in Mandarin) has to offer. A bit of history on Sun Moon Lake: Besides being known for its scenic landscape, Sun Moon Lake is home to an ancient community of the Thao tribe, one of Taiwan’s many indigenous minorities!

    With two nights allocated to Taichung for this trip, we had ample time to explore the sights and sounds located around the 3 major ferry points of Sun Moon Lake. If you are here alone or with your partner, I reckon a night’s stay at Sun Moon Lake will suffice – but give yourself plenty of time during the day to walk around! However, if you are a nature-lover, or are looking for a place to unwind, or if you are coming with family (especially with kids or grandparents), then 2 nights will be perfect!


    How to get to Sun Moon Lake

    If you are coming from Taipei City, take the Taiwan High-Speed Rail (HSR) from Taipei Station to Taichung Station, standard reserved seats will cost 700 TWD (~ $32 SGD) one way. Afterwhich, you can either arrange for a taxi to send you directly to your hotel at Sun Moon Lake for approximately 2000 TWD (~ $90 SGD) – this might be the better option if you are traveling in a group of 3 or 4 with plenty of luggage – or, you can catch a shuttle bus from Taichung Station, which will cost you 190 TWD (~ $9 SGD) one way, you view the shuttle bus timetable here.



    I stayed at the Lake Room, which did not disappoint. It had the most perfect view of the lake, as you can probably tell from the pictures we took! Waking up to undisturbed tranquility every morning was just the best.

    Handy phones are also provided in our rooms so you can have access to unlimited local and international calls (to certain countries), free internet access as well as speed dial to hotel services! With various services tailored to the specific region, you don’t have to worry about navigating a foreign/new county!



    The Crystal Resort Sun Moon Lake sits on the bank of Taiwan’s largest body of water, and is a 5-minute walk to Ita Thao Pier, where you can join the lake tours. Ferry passes retail for NT$100 (~S$4) per person. The boats depart every half an hour (Operating hours may differ depending on the season), and travels in an anti-clockwise direction round the lake, stopping at each of the 3 main wharfs for 10 minutes, every 15 minutes.

    On our final day, we took a walk along Ita Thao Lakeside Trail, admiring the mirror-like lake’s surroundings and taking in the soft sunlight. Don’t worry if you don’t have a map, just keep a lookout for signs along the way to direct you.

    Feeling peckish after the walk, we visited the nearby food market just a street away from our hotel. The food market spans across Yiyong and Wenhua street and gets quite busy with tourists in the morning. Some of our favourite finds from the market include the quintessential Lu Rou Fan from 蒸開心 (Zhen Kai Xin), Elsie’s and Puay Fang’s choice of milk tea and pearls from 大甲芋頭牛奶 (Da Jia Yu Tou Nu Nai) and my preferred milk tea and pearls from 头目的店 (Tou Mu De Dian).


    The Crystal Resort Sun Moon Lake’s seamless and hassle-free stay, coupled with Sun Moon Lake’s breathtaking landscape and quiet evenings made for a leisurely and unhurried 2-day “work vacation”. Don’t forget to book your stay at The Crystal Resort Sun Moon Lake via to capitalize on its proximity to Sun Moon Lake’s attractions. Alternative, check out this list of hotels around the lake has partnered with for exclusive discounts and deals!


    Next up: Top 6 spots to visit in Taichung!