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31 July 2014


Dress: Lollyrouge (lauching 31 July, 10pm) 
Today's pictures were shot in Iceland, at a random rather flower field we decided to stop at while driving en route to Thingvellir National Park (one out of the 3 "Golden Circle" attractions). If you've been following my blog and instagram, I went on an Iceland road-trip with Amanda and my university friends a month ago, and all of us are currently reeling from the what I call "post-Iceland depression" - where we face every other scenic landscape or nature-related activity with such apathy (it's almost disgraceful) because NOTHING can compare to what Iceland has to offer! I think I will forever stand by my statement that "Iceland is not Earth" or in my friend Marcus' words, "Iceland is just God's way of showing off.

Also, if you think I was having fun frolicking in the flower field, you might want to hold that thought. Even though we were in the peak of Icelandic summer, it was still 10 degrees Celcius with unforgiving wind. The things I do for photoshoots really. This was me all huddled up in my impulse-buy Superdry fluffy hoodie before the shoot started:

10 minutes in, I regretted my decision to want to shoot this Lollyrouge dress (launching 31 July 10pm) in Iceland because the cold was just too unbearable. I begged Amanda to stop shooting, but like true masochistic-workaholics, Amanda forced me to pose until we got the perfect shots, and I guess that paid off! I wouldn't have imagined the Lollyrouge dress in a better location, the mountainous silhouettes and lavender-coloured flowers were perfect complements to the outfit.

Photography by Amanda Wong, Editing by me. 


30 July 2014


Top: Fabfad
Shorts: Zara
Parka: Zara
Watch: Calvin Klein
Bangle: Vita Fede, c/o Etikit
Shades: Prada, c/o Lumiere Days
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 

Hello from Singapore! I've been back for a week now and I have to admit, returning to the hustle that is my depressing but fulfilling (yes I am a masochist) schedule has not been easy. Jetlag, coupled with dealing with the perennial insufferable humidity has taken a toll on my productivity, I wake up constantly thinking it's 7am, when it's actually 12pm, and going out for more than 15 minutes already has me crying for mercy (dear god please forgive me for I have sinned, now take back this humidity please I beg you).

But the good news is, now that I'm back to the land of reliable internet (I FINALLY SEE the letters "4G" on my phone!), I can get down to blogging about my 2 month long European adventure, so expect travel blog posts on my France road-trip, Barcelona, Istanbul, and Santorini, where I'll share my favourite must-go-to destinations and places to eat in the places mentioned above.

Enlisted the help of my papa/ photographer Daddy Chong for today's blog post, which features a top from brand new online store Fabfad. Quote "DREA1OFF"  to get $1 off total bill. Valid till 10th August 2014.

Photography by my dad, editing by me.


19 July 2014

Walking In

Dress: Dotti
Clutch: Closet Walk-in
Heels: Closet Walk-in 

Hello from Santorini, where the skies are cloudless and the bluest of blues, the sea so mysterious and inviting, and the buildings enchantingly white and beautiful. Our days - though filled with absolutely nothing but relaxing activities - seem to pass by so quickly, and then its back to the daily grind of work and hectic schedules. Santorini has been such a nice escape for Imran and I - I'll share more about the place and our favourite restaurants in an upcoming post - and I highly recommend you spend at least a week here.

It also helps that we have such a lovely villa to stay at. Our villa, which today's blog post was shot at, has hands down the most perfect view of the sunset (which everyone is crazy about by the way). The villa is home to a grand balcony overlooking the caldera, a space that we had the luxury of privacy to. While we did enjoy our couple time and solitude, the luxurious living and dining spaces made us want to have our friends over with us. So if you do have a group of friends whom you plan to travel to Santorini with, do stay at this villa!

Today's blog post features a Closet Walk-In clutch and heels, both I picked in white to match the iconic Santorini white-washed architecture.

Photography by Imran, Editing by Me.