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24 September 2014

Behind the Scenes with SingaporeBrides

Read the full SingaporeBrides article here

Behind every beautifully captured photo, is a... really big team! In my previous post I shared some images taken by Sze Lee for the 1920s Glamour-themed beauty editorial I modeled for for Singapore Brides, which couldn't be possible without a team consisting of a makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, manicurist, photographer and creative team (phew!).

Today's post shares "behind-the-scenes" images taken by my love Amanda, and I hope this gives you a pretty cool insight into what rather big-scaled photoshoots are like!

Of course, I was rather pampered (like a bride really) for the shoot: I had makeup, hair and nails all done for me on the spot, this is a complete luxury compared to my usual OOTD shoots which leaves me juggling the roles of driver/ stylist/ makeup artist/ hair stylist/ model/ shoot assistant all at once.

I'm glad I could work with such a wonderful team for this shoot, who made sure every single detail was perfect and in place. Thank you SingaporeBrides once again for making me feel so glamourous and well-loved during the shoot!

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Photography and Editing by Amanda Wong


22 September 2014

SingaporeBrides Beauty Editorial: The Glamourous 1920s

Read the full Singapore Brides article here

Okay hold your horses, I am NOT getting married (yet). I just had the opportunity of experiencing a day in the life of a bride, courtesy of SingaporeBrides. To be honest, I think I'd be a bridezilla because of my OCD personality (all my friends agree), there are just SO MANY things to think about. Luckily all us future brides have SingaporeBrides to consult, they are your one-stop online portal for you to find make-up artists/ locations/ gowns/ photographers/ you name it.

So besides offering tips and advice and information about all of the above, the team behind SingaporeBrides also coordinate beauty and fashion editorials. My good friend Lenne recently shot an amazing fashion editorial for them, and today's post features some of the pictures from a 1920s Beauty Editorial shoot I modeled for SingaporeBrides, inspired by the "Great Gatsby" theme that is all the rage recently! These are just 7 of the photos taken by photographer Sze Lee, read the full article here. I also shared my thoughts about the decadent makeup and styling, and what kind of makeup I'd be going for my own wedding (again, nothing is planned yet!), so do check out the article!

It was my first time working with such a big team for the shoot, who knew there'd be so many people and effort involved in a shoot?! There'll be a Behind-The-Scenes blog post up later this week, where you can take a glimpse into what happens behind a beauty editorial shoot!

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Photography by Sze Lee of A Little Moment Photography, shot at The Governor's Suite of Grand Park City Hall. Makeup and Hair by Jovie and Karis respectively of The Little Brush Makeup


17 September 2014

Easy Silhouettes

Top: A for Arcade
Dress: Young Hungry Free
Shoes: Bensimon
Tote Bag: Soon Lee x Mischa
Shades: Police

Another one of my inspired-by-the-Japs outfits, where body-hugging silhouettes and sky-high stilettos don't matter, and where comfort and layering matter more. I got to admit, this whole culottes, midi skirts, shirts fad I'm currently obsessing about has me feeling so comfortable and strangely, happy. Speaking of happiness, I decided hastily and impulsively to book a flight to Beijing this weekend to visit my mom, where she's currently working/ residing, am definitely looking forward to spending quality R&R time with my mom before I fly off to Europe for another two weeks next weekend!

Today's outfit features the perfect white midi dress from Young Hungry Free, it's everything I could ever ask for in a dress - white, simple, clean cut, fitted waist, adjustable straps, and most importantly, pockets! A definite must-have in EVERYONE's wardrobe.

Oh and check out the Soon Lee x Mischa bag that I'm carrying in today's blog post! The camo bag is designed for a soonleeXmischa Lipstick Jungle campaign which aims to encourage women empowerment. I did a short interview with Soon Lee, do give it a read to find out what keeps me motivated and emotionally resilient when the going gets tough!

Photography by Amanda Wong, editing by me.