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19 July 2014

Walking In

Dress: Dotti
Clutch: Closet Walk-in
Heels: Closet Walk-in 

Hello from Santorini, where the skies are cloudless and the bluest of blues, the sea so mysterious and inviting, and the buildings enchantingly white and beautiful. Our days - though filled with absolutely nothing but relaxing activities - seem to pass by so quickly, and then its back to the daily grind of work and hectic schedules. Santorini has been such a nice escape for Imran and I - I'll share more about the place and our favourite restaurants in an upcoming post - and I highly recommend you spend at least a week here.

It also helps that we have such a lovely villa to stay at. Our villa, which today's blog post was shot at, has hands down the most perfect view of the sunset (which everyone is crazy about by the way). The villa is home to a grand balcony overlooking the caldera, a space that we had the luxury of privacy to. While we did enjoy our couple time and solitude, the luxurious living and dining spaces made us want to have our friends over with us. So if you do have a group of friends whom you plan to travel to Santorini with, do stay at this villa!

Today's blog post features a Closet Walk-In clutch and heels, both I picked in white to match the iconic Santorini white-washed architecture.

Photography by Imran, Editing by Me.


05 July 2014

Blue Edges

Maxi Dress: All Would Envy 

Today's post features my second outfit shot at the √Čtretat Cliffs in Upper Normandy, wearing All Would Envy's Faith Navy Floral Maxi. I apologise for the lack of updates on the blog recently, traveling around Europe over the past two weeks hasn't been easy for me, energy wise. I've been appointed the designated driver for our road-trip group as I'm the only one who can drive, so that means I'm driving for at least 3 hours a day, on top of participating in our traveling activities. That said, while driving is tiring, I'm having a blast and I wouldn't trade my road-tripping experience for anything else.

I'm currently in Paris, and I've just left Iceland (Iceland pics up on my instagram!). I'll be meeting Imran in Paris (finally!!) and we'll be heading to Barcelona, Istanbul and Santorini thereafter. So excited!

Photography by Amanda Wong, Editing by me.


30 June 2014

Police Eyewear: My Game, My Rules

Today’s Outfit: 
Sunglasses: Police Eyewear (Model S8299)
White Sweater: Mango
Jeans: Levi’s
Watch: Daniel Wellington 
Photography: Amanda Wong
Editing: Me 
Location: Iceland

I love road trips.

I love the solitude, freedom, and intimacy that comes with driving your own car at your own pace. I don’t know about you, but the thrill of driving and exploring unknown terrain makes me feel extremely empowered, somehow I become more eager to try new things and seek new adventures.

Which is why I’m so glad that international eyewear brand Police believes in the “on the road” philosophy as I do, I can always count on my Police shades (Model S8299, as seen in today’s blog post) to complement any road-trip outfit or situation. The distinctive aviator-cut just screams “cool” and “sturdy”, no?

Police Eyewear has a brand new advertising campaign this Spring/ Summer 2014, starring Neymar Jr, football and budding style icon, as the new face of Police. To celebrate this campaign, online eyewear store Eye Trendy is organizing a giveaway on their Facebook page, and an Instagram contest. Read on to find out more:

Lucky Draw

  • Purchase any pair of of police eyewear from Eye Trendy during 14 April – 13 July
  • Fill in this form
  • Each week, one selected participant will win a Police watch.

Instagram Contest:

  • Instagram a photo of yourself in an outfit that you think will go well with a pair of Police eyewear (you must not be wearing eyewear of any other brands in the photo)
  • Hashtag #skpoliceneymar
  • Each week, one participant will be selected as the best picture of the week (2 June to 13 July), the winner will be announced every Monday on the eye-trendy Facebook page, and he/she will receive a pair of Police eyewear.
  • *Terms & conditions: No purchase is required/ Multiple entries are accepted/ Selection of winner is based on creativity and relevance to the theme.