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31 August 2014

Ximula Sail & Kreme Couture Bakery

Dress: Finders Keepers, available at Etikit
Blue Shirt: GAP
Shorts: The Tinsel Rack

Yacht: Ximula Sail
Catering: Kreme Couture Bakery

To celebrate my younger brother's 21st Birthday in style, Ximula Sail and I threw him a yacht party, where he got to invite 15 of his friends for a 4-hr adventure out at sea. Kreme Couture Bakery was also on board (literally) to provide the Nautical-themed Tapas and (super adorable) Cupcakes you see in the pictures above. Christabel was also there throughout the party to help me oversee the party, and just spend one-on-one girl time together.

Ximula Sail offers a morning charter session, and an evening one - we obviously opted for the evening charter because nothing beats experiencing the sunset out at sea with your closest friends. The weather was great that day: the passing showers in the morning made the skies cloudy, so it wasn't too hot or sunny for everyone.

In my brother's words, it was "the best day in his life", and I guess we can all see why. What I love about Ximula is they are always so enthusiastic about making the day special for you and your friends: be it providing coolers for ice cold drinks, allowing us to bring speakers on board so we could blast our favourite tunes while chiling out at sea, and even providing kayaks/ paddle-boards/ rubber dinghy/ and snorkeling masks so everyone can have a great time in the waters!

It was such a breeze planning my brother's 21st Yacht Party because Ximula had everything prepared and all we needed to do was show up with food. I also have to thank the lovely Chris and Ange from Kreme Couture - who also provided the food for I Want A Fashion Blog by the way! - for being so spontaneous and creative with the Tapas and Cupcakes. I suggested going nautical for the food options, so Chris then proposed a selection of squid, shrimp and salmon for Tapas, and having customised nautical-themed vanilla cupcakes. I couldn't have asked for better looking (and tasting!) sweet and savoury treats for 16 wild and crazy young boys.


To share the love, Ximula Sail and I will be giving away a 4-hr Weekend Day Charter (worth $1640) to one lovely reader. You can bring 17 of your family/ friends on board Ximula, afterwhich you'll be sailed away to Lazarus Island where you can kayak/ paddle-board/ snorkel out at sea. 

Kreme Couture will also be providing the lucky reader with nautical-themed customised Cupcakes for everyone on board, so you will not have to worry about the mess that comes with your traditional cake-cutting. 

To enter this giveaway, simply:
1. Follow Ximula Sail and Kreme Couture on Instagram (your account must be public so we can verify this) 
2. Leave a comment at the end of this blog post with your Name, Age, Instagram Username, Email address, and tell me why you'd like to win this 4-hr yacht party! 
Winners will be announced on Tuesday 2nd September. 

Photography and Editing by me. 


23 August 2014

Wardrobe Mess

Top: All Would Envy
Skirt: Wardrobe Mess
Bag: Michael Kors

Having this thing for slouchy shirts and denim-on-denim ensembles. Had a fun morning out with my photographer friend Adrian at the Tiong Bahru area of Singapore where we shot this outfit.

When my schedule clears and the weekends become less hectic, I'd imagine myself spending my weekend mornings here with Imran, having a nice breakfast at Forty Hands, and crossing the street after to Books Actually to spend hours hiding our faces in fresh new reads, then having lunch at PS Cafe or tea at Plain Vanilla after. We do have a major foodie relationship going on.

Today's outfit features a denim skirt from Wardrobe Mess. I'm a huge fan of their shoes as well, I've been wearing their white sandals to death on instagram:

Photography by Adrian Seetho, Editing by me. 


22 August 2014


Top: Carrislabelle
White Pants: from Taipei
Shoes: Missypixie
Shades: Police
Watch: Naked Glory 

If you're like me and are one of those tourists that love visiting popular sightseeing attractions (I need instagram content!), then you should definitely head to the National Palace Museum when you're in Taipei. As mentioned in my last blog post, the museum immediately reminds you of those Chinese Imperial Dynastic period-movies where they film scenes in grand palaces with huge and imposing staircases like this. Also, after being surrounded by European chateaus and architecture for the past two months, visiting Taipei and taking in historical Eastern architecture was a well needed breath of fresh air.

Today's post features a Carrislabelle top, a definite favourite in the latest additions to my wardrobe. The colour, the classy halter cut, and the versatility of the top - I don't know where to begin!