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20 October 2014

Sensodyne True White Style: Images Revealed!

Sensodyne True White Style

Three posts back I talked about an exciting campaign that I've embarked on for Sensodyne True White - a brand new gentle whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I shared Behind-The-Scenes images of the photoshoot I did for this campaign in my last post, and here's revealing the final images!

Shot by acclaimed photographer Russel Wong, Rachel and I worked with Russel and his team on two concept-ads: One of them features Rachel and I "fighting" Wu Xia (Chinese Sword Fighting) style, albeit less-violent with us using pillows instead of swords. The second concept features us as Ice-Queens on a sleigh, being pulled by a team of fluffy white kittens (no kittens were harmed during the shoot!).

Subverting these at-first-thought intimidating scenes (engaging in Wu Xia/ being an Ice Queen) by introducing soft, gentle elements like pillows filled with feathers, or adorable darling kittens, the whole True White Style campaign aims to promote the strong-yet-gentle effect the Sensodyne True White toothpaste has on your teeth. The toothpaste aims to whiten and combat sensitivity simultaneously, so while it's tough on plaque, it's also gentle and ensures those with sensititve teeth are protected as well!

Kudos to the amazing Sensodyne team, the wonderful people at Vertic, the film crew at the shoot, Russel and his team, and Rachel for making this campaign work! Major shout-out also goes to our digital imager for digitally producing the scenery you see in the images above.

Oh, and you get to vote which image is your favourite by heading down to the Sensodyne True White Style website, 20 lucky voters will go home with a Sensodyne hamper! Good luck! (:


19 October 2014

Weekend Staycation: Lloyd's Inn

Lloyd's Inn

If I could spend every weekend at Lloyd's Inn, I would. The hotel definitely ranks as one of the best hotels in Singapore I've stayed at or visited, and I guess it all can be attributed to their modern industrial-chic architecture, monochromatic interiors, and lush green landscaping.

I spent a night last weekend at the Lloyd's Inn's Business Room - 24 hours is clearly not enough for this hotel (the lounging by the pool already took up a significant amount of time). The Business Room is a loft-designed space: the bed is located on the second level, and the first level comes with a well-equipped work desk, and not to forget, a Balinese-esque outdoor shower (which was extremely relaxing, and tell me where else can you get a private outdoor shower on Orchard Road?!).

Lloyd's Inn is located just a 10-minute walk away from Somerset MRT and I would definitely recommend it to both locals and tourists looking to spend some relaxing and peaceful down-time while still being centrally located to Orchard Road.

With its minimalist design and emphasis on "Nature, Space, Light, Texture", all I could feel when I was there was this great sense of tranquility and serenity, perfect for a mental and physical recharge. Thank you Lloyd's Inn for hosting me, I only look forward to spending more of my weekends there!

Photos by Imran. 


Alexander Wang x H&M

Sports Bra and Leather Culottes from the Alexander Wang x H&M collection

Had the privilege to attend the exclusive preview of the Alexander Wang x H&M: Sport, Performance and Style collection with Christabel last week. Bel and I are seen wearing pieces from the collection, loving how the sports bar and leather culottes can double up as sporty streetwear, so you never have to worry if you don't have a change of clothes after a gym sesh. The collection will be launched on the 6th November at the H&M Somerset and ION Orchard store, so be sure to queue early to grab your very own Alexander Wang designed performance wear!