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19 March 2015

St. Francis Street

Dress: Young Hungry Free
Shoes: Young Hungry Free
Bag: Young Hungry Free
Jacket: Zara
Bracelets: Accessorize
Going a little edgy in the really trendy St. Francis Street in my recent trip to Hong Kong. There's always something fun about dressing up and layering while overseas, it's as if I'm adopting a brand new persona that's more adventurous, fun and wild, and I guess that's why my love for shooting overseas will never cease.

Photography by Amanda Wong, Editing by Me.


12 March 2015

Sheung Wan

Trench Coat: Flo & Ko
Skirt: Pomelo
Boots: Polo Ralph Lauren
Bag: Warehouse
Shades: Braun B├╝ffel

Exploring the streets of the super cool and trendy Sheung Wan area with our new Hong Kong-based friend Julienne during our last day in Hong Kong. Everyone I met kept telling me I had to visit Sheung Wan for its huge cafe scene and art-inspired shops, but meetings and shoots kept us from having the time to do so during the initial 3 days. We only got to cover Tai Ping Street in Sheung Wan, and if Tai Ping Street is any indication of how amazing Sheung Wan is going to be, then I want to spend at least 4 days in Sheung Wan the next time I'm here. There's the famous-amongst-cafe-lovers restaurant Mrs. Pound, where some of today's photos were shot, wished we could have a meal there but we only arrived after its lunch-time opening hours (till 2.30pm so take note!).

Today's post features a trench coat from local label Flo & Ko. Not too light yet not too heavy, the coat is perfect for the Hong Kong spring time weather.

Photography by Amanda Wong, Editing by Me.


04 March 2015

Sacoor Brothers

Sacoor Brothers
For the esteemed sportsman, the literary lover, or the downtown modern individual, Sacoor Brothers is a brand for all in love with the smart effortless preppy aesthetic.

It was a no-brainer for me to jump on board when Portugese-born brand Sacoor Brothers got in touch with me to style two His-and-Her looks for Imran and I. It was a challenge because I'm dating one of the most camera-shy people you know, but I believe there's always something about a stylish classic outfit that can make the most anti-fashion guy out there fall in love with fashion. Take Sacoor Brothers and Imran for instance, with their selection of signature loafers, crisp button-down shirts, and perfectly tailored Ermenegildo Zegna suits, how can Imran say no?

Plus, walk into any of its luxurious stores (by luxurious I mean there are Nespresso machines just in case you fancy a cuppa while shopping, and actual pianists on the grandest of pianos playing in stores) and you'll be welcomed by hospitable staff who will invite you into the world of the classic Sacoor Brothers style.

We shot two looks with Lenne today: casual collegiate, and formal corporate luxe. For the casual look I opted for their trademark Polo T-shirt, Navy Blue leggings and Red Loafers. For Imran we experimented with preppy layers: rusted red berms pair with a striped button-down shirt and a round neck sweater tied around his shoulders.

For the formal look, it was Imran who encouraged me to pick out a suit - instead of a dress - for myself. "Show them you can rock a suit too!" he said, as I gave him a raised eyebrow while still clutching on fiercely to the Sacoor Brothers maxi dress I had picked out to match his suit. But I guess his advice paid off, I'm absolutely head over heels with my suit look. Oh and did I mention, everything you get from Sacoor Brothers will be tailored to your measurements? I credit their impeccable tailoring service for making the suit look smart clean yet feminine and sensual on me.

So be it shopping for yourself or for your significant other, go ahead and trust Sacoor Brothers to house the gamut of every fashionable couple's wardrobe from casual collegiate to formal corporate luxe.

Photography and Editing by Lenne Chai.