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14 September 2014

Weekend Blue and White

Today's Outfit:
Shirt: MissyPixie
Culottes: The Tinsel Rack
Shoes: Danity Roses
Bag: Kate Spade

Entirely beat from yesterday's hugely successful We Flea - a flea I conducted with fellow bloggers Jemimah Wei and Christabel Chua, and online retailers Lollyrouge, All Would Envy and Thread Theory! Thank you all for coming down - it meant so much to all of us, and even though we were all tired and exhausted from flea prep, meeting all of you made it all worth it! Hopefully there will be more We Fleas to come, and a blog post of the event will be up really soon.

Spent the morning today shooting this outfit with Amanda, afterwhich we rewarded ourselves with lunch at Food for Thought. The afternoon followed on with me spending the afternoon supporting my filmmaker friend Martin Hong at National Museum of Singapore's Singapore Short Cuts, where a film he directed and produced and where I acted in got screened. I must admit, today was the first time in a long time where I felt connected with friends. Busy schedules and work has taken a huge toll on me recently, and I think at times like this I easily forget how amazing day-offs with friends and family can be, time for some work-life balance to come into play!

I'm loving today's outfit - the casual shirt, midi-length bottom and comfortable-yet-not-too-high sandal heels just screams me all over! Today's post features Danity Roses' Colourblock Heel in Light Blue.

Photography by Amanda Wong, editing by me.


10 September 2014

Hair Tips and Tricks with GlamPalm

Hairstyling Products from GLAMPALM

A lot of you have asked where I get my hair coloured and cut at, and how or who styles my hair. To finally put your queries to rest, I get my hair cut and dyed by John Tham at Salon Vim, I occasionally get my hair styled by Maurice from Prep Your Hair, but most of the time I style my own hair you see in my traveling and OOTD shots.

I normally use both a straightener and a curler – a straightener for my fringe and when I want straight hair with curled ends, and a curler for defined or casual beachy waves. But what a lot of people don’t know is curls can also be created using a straightener, like the GlamPalm straightener I’ve featured in today’s post! There are tons of video tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to create curls with straighteners, I learned from online tutorials so trust me when I say curls are highly achievable with a little bit of practice and dedication!

I used GlamPalm’s straightener to achieve the two different hairstyles you see me sporting in today’s photos – one side looks salon-blown straight with curled ends, and another side gives you beach-worthy wavy curls. To achieve the curls, all you need to do is do outward and inward curling motions with the straightener, and trusty hair spray after.

What I love about GlamPalm's straightener is it comes with 11 temperature settings, which allows you to control how much heat you want to expose your hair to, and secondly, the heating part is mad with special ceramic, making styling smoother and faster.

Before I end today’s post, here’s a few tips my hairstylist John gave me, which I follow religiously:

  1. If you have coloured hair, make sure you apply a leave-on hair protector product, as the heat from curling tools will cause your colour to fade.
  2. To make your curls stay longer, spray a little bit of hairspray before styling so the curls will be intact
  3. After curling your hair, spray your hair with hairspray again, then use a hairdryer with cold air to run through the curls. The cold air will help set your curls and make it less curly and more natural.

I would definitely recommend GlamPalm’s straightener if you’re looking to get started on having great hair days! I always go by the belief that haircuts make up 50% of good hair days, but the other 50% comes with the effort and dedication to styling, so try to spend that extra 10-20 minutes a day for your hair, it definitely makes or breaks your entire look of the day!

Photography by Lenne Chai, editing by me.


05 September 2014

GUESS Most Wanted Denim Event

Shirt: GUESS
Jeans: GUESS
Shoes: Steve Madden

Spent last weekend attending GUESS' "Most Wanted" Denim event at their Ngee Ann City store with Jemimah! The event saw us getting the first look at GUESS' Nashville Collection, which as the name suggests, features plenty of country-style influences. Think denim, checkered shirts, biker jackets, boots (which were to die for by the way), all of which can never go out of style.

It was an activity-filled afternoon at GUESS: there were customised Tapas (check out the signature GUESS question mark on the mini-burger!), a live band performing American country songs, and a fashion presentation by CLEO's fashion editor Janice Puddick. Jem and I also got our lips touched-up by NARS, and we got fitted with jeans recommended by their jeans expert Juliet, talk about the perfect girls day out.

Thank you GUESS for the lovely afternoon, couldn't have asked for a better fun-filled day with my Jemma!

Photography and Editing by me.