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27 April 2016

By Invite Only: Mother's Day Celebration

By Invite Only
The Floral Atelier

Celebrating this Mother's Day the best way I can think of: spending some Mother-Daughter bonding time over floral arrangement classes, and jewellery! Two weekends ago, I teamed up with By Invite Only and The Floral Atelier to host an early 'Mother's Day special' floral arrangement class for selected By Invite Only's (BIO) mailing listees, and it was a Saturday morning well-spent.

The 3 BIO fans were invited to The Floral Atelier's (TFA) workshop at Tiong Bahru with their mothers, and they were gifted with jewellery they selected online, and were brought through a one hour floral arrangement workshop hosted by TFA's co-owner Lelian. So if you want to know more about BIO contests or upcoming TFA workshops, sign up for BIO's mailing list here or visit TFA's website here!

It was truly heartwarming to see the mothers and daughters bonding and motivating each other, and I only wish my own mom could have been there with me, my mom has always been the fashion-forward and artistic one, and I know she would have enjoyed picking out the latest in BIO jewellery and showing off her talents in floral arrangement.

In this blog post, I've also shot and compiled 3 sets of what I think would be perfect jewellery gift ideas for mothers and daughters. TFA also has a Mother's Day bloom box specially designed for May 8th festivities.

Gifts aside, quality time is so important and we wanted to show that through the Mother's Day workshop, so this Mother's Day, spend time with mum - especially with my crazy traveling schedule over the past three years, I've realised the best gift to give your parents, is your time and your quality time only.

Key in promo code, "MOTHERDAY16" for 15% off when shopping at By Invite Only, offer ends 8th May.


25 April 2016

John Frieda 10 Day Tamer Pre-wash Treatment

If there’s anyone who should talk about dry and frizzy hair, it would be me. My hair is pretty much antithetical to the “ideal” luscious long black hair Asians are known to have because of its daily exposure to heated styling tools, and monthly exposure to bleach and hair dye. (What can I say, when you start going light, you can’t go back to black!) I used to have really nice and enviable black hair, but since since my hair has been bleached over 7 times to get to the colour that it is today, it can get really frizzy and dry without the proper care.

Surprisingly, my friends are always shocked to hear that my hair has gone through bleaching 7 times, and I mean pleasantly surprised because my hair looks and feels well-maintained all the time: religious application of conditioner and strengthening milk is key! I also usually have to use a straightener after to complete the non-frizzy soft salon-blown hair.
But now you and I don’t have to rely on straighteners to complete the soft silky look anymore John Frieda have introduced a brand new revolutionary pre-wash treatment – their 10 Day Tamer – that promises to give you soft non-frizzy hair in 10 days!

I tried it out in today’s blog post and you can really see how soft my hair becomes after leaving on the treatment for 10 minutes. Not to mention my hair feels really soft, and smells really nice from the treatment! Because my hair is already tamed from the treatment, I can just skip the hair straightening step – and any product that can reduce my morning getting-ready routine is an immediate life saver!

Top from Love, Bonito


22 April 2016

Revlon ColorStay

It’s always good to have makeup that is multi-functional, long-lasting, compact, and on-the-go friendly. It’s even better when your makeup has such a powerful and meaningful campaign message behind it.

Introducing Revlon’s 2016 Campaign; Choose Love.

We worked with Revlon this time to convey and spread the idea of choosing love. In the video, I share how choosing love means having the choice to put love and your best self forward. I always believe that taking care of yourself, and being good to yourself by making the right and healthy choices, will allow you to exude a certain confidence and glow. If you’re happy, you open windows to accept love and happiness from others too.

Revlon aims to help women put their best self forward by introducing the Revlon ColorStay range into their everyday regime. Even if you’re a fan of going au natural usually, you might wanna try out the ColorStay range to even out your skin tone, conceal any blemishes, or give your skin that fresh-looking appearance all day long!

In this blog post and video, I’m wearing the lightweight and spf-inclusive Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation for Combination/ Oily skin (perfect for the Singapore weather!). I’m also in awe of their brand new ColorStay 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer that promises to perfect your skin tone throughout the day. Each compact’s shade is perfectly matched to their concealer, taking any guesswork out of creating a flawless look.

I’ve personally tested the ColorStay 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer and I am so impressed with how the makeup is light on my skin, makes my skin look flawless and even, and is compact-sized & easy to apply with their built-in applicator compartments – so useful for me since I’m always out and about and carrying cross-body bags! The ColorStay range is also extremely long-lasting, and can take me through my 8am to 10pm days with minimal touch-up!

The Revlon ColorStay comes in an assortment of shades, spend 10 minutes in the morning for some “me-time”. This can mean trying on a new range of makeup, getting some light workout done, meditating, or whatever that makes you feel happier and confident!

Makeup aside, I hope we all can adopt Revlon’s new campaign message to Choose Love, because loving yourself means acknowledging that you can be the best version of yourself, and you have all the power in the world to determine how your own story goes.