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06 December 2014

Tokyo Sunrise

Good morning from Tokyo! So excited to be here for the next 10 days where I'll be shooting exclusively for The Tinsel Rack! As you would already know from my instagram, I'm a huge The Tinsel Rack wearer, so imagine my excitement when Joyce and Jolene (owners of TTR) decided to work with me on featuring TTR's upcoming December collections in Tokyo! I'm really excited to start shooting and showing you guys never-been-launched items on my instagram, plus Tokyo has always been my favourite city so I can't wait to have some fun! Have a lovely weekend everyone!


03 December 2014

JessicaCindy: Creating my own Bespoke Wedding Gown

So I've been really lucky this 2014: I got to live the dream of most girls' by designing my very own wedding dress! But hold your horses, I'm not getting married... I just got the opportunity to work with lovely designer Jessica of her eponymous bridal and couture label, Jessicacindy, to design a wedding dress that best represents my personality and character, and a dress that I will definitely wear at my own wedding in the future!

You cannot imagine the excitement I felt when I was contacted by the Jessicacindy team to work with Jessica on a bespoke bridal creation, an area Jessica specialises in. Years of watching "Say Yes to the Dress" on E! Entertainment have finally paid off, I can actually use my reality TV knowledge to my advantage! Prior to meeting her, I've heard so much of Jessica's celebrated bridal and couture designs via magazines and online articles, and I was honestly quite afraid my suggested designs and vision for my dress would be too "simple" or "basic" for her, after all, she's known to create "dresses of dreams".

Stepping into the Jessicacindy Scotts Square boutique is like stepping into the walk in wardrobe of angels. Greeting you at the lounge are weekly-replenished fresh flowers and luxury scented candles that are lighted every morning, and perfect coffee-table worthy books about Jessica and her beautiful designs. Take a glance at the rest of the store and you'll see a wall lined with bridal and couture dresses Jessica personally designed, together with pearls, jewellery and bridal shoes one can only dream of owning.

The design process involves a few steps, the label prides themselves in offering you "a level of attention and personal service second to none, from the very first consultation through to the final fitting and beyond". The first session with Jessica will just be you and Jessica sitting down in her boutique talking about what designs you like or don't like (time to whip out the trusty Pinterest boards!). When discussing design options with Jessica during my first visit to her boutique, I told her I didn't want anything "too loud, too dressy or too 'poofy'", I wanted something that was elegant, understated, and traditional.

After which, Jessica will spend a few weeks coming up with sketches of silhouettes and design options for you to choose from, that's where you'll visit the boutique for the second time. Following my vision for the dress, Jessica suggested we go with a dress that incorporates both the traditional and the modern: a mandarin collar a la traditional Chinese gowns, and a bustier A-line dress with Japanese embroidered lace to give the dress a nice graceful flow.

A few weeks later, you'll have to come for your third appointment, where Jessica will dress you in a mock-up of the dress you've picked, just so she can get your measurements down pat! This is the part where it gets real exciting as you can get an idea how your dress is going to turn out!

After a month or two under the skilled labour of Jessicacindy's artisans, your dress will be complete, and you'll have to make your fourth and final stop at Jessica's boutique, where she'll fit you with the dress! At this point you may be overwhelmed with emotions, so FYI, bring some tissues.


I did a short photoshoot with fashion photographer Zantz Han with the dress Jessica and I came together to design, how amazing does it look?! It's everything that I wanted in a dress, and I'm so glad Jessica managed to convey what I had envisioned for my dream dress into reality. If you look closely at the pictures, you'd realise we worked on a really clever (if I may say so myself) 2-in-1 concept for the dress. You'd realise in Zantz's studio pictures that I'm wearing what appears to be two dresses: a dress with a mandarin collar, and a bustier dress, but it's actually only one dress! The bustier dress remains the same throughout - Jessica and I worked on creating a bodice with a "translucent mesh top that features a regal, ivory lace mandarin collar" that can be worn inside the bustier dress, so the dress can be worn two ways! I can wear the dress with the mandarin collar during the day for the traditional Chinese celebrations, and wear it without the collar for a more glamorous look for evening celebrations. Pretty cool huh?

Overall, I couldn't be more thankful for Jessica, her team (Rui Yi, Kong, Zantz), for giving me this opportunity to design my very own bridal creation. Jessica has been nothing but thoughtful and caring personified, ensuring that the dress was exactly what I wanted and hope it will be. I don't know when I'll be getting married, but if I do, you'll definitely see me being really emotional when I finally get to wear this jem of a gown on my big day!

For more information, visit Jessicacindy’s Website, Journal, Instagram, Facebook!

Photography and Editing by Zantz


02 December 2014

Festive Plaid & Gold

Top: Kate Spade Saturday
Bottom: Kate Spade Saturday
Cross-body: Kate Spade Saturday
Shoes: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shades: Prada

Another one of the looks I've styled for Kate Spade Saturday during my Sydney trip two weeks back, be sure to check out the looks influencers from all around the world have put together with KSS's latest Holiday 2014 Collection with the hashtag #gifts4allyrgirls on Instagram - I'm so impressed with what they have come up with and I'm sure you'll be too! Today's outfit features this festive season's favourite design, the plaid and checkered shirt, with the signature KSS gold foil skirt (they have two other skirts in the same gold texture!). So party perfect don't you think?

Check out Kate Spade Saturday's Facebook page for more information!

Photography by Christabel Chua, Editing by Me