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26 July 2015

Choo Yilin Bamboo Collection (Part 2)

Choo Yilin

Last week, I revealed my very exciting collaboration with local jewellery label Choo Yilin and shared why I'm so happy to be the face for their 2015 Bamboo Collection. In today's post, I'm sharing two final looks I've styled from their Bamboo lookbook, and shot by Amanda. As I mentioned in my earlier blog post, the Choo Yilin team and I did our best to adhere to a simple, clean and classic aesthetic. We didn't want anything too over the top, the feel and vibe of the lookbook had to be relaxed and include elements of nature, in order for us to reinforce the green and nature inspiration behind the collection, if you notice, the jewellery featured today are made out of intricate metal work in the form of bamboo motifs, a detail I really like because it is subtle yet so feminine at the same time.

What I love about the Bamboo collection is it not only brings out a fresh and unique take on jadeite jewellery designed by Choo Yilin herself, but it is inspired by the work done by non-profit organisation UNIFEM. Their work, Project Endeavour, features a collaboration with marginalised communities in rural Cambodia, specifically focusing on women. The project consists of assisting these Cambodian women to move away from slash and burn agriculture and towards training them with the skillsets of weaving baskets out of locally grown bamboo.

Another fun fact, bamboo actually represents luck, integrity and loyalty. (Perhaps that's why it's the preferred choice of material used traditionally in "Si Dian Jin" jewellery given to Chinese brides!) I do hope this unique feature on Choo Yilin jewellery has given you some refreshing thoughts on how jade - usually meant for more matured women - can be worn in a super stylish and feminine way! For more of Choo Yilin, visit their website at www.chooyilin.com.


Her World Singapore 55 Millennials

Extremely thankful to be part of this month's issue of Her World Singapore. To celebrate its 55th Birthday, Her World compiled a list of 55 women aged 20-34 that best captures the zeitgeist of our generation. In this issue, I talk about my hopes for the blogging industry in Singapore, what defines the Millennial woman, and yes, haters. (:

I'm also really honoured to be in a list with other powerful and strong women like my fellow Indie Collaborates girls Linda Hao and Nicole Wong, Diana Goh and Ashley Soh from Blow + Bar, the Singapore Netball Team, hawker Li Ruifang (who I met at the photoshoot!), Sandra Tang, Narelle Kheng, and Munah Bagharib.

Thank you Her World Singapore for this feature, and I wish you the happiest of birthdays (:


24 July 2015

New York Grey

Dress: LollyrougeShoes: Forever 21
Bag: Tory Burch
Shades: Dior

Photography by Jeff Thibodeau, Editing by Me.